Pokémon Defiance Alternate Forms Graphics Pack

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Pokémon Defiance Alternate Forms Graphics Pack - Contains over 45 regional forms and 30 Mega Evolutions, all custom-made (front sprites only)

Due to Defiance's cancellation, I have ultimately made the alternate form sprites available to the public. They currently lack backsprites (and I'm very unlikely to make any), but there is still a large number of sprites to use.

Naukan Forms are currently at 46 (I had planned 50 but a couple of lines lack evolutions yet, if you want to make your own, go ahead) but I also have a small folder containing a couple of Pokemon I started but never actually finished.
Here's a nice little chart...
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Can I use some of them for my region, OF COURSE I'LL CREDIT YOU I'M NOT DUMB?

(they are pretty cool)