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Starry eyed

Can you manage your way through the perils of playing with tiny little colored squares?
This is the Pixel Slam Jam! Relic Castle's pixel contest that happens every once in a while!
Slam Jam #5: Rebirth

Event dates: April 14 - April 24, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the new, rebooted version of Relic Castle!
The very first community event of the new forum is an all new Pixel Slam Jam, and the theme is Rebirth!
Our theme this time was inspired by the Johto region's Burned Tower and the Legendary Beasts. The original Entei, Suicune, and Raikou were suppossedly ordinary Pokémon that lost their lives but were then revived by Ho-oh. A fairly well-known fan theory says that those original three Pokémon were certain evolutions of Eevee, so let that inspire you! For another example of a Pokémon becoming legendary, look at Diance which is said to have originally been a Carbink! Now we want to see what kind of legendary Pokémon you can come up with; below post your sumbission or any questions you might have, but remember that this thread is not for reviewing others! Good luck everyone!

Example sprite:

Legendary Sylveon!​
These are my design skills; please forgive me ~Aki

About this event:
The Pixel Slam Jam is a friendly competitive event where participants create pixel art based on a theme. Submissions can be spliced sprites or scratch work, and do not have to fit the standards/limitations of Essentials or RMXP. If you have made something prior that happens to fit the current theme please do not submit it here; our goal with this event is to provide a fun exercise for our members. There is a special time window where submissions are accepted, and when that ends the judges take a short time after to collectively decide who to award and write up any critiques.

Event Objectives:
›Design a new legendary Pokémon born from an already existing Pokémon.
›Post your pixel creation in this thread, and include a little backstory or your design thoughts with it!
›Mention in your post if you'd like to receive critique during the Award Round.
›Check back here after the conclusion to see who earned themselves a Pixel Slam Jam Badge!

Quick Rules:
›No submitting anything that was completed prior to the event.
›Do not critique in this thread.
›One entry per person.


Jet Black Hero

Legendary Bouffalant

Ability-Mega Launcher

A Bouffalant was being tested on by Team Plasma to create the ultimate mecha Pokemon. But 1 day Bouffalant went mad and destroyed everything in it's way. Trainers have reported that a Bouffalant with parts of machinery on it's body was causing trouble. It was also reported that it killed a lot of Pokemon and Trainers and buildings. The Champion of Unova went to find this Pokemon and when he did he caught it with a Master Ball. Then the Master Ball was upgraded so it could never open. Then the Master Ball was but into a cement block and was but into a safe so it could never be found again.

-It can shoot a laser that will turn anything into ashes
-It can shoot over 100 miles
-The ring on it's back stores energy from Special Attacks preformed by Pokemon
-The cannon can absord special attacks from Pokemon

Mega Blastios---http://gardow.deviantart.com/art/Mega-Blastoise-sprite-399412607

Yea sure I'd like to be critique for this
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Legendary Rattacate:

A Rattata was loitering around a city, when it fell into the sewers. He started searching for a way to get out, he broke through the wall with his strong teeth but, unfortunately he fell into one chemicals dumpster. His body suffered various alterations and there was a evolutionary stone for normal-type Pokemon, one with many fails that still was in its test phase and should not be leaked to the world. Rattata evolved to a different form, one which his skin turned white and his fangs separated and turned to be as from a vampire. Suddenly, Ratticate felt lust for energy, and not any energy...the energy of life from the Pokemon.

This Pokemon is feared as a legend for its quick attacks and its ability to shrink and grow. When frightened, white liquids start dropping from its body, many reffering it as the white deadly poison.
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Luka S.J.

Wastage of Time
[Small disclaimer: I know I suck at these sorts of things, but in the spirit of community, I decided to give this a go]

Wailestial (legendary variant of Wailord)
Divine Whale Pokémon

Lightning Rod

Height: 45 m
Weight 150 t

HP: 200
Attack: 45
Defense: 95
Sp.Atk: 100
Sp.Def: 95
Speed: 45

Tales of fishermen depict a towering shadow during stormy skies. Its cry is often mistaken for a roaring thunder. The crown it wears is said to be formed from the constant lightning that strikes it.

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doing their best
Created from the pressurized and volatile gases from a volcanic eruption, the horrific amalgamation known as Weezruption (or maybe Weezuvius, from "Vesuvius" the volcano?) lurks in an ancient lava tunnel, only able to move slowly and arduously. Due to the enclosed and somewhat airtight nature of its environment, it can fill entire cave systems with noxious gases, making it extremely difficult to approach. Those who do often return with illnesses and lung failure, if they return at all.

