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Demo Pokémon Zero [v0.9 alpha] - FRLG enhanced remake


Developer of Pokémon Zero
Pokémon Zero
Version 0.9 (Alpha)
Made using Pokémon Essentials 17.1


Extract the game files into a new folder rather than overwriting the old files.

If you're updating from a previous version of the game, make sure the character in your save file is not in any of the following locations:
  • Viridian Forest.
  • Alola Biodome.
  • The Silph Co. elevator.
  • Cerulean Cave, or right in front of its exit.
  • In the sea around any of the Sevii Island ports.
  • One Island.
This game should only be available at pokecommunity.com or reliccastle.com.

Important note for those updating to v0.8+ from a previous version
Version 0.8 is a one-way update of Pokémon Zero from earlier versions and brings about many changes, including a big change to the level curve. This is mostly a level increase across the entire game—particularly in the post-game—to account for the additional experience granted by the Exp. Share. The update also changes all previous Generation VII TMs into Generation VIII ones.

Updating the game to v0.8 and saving the game will bring about changes that are not backwards compatible, so please do not attempt to then go back to v0.7 or weirdness may occur. Create a backup of your save file (usually at C:\Users\[your name]\Saved Games\Pokemon Zero\Game.rxdata) if you are unsure about updating.

See the changelog below for a full list of changes to v0.8.

Relive the journey of Red or Leaf from FireRed and LeafGreen, revamped with modern mechanics and enhancements. This includes Generation VIII Pokémon and moves, as well as many of the features that didn't make it into those games. Pokémon Zero also features Mega Evolutions, Fairy types, reusable TMs and the Physical/Special split. In this game, Kanto is now home to many more than the original 151 Pokémon.

Special thanks to JohtoBlaziken for his Bootleg FireRed project, which has sped up the development of Pokémon Zero substantially by allowing me to rip most of the music and some of the maps directly. Check out the project here.

There are still future updates planned for the Trainer Tower and to include the rest of the currently unavailable Pokémon. The game also needs a general layer of polish.

Please feel free to open this project in RPG Maker XP and use whatever you want in your own (free) fan games, as long as you credit me or the original author of any third-party scripts (see credits below).

Note: You can speed up the game by pressing the ALT key.



Version 0.9
  • Added: Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Meowth are now available to trade for in Vermilion and Fuchsia Pokémon Centers respectively.
  • Fixed: Corrected a map boundary in Viridian City.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug that caused Pokémon cries to cut short at the start of battle.

Version 0.8.4
  • Fixed: Made some changes to improve the stability of the game.

Version 0.8.3
  • Fixed: The 'View Pokédex' option on the Pokémon summary screen now only appears if you actually have the Pokédex.
  • Fixed: The Pledge Tutor in Lavender Town actually teaches the Pledge moves instead of the elemental Hyper Beam moves.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug where the player would walk on water and through walls as part of a cutscene when first travelling to One Island with Bill.

Version 0.8.2
  • Fixed: Metronome no longer throws an error when it is used.

Version 0.8.1
  • Fixed: Corrected test movepool on Bulbasaur.

