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Hi everyone! I'm sure at least those members on Discord have heard about this already, but there was a recent leak of an old Pokemon Gold demo from Spaceworld 1997.

With this, we get to see a lot of beta designs from before Pokemon Gold was released. A lot of Pokemon look familiar but there are a number of sprites that we never got to see make it properly into the series, including baby versions, evolutions, and some unrecognized designs for new species.​

If you're looking for more information about this beta demo, check out some Twitter sources like CuttingRoomWiki, obskyr, and sanquii

We'll probably learn more cool details about early Pokemon ideas, but for now I saw a few people asking for a sprite project. That's what this thread is for!​

In this thread:
›Please post revamps of any sprites discovered from the beta demo! We'd love it if they met the standards of Pokemon Essentials.
›Any sprite posted in this thread is free to use, so long as the artist is credited.
›Every post is open for feedback and critique! Especially when it comes to colors, there's a lot of room for discussion.
›At the time of posting this is a pretty informal project, but I'll clean everything up and package the sprites as a proper resource if it gains interest.
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Funny enough, since Girafarig is one of the few Pokemon whose original design we actually knew about, I had the bright idea to make a Mega Girafarig based off of it.

The beta design is actually extremely similar to what I made, so I just changed a couple of tiny details.

No backsprite yet, though I doubt it would be that difficult to make. I might edit the post if I get to making it.

EDIT: I got in the spirit of Spritemas and made about a dozen more oops

If anyone wants to make their own take on these revamps, please do it. I'm sure a lot of these could be done better.
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