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Creative Candy Mountain


There is only one of many.
Hi there! You probably came along this thread thinking "what in the world is candy mountain?" Valid question: Essentially, this is one massive meme. Let me explain.
So every once in a while I get the urge to splurge some creative liberties on some meme material in Pokemon Essentials, just make random skits and stuff. And then today I thought, huh, why not make this a community project?
So here's the deal...Whenever you just want to make a random skit but have nowhere to put it, and want to add it to the list of skits in the current file below, all you have to do is send me the .dat file for the map found in the data folder in a private message and I'll add it in, with its own teleport and everything. It'll be viewable by everyone who downloads the compilation below, and credits to whoever makes the skits will be added..
Currently there is (2) skits available for viewing.
The skits can be downloaded here.

I just thought it'd be a fun thing people can choose to participate in if they want to get rid of some creative steam.