Version 0.8
  • Added: Many more Pokémon are now available, including some from Generation VIII.
  • Added: Pokémon from Hoenn and Sinnoh join the pre-National Pokédex lineup, bringing the Extended Kanto Pokédex up to a total of 384 Pokémon.
  • Added: More Mega Stones have appeared throughout Kanto.
  • Added: Taking a feature from Sword and Shield, there is now a man by the PC in every Pokémon Center, who acts as a Name Rater, Move Relearner and Move Deleter all in one. Relearning moves is now free instead of costing a Heart Scale.
  • Added: During in-game trades you can now choose to trade Pokémon directly from the PC.
  • Added: Completing the Elite Four rematches gives you a expanded choice of starter Pokémon from Professor Oak.
  • Added: As in the Let's Go games, you can now trade for Alolan Pokémon with Trainers in different Pokémon Centers. You can also trade for a Galarian Darumaka on Three Island.
  • Added: A man on Seven Island will give you the Mystic Ticket.
  • Added: A handful of Move Tutors now reside near the Trainer Tower to teach some moves that are otherwise difficult or impossible to learn.
  • Added: Many Generation VIII adjustments:
    • A handful of Generation VIII Pokémon have been added to the game.
    • Pokémon now have their Generation VIII learnsets, and the functionality for new moves has been added. Pokémon not in Generation VIII retain their Generation VII learnsets. Learnable egg moves are a combination of Generations VII and VIII.
    • TMs have been updated to match Generation VIII. Their locations have changed around a bit to preserve game balance—see the TM location document linked above for full details.
    • Technical Records (TRs) from Generation VIII make their debut and can be purchased in Pokémon Centers throughout Kanto. These salespeople replace the old Move Tutors in previous versions of the game, and they now require you to do something for them before they hand out Battle Points (BP) which can be used to purchase their wares.
    • Aegislash has 140 base Defense and Special Defense in Shield Forme, and 140 base Attack and Special Attack in Blade Forme. All values were reduced down from 150.
    • Female Eevee now have a different tail pattern to male Eevee.
    • Eevee can now evolve into Leafeon with a Leaf Stone and Glaceon with an Ice Stone, and Pokémon that evolve via special magnetic field such as Magneton can now be evolved with a Thunder Stone.
    • Weezing now has Neutralizing Gas as its second ability and Stench as its Hidden Ability.
    • Disguise damages the user when it breaks.
    • Flash Fire, Harvest, Lightning Rod or Storm Drain on the lead Pokémon increase the chances of encountering Fire-, Grass-, Electric- and Water-type Pokémon in the wild respectively.
    • Infiltrator on the lead Pokémon reduces the wild Pokémon encounter rate.
    • Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo and Scrappy all prevent Intimidate. Rattled is triggered by Intimidate.
    • Moody can no longer increase or decrease accuracy and evasion stat stages.
    • Synchronize now guarantees that wild Pokémon will have a nature matching your lead Pokémon.
    • Defog now clears terrains.
    • Electric, Grassy and Psychic Terrain now only boost their respective types' damage by 30%, down from 50%.
    • Howl affects ally Pokémon.
    • King's Shield decreases the target's Attack modifier by 1 on contact, down from 2.
    • Multi-Attack has 120 base power, up from 90.
    • Rapid Spin has 50 base power, up from 20, and increases the user's Speed stage by 1.
    • Teleport now has -6 priority and switches out the current battler for a reserve party member. Wild Pokémon can still use it to flee from battle.
    • Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav and Iapapa Berries are consumed below 1/4 of the holder's max HP instead of 1/2, and restore 1/3 of the holder's max HP instead of 1/2.
    • The friendship requirement for evolution has been lowered to 160 from 220.
    • The Dream Ball can now be purchased at the Celadon Department Store and functions as in Generation VIII.
    • Rare Candy can now be used to evolve level 100 Pokémon that evolve by levelling up.
    • Vitamins such as Protein can now be used until the Pokémon has 252 EVs in the stat, rather than 100.
    • Teaching Draco Meteor to a Pokémon no longer requires it to have maximum friendship.
    • The Move Deleter has been replaced with a Move Tutor who teaches Steel Beam once you have become the Champion.
    • The Name Rater has been replaced with a Move Tutor who teaches the Pledge moves.
    • Updated a few Egg Groups:
      • Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir and Gallade: Amorphous -> Human-Like/Amorphous
      • Trapinch, Vibrava and Flygon: Bug -> Bug/Dragon
      • Hawlucha: Human-Like -> Flying/Human-Like
      • Bergmite and Avalugg: Monster -> Monster/Mineral
      • Noibat and Noivern: Flying -> Flying/Dragon
  • Added: The man with the Machop in Vermilion City now also hands out the Poké Summon for Rock Smash. Vermilion City now has a few rocks to smash, and you can encounter Pokémon via Rock Smash in Rock Tunnel.
  • Added: A certain Trainer will appear in Silph Co. once the Rockets there are cleared out.
  • Added: A new Trainer awaits your challenge on the Vermilion docks after clearing the S.S. Anne. This Trainer can also be rematched after beating the Elite Four.
  • Changed: Adjusted Pokémon levels and Trainer teams across the game to smooth out the experience curve. In general, Pokémon levels are now a lot higher than in FRLG—especially in the postgame—to account for the increased levels granted to your team through the Exp. Share.
  • Changed: Ability Capsules now allow you to choose a Pokémon's Hidden Ability.
  • Changed: Lowered the traded Jynx's level to 27 (down from 34).
  • Changed: Leaf/Red no longer heal your team before battle.
  • Changed: The gift Meltan is now received in Pewter City rather than Viridian City.
  • Changed: Increased the amount of starting money and the number of Poké Balls the Professor gives.
  • Changed: Updated the prices of items—including BP prices—to reflect Generation VIII.
  • Changed: Updated various Pokémon sprites to better versions.
  • Changed: The second battle against Giovanni in Silph Co. can no longer be lost, but the difficulty of the battle has been lowered to compensate for this.
  • Changed: Fishing encounters are now successful 70% of the time.
  • Changed: The Draco Meteor Move Tutor now replaces the FRLG Move Relearner on Two Island, since the Move Relearner's functionality is now found in every Pokémon Center.
  • Fixed: Trainer Pokémon no longer award 1.5x the Experience Points of an equivalent wild Pokémon, in line with Generations VII and VIII.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug where the game crashed if the player attempted to swap a Pokémon into the party directly after buying it from the Game Corner.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug where Jessie and James would challenge you to battle from the wrong side of the Rocket Hideout.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug where losing to Blue in Cerulean City was treated as a win.
  • Fixed: Ability, item and move descriptions have now been shortened appropriately to fit within their text boxes.
  • Fixed: Self-Destruct and Explosion will now cause the user to faint even if the move has no target.
  • Fixed: Pikachu now has a custom fainting cry.
  • Fixed: Various hidden items can be found in Mt. Moon and the Underground Paths.
  • Fixed: A Great Ball can be found in the S.S. Anne galley.
  • Fixed: A hidden Max Revive can be found in the garden of the Fishing Guru in Fuchsia City.
  • Fixed: A hidden Pearl can be found on Four Island.
  • Fixed: Phantom Force and Shadow Force no longer deal double damage nor have perfect accuracy against Minimized targets.
  • Fixed: Trainer Kiyo in the Viridan Gym now has a team that isn't a copy of Koichi's from the Fighting Dojo.
  • Fixed: Corrected map boundaries on Routes 12-13 and One Island.
  • Fixed: Total time played now displays correctly, regardless of the speed-up feature.
  • Fixed: Corrected some typos.
  • Fixed: Cleaned up a bug which caused the AI to crash out when using Rototiller, Flower Shield or Venom Drench.
  • Fixed: Cleaned up some Generation VI Pokémon having their Hidden Ability available as a standard Ability.
  • Fixed: Female Meowstic now have correct learnsets distinct from their male counterparts.
  • Fixed: Rixy Chamber can now be exited.
  • Removed: Zero is no longer in the Celadon Condominiums.
  • Removed: You no longer team up with Leaf/Red in Viridian Forest.
  • Removed: Mail items no longer exist. Zynx instead holds an Aspear Berry.

