Future of Relic Castle

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The world is changing.

Fan Games, and currency are becoming more and more decentralized. Forums are becoming a thing of the past, and new technologies are being developed every day to increase our capacity to deal with the massive amounts of data that RPG Maker XP provides.

That's why, we're thrilled to announce today that after months of hard work looking at other people's work on github Relic Castle is moving to use Blockchain Technology, and with that, we're launching our own cryptocurrency: Relic Gold.

Relic Gold is the first ever Pokémon Fan Game cryptocurrency, designed by Fan Game lovers, FOR Fan Game lovers. And YOU can get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary tech RIGHT NOW.

With Relic's shift to blockchain technology, gone are the days of making sure your posts are meaningful and useful content. Users can Mine Relic Gold by discussing and commenting on Blocks (previously called threads) on the Relic Castle website. Ever wanted to be rewarded for that star post you made on the topic of why no fan game should ever have Gyms, or asking Ethereal Gates for a release date? Now's your time to shine!

So, you've mined some Relic Gold, and are wondering what to do next? Well, thanks in part to a Generous Sponsor, you can exchange your Relic Gold for precious materials such as rubies, sapphires, diamonds, pearls, and even uranium! Never again will you have to fear the day that the fan game community runs out of precious metals and gemstones to title your fan game with!

Relic Gold is the future. We're excited for you to take the next step with us. Big thanks to Cilerba for doing the art for this tremendous addition to the community!

Mew Prime

The Shiny Mew
currently has over 800,000 coins on own game; technically has access to infinite wealth

Wait...Relic Gold, you say? Sounds like an item in my game. :yum
ok that is cool idea and i would thought of it.i love the concept already. by the way happy easter for everyone who celebrates


Have they found the One Piece yet
Excellent, a fresh source of uranium!


A true lifesaver! I used to live on the streets, but with relic gold, I have managed to purchase my very own condo in Alaska! Thanks relic gold!
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