Discussion What type of gamer are you?

Which type are you?

  • Explorer

    Votes: 47 73.4%
  • Killer

    Votes: 5 7.8%
  • Socializer

    Votes: 12 18.8%
  • Achiever

    Votes: 21 32.8%

  • Total voters
Gotta say I'm an explorer - I love meeting every npc and figuring out their lives and place in the world, even more so in fan-games!
One of my favorite parts as a dev is making quirky NPC's or hidden easter eggs - finding those as a player is incredible.

When I'm thinking of this stuff, I mostly think of Zelda, and not Pokemon, only because rather than doing the main objective I have a lot more fun meeting NPc's and figuring out their side quests and what they do - basically 100% the game before I fight the final boss haha.
however, when applied to Pokemon, I try to be an explorer as best I can, but near the end I end up a killer - take Pokemon Y for example, I played through once and had a blast meeting all the people and doing all the stuff and finding the weird hidden stuff, but then when I was done, I completed the entire game again, but with only one pokemon - Malamar. I just get so bored with how easy the game gets by the end I become a powerhouse of destruction and wipe out anyone who comes my way.


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I just like to chill and explore the worlds that I'm in, hoard items like a dragon, beat up people to level grind and so on. ORAS in particular was a trip with this explorerlust, they kinda went...off the rails with unsettling NPCs.


For me, I'm an explorer first and, depending on the day, switch betwen achiever and socializer, but I tend to the former more often as I mostly play single player.
For what it's worth, I like to explore mechanics more than locations. I have a list of glitches for a few games, some I discovered while others someone showed me, but everytime I just get excited about it all.
Achiever shows up the way you would expect, pick up the things, do the side quests, fill up the dex things. I don't really do this in pokemon, mostly because I have missed the chance to get any event pokemon, so I've given up on that. Zelda: BOTW gets more of this, I take pictures of every thing, enemies, weapons, animals, all of that. I buy clothes too.

Pokemon gets most of my socializer side, like trading with people, baking poffins together, playing tag in the underground. Oh and drawing, that is always fun.


I would say I sit pretty squarely between explorer and achiever. I really like games with a world and lore to explore, but also like the opportunity to compete and any sort of achievement system is welcome in my books. I think it's interesting that there is such a high percentage of explorers in the poll. I wonder if it says something about Pokemon games, or the type of people that make there way to a forums about making games?


I'm honestly a explorer and killer. In FPS games, I just love to go around causing havoc, in every single part of the map. So basically explorer + killer. In rpg games, like Pokemon I usually try to attend every single battle, and every single NPC.