Version 0.7
  • Added: Single Battles at the Trainer Tower are now open for business. Like the Battle Tree in USUM, your Pokémon can be any level, your foes' levels are 50, and you finish after 20 battles. More modes planned for future updates.
  • Added: You can now buy new items including all Mega Stones at the Trainer Tower shops. Every Mega Pokémon except Diancie is now available.
  • Added: A woman in the Celadon Pokémon Center can now adjust your Pokémons' natures, for a fee.
  • Added: Meltan and Melmetal have been added to the Extended Kanto Pokédex. Double Iron Bash was added to the game. Meltan is given away by a man near the Viridian City Poké Mart. To evolve it, speak to the girl in the Fuchsia Safari Zone entrance building.
  • Added: You can now buy more specialised Poké Balls on 4F of the Celadon Dept. Store.
  • Changed: Tweaked some of the Gym Leaders' teams.
  • Changed: You can now Fly directly to the Trainer Tower.
  • Fixed: Fights with Zero now function correctly.
  • Fixed: The map boundary in the lower-left corner of Viridian City.
  • Fixed: Added sprites for all forms of Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist.
  • Fixed: Corrected the damage values of items flung by Fling.
  • Fixed: Added sprites for Gen VI and VII items that were missing them.

Version 0.6.1
  • Fixed: Losing to the Elite Four no longer freezes the game when you try to face them again.
  • Fixed: Sky Drop now interacts correctly with levitating and allied Pokémon.

Version 0.6
  • Added: Released all Seven Island content except the Trainer Tower, and added a bunch of new Pokémon to catch.
  • Added: Rotom can now be obtained, and Silph Co. now has a basement level where Rotom's form can be changed.
  • Added: Regigigas can now be found in a new cave in the Sevault Canyon if you bring along all three Regis.
  • Added: A man in the Seven Island Pokémon Center sells Nectars to change Oricorio's form.
  • Added: Programmed in Komala's Comatose and Oriocorio's Dancer Abilities.
  • Changed: Zero now has a better team if you fight her after obtaining eight badges.
  • Changed: Modified a few sprites.
  • Changed: Tropius now appears on Five Isle Meadow instead of Linoone.
  • Changed: Unown no longer appears in Mt. Moon, instead appearing in the Tanoby Chambers on Seven Island.
  • Changed: You can now save immediately after entering the Hall of Fame.
  • Fixed: Corrected the list of abilities that cannot be affected by Trace and Mummy.
  • Fixed: Dream Eater will now fail if the user is affected by Heal Block.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug that allowed Freeze effects to happen in sunny weather.
  • Fixed: Corrected some sound effects.

Version 0.5.1
  • Changed: Compressed and removed sound effects and music files to greatly reduce the game's file size.
  • Fixed: Corrected the Pokémon icon position when 'grabbed' in the PC.
  • Fixed: The Town Map and Fly menu now display all the areas around Six Island correctly.
  • Fixed: Corrected some Berry placements on Route 10.
  • Fixed: Updated various sound effects to the correct sounds.
  • Fixed: Wild encounters no longer occur in Pokémon Tower's purified zone.
  • Fixed: The upper boulder in Ruin Valley can now be pushed.
  • Fixed: Surf now works correctly from all tiles in the Safari Zone and Alola Biodome.
  • Fixed: The game no longer crashes when loading up Berry Forest.
  • Fixed: The game no longer crashes after beating the Champion.
  • Fixed: Beating the Champion now plays the proper music.

Version 0.5
  • Added: This release includes all Six Island content and the Rocket Warehouse and has lots more Pokémon to catch, including more legendaries! Altering Cave and Viridian Forest have been expanded compared to the original games...
  • Added: A Johto starter Pokémon of your choice is now available in the Alola Biodome area.
  • Added: Programmed in the ability to track roaming Pokémon with the Pokédex's 'Area' functionality.
  • Added: The Three Isle Path extension has been built.
  • Added: Three Isle Port now has wild encounters.
  • Added: The Draco Meteor Move Tutor now resides in the Two Island Pokémon Center.
  • Added: Togedemaru and Minior have been included in the game.
  • Added: Jessie and James now have unique overworld sprites and updated battle sprites, courtesy of Ody-chan.
  • Added: Braille text has been added to relevant locations on the Sevii Islands.
  • Added: There is now a notice poster about the speed-up feature in the player's bedroom.
  • Added: Lapras is now available as a wild Surfing encounter in the back cave area of Icefall Cave.
  • Added: Daisy will now groom your Pokémon once you beat the Elite Four. Unlike in FRLG, she will only do this once a day, but to compensate, it will boost happiness by 10, 20 or 40.
  • Added: There are now more Berry trees on a variety of routes. Hidden Berries are now visible Berry trees, and there are a few extra Berry trees dotted around now too.
  • Added: The Berry Master now has a wife, and she will give you a watering can.
  • Added: The Fisherman on Route 12 now checks and records Magikarp sizes, as in the official games.
  • Changed: The title screen has been changed, for the better I think. Still not perfect, but better. Credits to SpeedXaaa for the Mew sprite.
  • Changed: The Elite Four will have slightly different teams and increased levels when you rematch them now.
  • Changed: Nerfed the Elite Four and Champion very slightly for their initial battles, and removed their non-Mega Stone held items, since they're tough enough already.
  • Changed: The Champion's initial team now once again includes Pidgeot and Rhyperior over Heracross and Tyranitar, although these Pokémon will be fought against in the rematch.
  • Changed: Changed some of the Gym Leaders' teams and levels, which is overall a nerf, and buffed a few regular Trainers.
  • Changed: Blocked off Cerulean Cave and the Elite Four rematches until after the Sapphire has been returned to Celio.
  • Changed: Toned down the speed-up feature from 3x speed to 2x, as it was causing crashes for some users including myself.
  • Changed: Made some minor text edits to some battle messages.
  • Changed: Gave trainers proper exclamation animations.
  • Changed: Updated the title screen and credits music to use the official FRLG tracks.
  • Fixed: Removed the Bikers from Three Isle Port once the Bikers are cleared out of Three Island.
  • Fixed: Restored some missing animation files.
  • Fixed: Arceus and Silvally can now only learn Draco Meteor in their Dragon-type forms.
  • Fixed: Arceus and Silvally now have the correct type when holding Plates/Memories.
  • Fixed: Strength boulders can now pass over more passable tiles.
  • Fixed: Assist, Copycat, Encore, Me First, Mimic and Sleep Talk have had corrections to the list of moves they cannot call.
  • Fixed: The correct music now plays during the opening scenes of the game.
  • Fixed: Trainer intro music now no longer plays when talking to members of the Elite Four.
  • Fixed: Trainer intro music now loops properly.
  • Fixed: Some Trainers with missing intro music have had it restored.
  • Fixed: The Ruby Key Item is correctly removed from the Player's inventory when handing it over to Celio.
  • Fixed: Primordial Weather effects now no longer end immediately after they activate.
  • Fixed: Picking Berries now plays the 'Berry Picked' sound clip from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Fixed: Invisible walls have been removed from the Pewter City Museum.

