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Overview Community Streams


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Here at Relic Castle, we love streams. Streams are a fantastic way to interact with the community and create awesome content -- be it you working on your fan game, playing a fan game, or something not at all related to fan games! That being said, it can be tricky to know when someone in the community is streaming unless you already follow them, right? Don't worry, we have you covered.

Introducing community streams, where we feature content streamed by you, the community! We have a list of community approved streamers, and when one goes online the Streams tab on the navigation bar of every page will have an indicator for how many community streams are live.
We also have a #streams channel on the Discord server where a bot will announce when a community stream goes online.

From within the Streams tab, you can find the list of streams that are both online and offline. If a stream is online, you can even view the stream and use the chat from the Relic Castle site!

We encourage you to check out any online streams (there's even some badges related to community streams), and we hope that community streams become a big part of Relic Castle!

List of Community Streamers

How do I become a community streamer?
While we don't have any set in stone requirements, we'll likely add you to the list if you follow these guidelines:
  • Have at least 10 posts, or be a reputable community member.
  • You don't need to have a stream schedule, but we may remove inactive streams if you haven't streamed in a year or so.
  • You are not required to stream content related to fan games, but we encourage it.
If you feel you would be a good fit as a community streamer, please reply to this thread with a link to your stream and describe the type of content we can expect from you!

We reserve the right to remove you from the community streams at any point. If you have a complaint about a community stream, please send a direct message to a staff member. However, keep in mind that different streams have different rules, and they're your responsibility to follow.

If you have any questions, or just want to talk about community streams, feel free to do so in this thread!
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in another life, Starrcasm

I stream a bunch on my "Starrcasm" twitch channel, where I'll do a variety of programs, with, unfortunately, no exact schedule. I usually try to let people know several hours in advance if I'm streaming, though!
My programs include:

- Drunk Fangames! Usually with my pal Scott [@Shgeldz], we'll play through longer fangames in a many-part series, while (legally!) inebriated. We've completed Uranium, and have moved on to Prism.
- Let's Play Fangames! Occasionally, like after a Game Jam or an April Fools Release, I'll play several shorter fangames that have been released, and we have a good time in the stream.
- Evan Gets Creative - This one is a new one, but I'm thinking of doing some creativity streams during events here at Relic Castle (pixel jam, game jam, etc). I'm unsure how long that will last, but I'm going to try to do it! Everything's more fun when you do it for an audience!
- Evan Starr's Ding Dang Fan Game Talk Show - ???

I'm also looking into doing perhaps some tutorial videos, or even a series where, with the chat, we develop a short fangame in order to teach the very basics of RMXP/Essentials specific eventing.

Tune in! We're gonna have a Ding Dang Time.
Yo, hi! I do all kinds of Twitch dev streams on Wednesdays for my game, Pokemon Plastic Pyrite! Like sketching/spriting Pokemon/characters, mapping, making new moves,-- pretty much everything. If anything's recommended in the chat, it's bound to get in the game! :joy:
I also play Pokemon fan-games, challenge runs, & all kinds of other games on stream, too. I'm planning on getting fan-game streams up for Fridays/Saturdays soon, & when Splatoon 2 comes out, I'll be hosting viewer matches!

I'll tweet when I'm about to go live on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NuclearOmega
My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nuclearomega
My YouTube (I upload the Twitch streams there, as well as Let's Plays!) https://www.youtube.com/user/NuclearOmega



If it's okay with you guys I'd like to become a community streamer! I usually stream at least once a week on Twitch.

Things I do on Twitch will be one of the following:
- Work on one of my projects. (usually being busy with mapping, eventing and tilesets)
- Mess around with Essentials V.17 for educational purposes (for both me and the viewers).
(I might do more in the future, but for now I'm going to keep it simple)

Most streams are with commentary, because viewer interaction is something I really enjoy.

I always announce when I'm about to go live on Twitter:

If people miss my stream, they can also watch it later on my youtube channel:

I hope this is possible :)


Game Jam Hype!
I updated the main post to list more of the streamers, because I don't think it's been edited since the initial announcement. :yum
If you were suddenly tagged, that's why!

If you're on the streamer list but don't see your name up there, I was finding who's active by who's streams Curry announced in Discord! So:
  1. Either you haven't streamed yet,
  2. Or sorry, I overlooked your stream
  3. Or sorry again, I made a small permissions mistake and Curry has been ignoring you! Please DM me and I'll fix that.


The cake is a lie, so give it to me
Oh, I guess I should drop mine here too? I'm currently split between fan games and Gen 7 Battle Spot but I'll probably do other types of games . . . eventually.

Also my current schedule is "whenever I'm not feeling lazy," so I'll have to do something about that.



the north star
With our site upgrade, our list of streams was wiped. We will be taking this oppertunity to insist that anyone who wants to have their stream featured should make a post. We won't be adding your stream otherwise.

If your stream was previously here, please consider posting. (Unless you're one of the above posters!)


I've been on and off streaming for the last few months and with the game jam coming up I might be streaming a little bit of the development, but I will for sure play other games and you can also find me playing other games such as overwatch.
Twitch- twitch.tv/cadeorade5


The cake is a lie, so give it to me
I'm not sure how much I'll be streaming on the future but I guess I'll re-apply anyway? There's like one or two games I'm interested in streaming right now and neither of them are Pokémon—I prefer the traditional Let's Play format—but I might do that again by the end of the summer.

Also my current schedule is "whenever I'm not feeling lazy," so I'll have to do something about that.