Version 0.4.2
  • Fixed: Stopped the game from crashing when talking to Bill and Oak on Cinnabar Island, and Celio on One Island.
  • Fixed: The game no longer crashes when playing the Poké Flute to Snorlax on Routes 12 and 16.
  • Fixed: EV-reducing Berries now display the correct message when they're used.

Version 0.4.1
  • Fixed: The player is now flown to the correct point when Flying to Five Island.
  • Fixed: In-battle items like X-Attack and Guard Spec. now work correctly instead of throwing an error.
  • Fixed: Charmander and Mewtwo encountered on the overworld now cry correctly.
  • Fixed: The Hall of Fame room now has music.
  • Fixed: The pillar at Memorial Pillar now has the correct text.

Version 0.4
  • Added: Updated the game with all Five Island content, including a bunch of new Pokémon to catch.
  • Added: Route 15 has now been expanded to include the Berry Master's House and Garden. You can now obtain many Berries that were unavailable before, including the EV-reducing Berries.
  • Added: Heatran resides at the bottom of Ruby Path in Mt. Ember.
  • Added: This release includes the PBS files, for those of you editing in RPG Maker XP.
  • Added: There is now a Soothe Bell item in Pokémon Tower 7F.
  • Added: Included a missing party icon for Silvally.
  • Added: Programmed in the guardian deities' Surge Abilities and their graphics, and added Terrain Extender functionality. They're still unavailable in-game though.
  • Added: Programmed in Wimpod and Golisopod's Abilities.
  • Changed: The game now has the oft-requested official FRLG music tracks! Huge thanks to JohtoBlaziken for saving me a lot of work here.
  • Changed: Moved some rocks in the sea around the Sevii Island Ports to make more sense.
  • Changed: Updated the Pickup mechanics to be in line with the Generation VII games.
  • Changed: Updated Berry Tree growth times and yield amounts to Generation VII values, and changed the Berry mechanics to work in much the same way as in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Changed: Ability flavour text now matches Generation VII.
  • Changed: Adjusted some Pokémon levitation heights.
  • Fixed: Increased Natural Gift's base power by 20 for all Berries as in Generation VII.
  • Fixed: Stopped the game from crashing when capturing certain forms of Pokémon like Sawsbuck.
  • Fixed: Mudkip now has the correct cry when examining it at Bill's House.
  • Fixed: Moved a misplaced boulder in Ruby Path.
  • Fixed: The Ability Long Reach now has contact moves deal normal damage to Pokémon with the Ability Fluffy.
  • Fixed: Wild encounters now appear in Mt. Ember Room 3.
  • Fixed: Dhelmise's Steelworker Ability now no longer stops its moves from working properly.
  • Fixed: Pokémon caught in the Friend Safari are now correctly shown as being met at Lv. 30, not Lv. 5.
  • Fixed: Rattata now doesn't show up in the Pokédex as being available to catch on Four Island.
  • Removed: Deleted a bunch of image and animation files that weren't being used, which seems to have improved performance.
  • Removed: There are no longer any Rock Smash encounters on Route 3.
  • Removed: Deleted some unnecessary sound files.

Version 0.3
  • Added: Four Island and Icefall Cave have been added to the game.
  • Added: The Day-Care on Four Island has been replaced by the Friend Safari. Pokémon that appear here have a 5/4096 chance to be shiny, a 50% chance of having their Hidden Ability, and at least two IVs set to 31.
  • Added: There are now over 50 new Pokémon plus their evolutionary lines to catch and train, including the Johto starters!
  • Added: Included graphics for Stufful and Bewear, and programmed in the Fluffy Ability for them.
  • Added: Programmed in the Waterfall functionality to the Poké Summon.
  • Changed: Doubled the overall chance of a Pokémon being shiny, to bring this in line with Generation VII. There is a very small chance that a non-shiny Pokémon you already own will become shiny because of this.
  • Fixed: Ruby Path will now have the map name display on entry, and you can use the Bicycle there.
  • Fixed: Corrected Wormadam's TM and Tutor compatibilities for the Sandy and Trash forms.

Version 0.2.4
  • Added: Celio's Ruby quest and Ruby Path on Mt. Ember. The Rainbow Pass does not take you to Sevii Islands Four through Seven yet.
  • Fixed: The player will no longer walk through Bill and be transported into the Cinnabar sea after talking to him when completing the Sevii Island Meteorite quest.
  • Fixed: After catching a Pokémon and swapping it into your party, the game will no longer immediately attempt to evolve it if it meets the level requirement.

Version 0.2.3
  • Fixed: A duplicate of any newly caught Pokémon will no longer appear in the party.
  • Fixed: Removed some files that were causing the game to not boot properly for some players.

Version 0.2.2
  • Added: Players now have the option of swapping a Pokémon into their party immediately after capture if their party is full.
  • Added: The Destiny Knot item is now on Route 21.
  • Changed: Cleaned up the Kanto region map and removed the Johto elements from it.
  • Changed: Misty's team now uses Bubble Beam instead of Scald.
  • Fixed: The active Pokémon team will now correctly gain a slight friendship boost for defeating a Gym Leader, Elite Four member or the Champion.
  • Fixed: Sheer Cold now correctly has lower accuracy when not used by an Ice-type, and does not affect opposing Ice-type Pokémon.
  • Fixed: Repel items now correctly repel wild Pokémon based on the level of the first Pokémon in the party, regardless of whether it is fainted or not. Previously, it was the first non-fainted Pokémon.
  • Fixed: Fletchinder can now evolve into Talonflame.
  • Fixed: Stopped the game from crashing when levelling up a Sliggoo past L50. It can now evolve correctly.
  • Fixed: The outside parts of Mt. Ember now play more appropriate music.

Version 0.2.1
  • Fixed: Stopped the game from crashing after talking to Bill in the Cinnabar Pokémon Center, after refusing to go to One Island with him initially.
  • Fixed: Lavender Town and Route 10 are now considered outdoor locations, so Fly and the day/night cycle should work correctly on them.
  • Fixed: The Fuchsia Pokémon Center now has music.
  • Fixed: The Power Plant now plays more appropriate music.

Version 0.2
  • Added: Cerulean Cave is now accessible after defeating the Elite Four.
  • Changed: The Day-Care Lady will now turn to the right to indicate when she has an egg for you.
  • Fixed: The Day-Care Lady's text is now red, not blue.
  • Fixed: Wild legendary Pokémon now always faint properly at zero HP.

Version 0.1.1
  • Added: There is now a Light Ball item across the pond in Celadon City.
  • Fixed: Wild Pikachu and Pangoro now hold the Light Ball and Mental Herb respectively.

Version 0.1
The game is playable up to completing the Elite Four, including Islands One, Two and Three.


Gameplay changes
  • Slightly reworked story. Some characters play a larger role and Leaf/Red (the opposite gender of who you're playing as) is also involved.
  • Most trainers, including Gym Leaders, have updated Pokémon teams to reflect the extra Pokémon in the Extended Kanto Dex. Important battles against your Rival, Gym Leaders etc. will have harder teams than the original games, and later on they will start to use Mega Evolution.
  • Day and night cycles return and have an effect on a few things, mostly what wild Pokémon you'll encounter and some evolution methods.
  • Technical Records from Generation VIII make their appearance, and salespeople in Pokémon Centers across Kanto will sell them to you for Battle Points. They will also award you some BP for completing certain tasks.
  • The Key Stone, required to initiate Mega Evolution, will be given to you during the story. You will also be able to find or purchase all Mega Stones except for Diancite during your adventure.
  • The Exp. Share, which functions as it does in Generation VII, will be given to you when you receive the Pokédex.
  • You can play Voltorb Flip at the Game Corner for Coins instead of the slot machines, if you so wish.
  • Fight in battles reminiscent of Pokémon Yellow against Team Rocket at various points in the story.
  • Beating Blaine's Gym will get you the National Pokédex.
  • Taking a feature from Sword and Shield, there is now a man by the PC in every Pokémon Center, who acts as a Name Rater, Move Relearner and Move Deleter all in one. Relearning moves is now free, and can remind a Pokémon of level-up moves and its initial egg or event moves.
  • Tackle the Gyms in any order you please, except for the last one.

Pokémon availability
  • The Extended Kanto Pokédex contains 384 Pokémon, almost all of which are available before the Elite Four. This includes every Pokémon in the original Kanto and Johto Pokédexes, as well as every Pokémon related to them by evolution, plus a few more from Hoenn and Sinnoh.
  • Many, many more Pokémon outside of the Extended Kanto Pokédex are available as well during the later stages of the game.
  • Alternate forms for every Pokémon in the Extended Kanto Pokédex are included. This includes Mega Evolutions and Alolan Forms.
  • Meltan and Melmetal are part of the Extended Kanto Pokédex. Meltan is given away by a man near the Viridian City Poké Mart. To evolve it, speak to the girl in the Fuchsia Safari Zone entrance building.
  • Alolan Forms are catchable in a special area in the Safari Zone. This area also allows Pikachu, Exeggcute and Cubone to evolve into their Alolan Form evolutions under the right conditions.
  • The Safari Zone is now just a normal area where you can catch Pokémon without having to play the Safari Game, much like in ORAS.
  • The special magnetic field required to evolve Magneton is located in the Power Plant.
  • The Moss Rock required to evolve Eevee into Leafeon is located in Viridian Forest.
  • The Ice Rock required to evolve Eevee into Glaceon is located in Seafoam Island 1F.
  • As in Generation VIII, Eevee can now evolve into Leafeon with a Leaf Stone and Glaceon with an Ice Stone, and Pokémon that evolve via special magnetic field such as Magneton can now be evolved with a Thunder Stone.
  • Affection (which is different to friendship) does not exist. Eevee will instead evolve into Sylveon at high friendship while knowing a Fairy-type move. This takes priority over the evolution requirements for Espeon and Umbreon, so if you want one of those two Pokémon, be sure that Eevee does not know a Fairy-type move when you attempt to evolve it. This does not take priority over the evolution requirements for Leafeon and Glaceon, so you will not be able to obtain Sylveon in Viridian Forest or Seafoam Islands 1F.
  • Pokémon that evolve via trading can instead be evolved by using the Link Cable item on them. Pokémon that need to hold an item and be traded to evolve can instead hold the required item while you use the Link Cable on them.
  • All evolutionary stones and the Link Cable for trade evolutions can be purchased in Celadon City.
  • Celadon City is also home to some new stalls where you can purchase Fossils and Incense to obtain even more Pokémon. The Fossil stall will have expanded stock after the Elite Four is beaten.
  • Other evolution items such as the Magmarizer can be found in the overworld.
  • The in-game trades have been altered, and now come at a fixed level as in Generation VII.
  • There are more Pokémon available as prizes in the Game Corner.
  • The Sevii Islands contain Pokémon not in the Extended Kanto Pokédex.
  • Silph Co. now has a basement level where Rotom's form can be changed.
  • A man in the Seven Island Pokémon Center sells Nectars to change Oricorio's form.

  • Journey and battle using up-to-date mechanics like the Physical/Special split, the Fairy type, Mega Evolution and Hidden Abilities. Note that Z-Moves and Dynamaxing are not implemented.
  • Pokémon have been updated to have their Sword and Shield types, level-up movepool, stats, abilities and TM/Move Tutor compatibilities. Moves have been updated to function as they do in Generation VIII. Pokémon and moves that do not exist in Sword and Shield are instead taken from Ultra Sun and Moon.
  • Inconsistencies in how Pokémon can learn certain moves are corrected. For example, in the official series the Bellsprout line can learn Leech Life via breeding but not via TM. This has been changed. This even extends to event moves such as Zoroark learning Sludge Bomb and Gengar learning Sludge Wave.
  • Mega Evolution takes place before turn order is decided, like in Generation VII.
  • Experience Points are handled as in Generation VIII: each particpating Pokémon gets the full share of Experience Points when the opponent faints, and Experience Point gain is scaled so that you receive more Experience Points for defeating higher level foes, and less for defeating lower level foes. You will receive Experience Points for capturing a Pokémon, and Trainer Pokémon no longer award 1.5x the Experience Points of an equivalent wild Pokémon.
  • Items function as in Generation VIII. The catch rates of Balls, the two stage stat boost from the X- Items and the healing potency of Potions are amongst the updates. Item prices are also largely based on Generation VIII, so Ultra Balls cost $800.
  • Wild Legendary Pokémon have three random IVs set to 31, like in Generation VII.
  • Breeding works more-or-less as in Sun and Moon. The Day-Care doesn't level up your Pokémon, and withdrawing them costs a flat $500. The only difference is with breeding Alolan Pokémon. In Sun and Moon, you'll get an Alolan Pokémon even if you breed two Kantonian Pokémon. The only way to get a Kantonian Pokémon is to have a Kantonian Pokémon of that evolutionary line hold an Everstone while breeding. However, since this game is set in Kanto, it has been implemented the other way around—even breeding two Alolan Pokémon together will result in the Kantonian form unless the Alolan Pokémon of that evolutionary line is holding an Everstone.
  • Long story short, if you want to breed an Alolan Pokémon, you'll need to have the Alolan parent be part of the same evolutionary line as the child and hold an Everstone.
  • e.g. Female Kantonian Sandshrew + Male Alolan Sandslash @Everstone = Alolan Sandshrew

Quality of life changes
  • A 2x game speed button (ALT).
  • No limit on the number of different items you can have in your bag.
  • TMs and the original FireRed/LeafGreen Move Tutors are infinite-use instead of single-use.
  • HMs are a thing of the past. The HM moves (such as Surf and Cut) are still available in-battle but do not have a field effect. A new Key Item, the Poké Summon, instead fills the role of HMs in a similar manner to Sun and Moon's Poké Ride feature.
  • The Day-Care Center on Route 5 now allows you to deposit and breed two Pokémon. The final ledge on Route 5 also has a gap in it to make the Day-Care easier to visit.
  • You can swap Pokémon into your party immediately after capture if your party is full.
  • A woman in the Celadon Pokémon Center can adjust your Pokémons' natures, for a fee.

Minor changes
  • Minor NPC text changes to reflect changes to gameplay, including proper capitalisation and renaming of some Trainer classes like the Ace Trainer.
  • Pokémon sprites have been updated to Generation V. For Pokémon beyond this generation, suitable fan works of a Generation V style have been used.
  • TMs are sold in various Marts.
  • Pokémon cries have been updated to Generation VII/VIII.
  • Badges follow the OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire mechanics, but have no effect on your usage of HM moves. The first badge makes Pokémon up to Lv. 20 obey, then 30, then 40 etc. The eighth and final badge makes all Pokémon obey.
  • Receive a Premier Ball with every purchase of ten or more standard Poké Balls.
  • Pokémon received from in-game trades come at pre-determined levels, rather than matching the level of the traded Pokémon. This is in line with later generations.
  • There is no tutorial in the first battle with Blue.
  • Pokémon Centers have no upstairs, as there is no external trading or battling.
  • After getting the Pokédex from Oak, he gives you twenty Poké Balls instead of five. You also start with more money, in line with later generations. This is to help with the fact that there are more species of Pokémon early on.
  • You receive the Running Shoes from your mother before leaving the house.
  • Poké Marts sell items to you based on the number of Badges you have, as in later Pokémon games.
  • No Pokémon catching tutorial from the old man.
  • No Teachy TV, Fame Checker, Powder Jar or Berry Crush.
  • No profile from the girl in the Pewter City Pokémon Center.
  • The Bike Shop's new sale price for the Bicycle is $10,000,000, to reflect to new maximum money of $9,999,999.
  • The Team Rocket Grunt on Nugget Bridge only hands out one Nugget, even if you lose and re-battle him. This sidesteps what is likely a bug in FRLG.
  • The girl who trades one gender of Nidoran for the other in the Underground Path (Route 5-6) will now accept either Nidoran and trade you a Togepi in return.
  • No questionnaire in the Vermilion City Poké Mart.
  • There is no requirement to catch a certain number of Pokémon to receive rewards from Professor Oak's aides.
  • Celadon Mansion is now called Celadon Condominiums as in Generation IV.
  • The Know-It-All blackboard describes how trade evolutions can occur via the Link Cable item.
  • Vending machines have a chance for extra drinks to drop down according to the mechanics in Generation VI.
  • The Arceus type-enhancing plates can be purchased in Fuchsia City.
  • Instead of the Exp. Share, the Aide on Route 15 gives out the Lucky Egg instead.
  • A one-way teleporter has been added to Saffron Gym that takes you from Sabrina's room to the exit.
  • Hidden items on Treasure Beach and berries in the Berry Forest respawn after 24 hours have passed.
  • The boulders in Victory Road will stay on their switches once moved into place.
  • Azurill will not change gender when evolving, as in Generation VI and beyond.

Spoilery changes
  • Route 3 has the Deoxys meteors which are used to change its Forme, as in HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • The Kanto starters that you didn't choose are gifted to you in a similar manner to their giveaways in Pokémon Yellow. You will also be given a type-enhancing item by these NPCs, regardless of whether they give you the Pokémon or not.
  • Bulbasaur and the Miracle Seed are given away by a girl in Cerulean City. She resides in the north-west of the city, in the house on the right, instead of the Berry Crush man. Unlike in Pokémon Yellow, you do not have to show her a Pokémon with high friendship.
  • Charmander and the Charcoal can be received from a man at the top of Route 24.
  • Squirtle and the Mystic Water are given away in Vermilion City by an officer in the middle of the city. Unlike in Pokémon Yellow, having the Thunder Badge is not necessary here.
  • You'll encounter Professor Birch on Route 25, and he will give you and Leaf/Red a choice of the Hoenn starter Pokémon, as well as their respective Mega Stone. Leaf will choose before you, opting for the Hoenn starter of the same type as your Kanto starter. She'll give you a bred copy of her starter later, and you'll get the final missing starter from a Egg on Five Island's Water Labyrinth.
  • Leaf/Red meets and fights you before Bill's house, after Rock Tunnel, and in Cinnabar.
  • You also team up with Leaf/Red during the Rocket takeover of Pokémon Tower.
  • Mr. Fuji will give you the Key Stone and a Mega Stone for your starter Pokémon. If you picked Charmander, Mr. Fuji will give you a choice of either Charizardite X or Charizardite Y.
  • You will team up with Blue to take on some familiar Rockets and Giovanni in Silph Co. You will then solo fight a Mewtwo holding Mewtwonite Y.
  • Entei replaces Moltres on One Island. Moltres is back on Victory Road as in Red and Blue. Suicune and Raikou reside somewhere on Islands Two and Three respectively.
  • Receive an Alola starter of your choice after beating the Elite Four.

Lead Developer:

Special Thanks to:

"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
Luka S.J.
MiDas Mike
Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami
Jacob O. Wobbrock
Lisa Anthony
and everyone else who helped out

"RPG Maker XP" by:

Pokémon Essentials with version control:


Custom Sprites:
All contributors to the Smogon XY Sprite Project

All contributors to the Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project

All contributors to the Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project

Other Gen VII sprites:
kaji atsu
The cynical poet

Officer Jenny sprite:

vs. Blue transition sprite:

vs. Leaf transition sprite:

HGSS-style Sevii Islands map:

Jessie and James overworld and battle sprites:

Mew title screen sprite:

Mina overworld sprite:

Mina battle sprite:

Steven overworld sprite:


Cerulean Cave, all of Six Island

Resource Rips:

Pokémon overworld sprites:

Pokémon cries:
Random Talking Bush


Custom Scripts:
(sometimes modified and expanded by Zerokid)

Gen VII Moves and Abilities:
Tapu Fini
James Davy
Luka S.J.
Amethyst and the Pokémon Reborn team

Speedup script:

Battle points script:
Aurum / SunakazeKun

Pokémon Tower Ghosts script:

Replace Party Pokémon script:

RGSS FmodEx extension:
Nuri Yuri

Spinning Tile script:
Johto Blaziken

Mechanics Research:
Zarel and all contributors to Pokémon Showdown

Bulbapedia contributors

All contributors to the Smogon Thread "Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Mechanics Research"

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Dataminers:
and all the others who assisted in datamining

Bug reports and feedback:
Mr. Gela
Vile MaverickZXA
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Developer of Pokémon Zero
Now updated to v0.2!
  • Cerulean Cave is now accessible after defeating the Elite Four.
  • The Day-Care Lady will now turn to the right to indicate when she has an egg for you.
  • Cleaned up an instance of the Day-Care Lady's text being blue instead of red.
  • Fixed a bug whereby wild legendary Pokémon sometimes wouldn't faint properly at zero HP.
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Developer of Pokémon Zero
Now updated to v0.3. This update includes all of Four Island, and over 50 new Pokémon families to catch and train!


Developer of Pokémon Zero
I'm back, and I've just uploaded a big ol' update with v0.4! Lots of new things, so see the first post's changelog for more details. The main new things are:
  • This release includes the PBS files, for those of you editing in RPG Maker XP.
  • Added Five Island content, including a bunch of new Pokémon to catch.
  • Added the oft-requested official FRLG music tracks; huge thanks to JohtoBlaziken for saving me a lot of work here.
  • Added the Berry Master's House and Garden to Route 15. You can now obtain many Berries that were unavailable before, including the EV-reducing Berries.
I've also included a swathe of bugfixes which have been brought to my attention (and some I noticed on my own). Enjoy!
Just played it through up until after Misty. Overall, I think you've got the framework for a pretty solid enhanced FRLG remake. There's some polishing that needs to be done to bring it up and beyond FRLG's standards, but it looks like you're aware of that.

Graphically, I'd like to see some more consistency with the battle scene, and maybe some respriting of the trainer sprites in a gen 4 style considering the screen size.

I think overall, if you polish it up and embrace a bit more change (slightly tweaking some of the maps here and there, adding a couple more new things and streamlining the experience a bit), you'll have probably one of the best Kanto experiences done in Essentials. It's already pretty damn close, I'd say!

Looking forward to future updates.

Mr. Gela

Discord: theo#7722
Played up till Vermillion City Gym. Some thoughts of my own, as well some issues I encountered:

My thoughts:
Game's very good. The eventing is flawless and I went out of my way to "catch" you in certain points, such as when helping Bill out in his house (talking to Red at different stages, those being, before talking to Bill and once he's in the machine, will make him say different things -- that's the type of attention to detail I love, and that there are more tiny pleasant surprises along the way). I know many, many of the Hidden Items in Pokémon FRLG after playing the games for so long, so it's really pleasing to see you've taken them into account as well. Let me tell ya, out of all the "Kanto remakes" I've played, yours is the most accurate when it comes to making the game feature almost flawless eventing and being a carbon copy of the originals in some aspects (in the good way), so congratulations on that. I don't know if I'll continue playing it after Surge because on the other hand, it feels like "spicy FRLG" and not unique/bold enough to make it feel like a whole new experience.

There are lots of invisible walls in these top two rows, immediately hugging the wall and in the one my character is standing on.

Had the game completely hang up on me. I'm starting to make the connection that it's got to do with the Fast Forward script because it's happened to me and others in games featuring that script. What if you reduced the Fast Forward speed a little bit? This is the game basically coughing blood because something's happening before it can catch up. That's my intuition at least.

This lady will "take BP from me" even though I just learnt Cut (costs 0 BP).

Other tiny details that may or may not have been deliberate:
  1. One of the Mt. Moon ladders will teleport you straight into a Grunt's line of sight, whereas in FRLG/the other in your game, won't as they teleport you on top of the next ladder, not on it's side. This might have been a deliberate decision, but I'll point it out in case it's not.
  2. You can step on the upper corner tiles of the PKMN Centers. I'm not sure if this was possible in the originals, but it looks a bit weird, so I'll just point it out in case you want to double check.
  3. The game is quite imbalanced. Viridian Forest with the partner trainer really breaks the game, and it seems the presence of the Exp. Share isn't really taken into account at all. It's not just Viridian Forest generating a huge power spike for you, but rather, the game doesn't seem to catch up for a long while. When I was at Nugget Bridge, the trainers had Lv10 Pokémon, but I could find wild Lv17 Pokémon just next to them. It's quite boring and not very challenging. Brock was fair, but Misty and Surge felt very hard in comparison, with some much bigger levels than every other trainer around, so I can only imagine how hard it would be for players who don't use the Exp. Share, and decide they don't want to just cheese their way through.
  4. Unown don't really do anything new, do they? Bit of a shame they are available early, then.
  5. Cut and Flash are available as free Tutor Moves. That's great, sure. Except, what a trap! They aren't actually Hidden Moves, so learning them, while free, makes no sense. They aren't needed for progression, apparently, so why are there, instead of some actually useful moves? Made me a bit mad when I wasn't able to use Cut after beating Misty, only to unlock Scyther later on.
  6. Tutor Moves (Mega Punch and Mega Kick) seem to teach these moves indefinitely. Again, this may be deliberate, but a little imbalanced. Maybe they could also consume Battle Points? Not sure.


Elite Trainer
great work! I'm looking forward to this, I like the way you wrote the versions, features or game mechanics evolutions and breeding etc. everything is so neatly designed! the alolan forms- sprites are looking awesome, can't wait to test/play this ^^ I also like the way that almost everything is like gen 7 and that we can breed alolan Pokémon the other way around^^ eg. kantonian sandshrew (f) + alolan sandshrew (m) @everstone = alolan sandshrew. That's awesome! Good job!


Developer of Pokémon Zero
Wow! Thanks for the detailed feedback. I really appreciate you spending the time to let me know these things. I'll definitely be taking these on board for future updates, as you've raised some very good points concerning the game's design.

The level curve is a big one for me. I'm well aware of the odd spikes in difficulty and have been mulling over ways to smooth it out and keep things interesting, while also not deviating too drastically from the official games. I don't want to halve Exp. gain or anything like that.


Developer of Pokémon Zero
v0.5 is here, bringing all the Six Island content along with it. Changelog on the main page goes through all the updates in more depth. Enjoy!


Developer of Pokémon Zero
Version 0.7 is out! Main features include:

  • Single Battles at the Trainer Tower are now open for business. Like the Battle Tree in USUM, your Pokémon can be any level, your foes' levels are 50, and you finish after 20 battles. More modes planned for future updates.
  • You can now buy new items including all Mega Stones at the Trainer Tower shops. Every Mega Pokémon except Diancie is now available.
  • A woman in the Celadon Pokémon Center can now adjust your Pokémons' natures, for a fee.
  • Meltan and Melmetal have been added to the Extended Kanto Pokédex. Double Iron Bash was added to the game. Meltan is given away by a man near the Viridian City Poké Mart. To evolve it, speak to the girl in the Fuchsia Safari Zone entrance building.
  • You can now buy more specialised Poké Balls on 4F of the Celadon Dept. Store.

Sturdy Ghost

Hey man love the work you are doing, not sure if you were able to find sprites for all the Gen 6+7 pokemon or if you use EBS for that matter, if not I was able to get them all made in a one-stop pack. It's just the animations and doesn't include the cries and such but please feel free to use it and pull from it what you need! Again not sure if you are running EBS or not but if you are then this is all of them!



Uruguayan Random User
I found a very small and inconsequential bug, you can check a Pokémon's entry in the Pokédex by going to the Summary Screen of a Pokémon, hitting C and then "View Pokédex", even if you haven't obtained the Pokédex yet.


Developer of Pokémon Zero
Version 0.8 is out!

It's a massive change from v0.7. All Trainers and wild encounters have been overhauled for more variety and a better levelling experience, plus there are a raft of bugfixes and Generation VIII changes. For a full list of updates, see the changelog on the front page. Enjoy!


Developer of Pokémon Zero
I found a very small and inconsequential bug, you can check a Pokémon's entry in the Pokédex by going to the Summary Screen of a Pokémon, hitting C and then "View Pokédex", even if you haven't obtained the Pokédex yet.
Good catch Lunos. I didn't spot this before my last update as I mostly check the pokecommunity thread. I'll try to get a fix out for this in the next release. Thanks!