(... Not married to the name, and open to suggestions I guess. Also, this is my first post here, I think! Hello, Relic! Glad to be here!)

(used: HGSS Weezing sprite, DPPT Weezing sprite, and the rest is scratched!)
edit: im supposed to specify whether i would like critique in the judging round, if you want to go ahead!
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Type: Normal
Ability: Protean

HP: 100
Attack: 100
Defense: 100
Sp. Attack: 100
Sp. Defense: 100
Speed: 100

Legends say at the bottom of the Burned Tower was a solitary egg, left to perish in the tower's collapse.
The three dogs were not the only beings revived by Ho-oh's power. The egg, too, was saved from its fate.
Warmed by the white ashes that had buried it in the ground, the revitalized egg soon hatched, revealing an Eevee drastically shaped by Ho-oh's power. Unlike the legendary beasts, its form was not lost to the flames, and as a result it maintained its original body.

Like it's brethren, Eevouji too roams the Johto region. It is said to be a sign of luck, whether good or bad, and those that see it are destined to have their lives changed in some way or another.


in another life, Starrcasm
We all know the time-honored story of Johto's burned tower, and how Ho-oh resurrected a perished Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon to become beast of legend--Entei, Raikou, and Suicune--but did you know that far up in the Northern Reaches of Sinnoh, they tell the story a different way?

Nobody quite knows how the story began to be told this way, but some speculate that because youngsters in the Sinnoh region were given a choice between Fire, Water, and GRASS type Pokémon, that the legend morphed so that each individual could feel they were represented in the beautiful story of resurrection (happy easter).

In the Sinnoh variety of the story, the Pokémon Flareon, Vaporeon, and LEAFEON were in Johto's Brass Tower during the terrible fire that spooked off the Lugia occurred. The three perished, and when Ho-oh came to revive them, the legendary beasts Entei, Suicune, and HAKIMI arose from the ashes.

There is no confirming if Hakimi actually exists, as this story is only told to young children in the Sinnoh region, and Hakimi is said to roam the Johto Region along with its kin Entei and Suicune. But, as legend goes, its power would likely be categorized as the following:

Foliage Pokémon
Ht: 6'01"
Wt: 388.3 lbs
Type: Grass

HP: 85
Attack: 75
Defense: 90
Sp.Atk: 100
Sp.Def: 115
Speed: 115

HAKIMI rushes across the urban landscape of Johto, bringing flowers and foliage among the buildings wherever it roams.

The idea behind Hakimi was obviously "what if there was a fourth legendary beast" and so I took a lot of tropes based on old beasts--the classic red eye shape, the fact that it was a large cat--I settled on basing Hakimi off of a Lynx, with long body hair and spots.

I went with autumn leaves as the flowing foliage on its back because it felt very Johto to me.

The name Hakimi comes from 葉 [ha, leaf] and 君 [kimi, chief/ruler]. This follows the same naming conventions as Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.

Here is my workspace during this whole process.

I kinda prefer the large derpy one ;P


Pokemon Exile Developer
So I'm not much of a pixel artist, but I've recently been working on some spriting for the game I'm working on, and I thought I'd give this a shot:

This is the (Legendary?) form of Porygon, known as Porygon Alpha. Porygon Alpha was the first prototype developed by Silph Co. for their Porygon Project, when they were attempting to create the first synthetic Pokemon with a digitally generated body. The scientists working on the project coded a rudimentary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm and included it as a part of Porygon Alpha's program. However, when the scientists synthesized Porygon Alpha's body, they found that the Pokémon was nearly impossible to control when its AI program had grown to make Porygon Alpha a sentient being with the ability to hack into computers and to use them to increase its own superintelligence. Fearful of what they had created, Silph Co. suspended the Porygon project and hired a skilled trainer to defeat and catch Porygon Alpha. After receiving the captured Porygon Alpha, the engineers at Silph Co made an executive decision to cut its power source so it could never again use its unrestrained intelligence and abilities. Eventually, Silph Co. abandoned the AI program concept and developed the regular Pokémon Porygon, giving it a body with color graphics and increased battle functionality instead.
However, it was assumed that all traces of the original Porygon Alpha program were deleted, but one of the engineers at Silph Co. secretly uploaded Porygon Alpha's designs to a hard drive before the designs and code were destroyed. It is said that the dangerous AI consciousness of Porygon Alpha still remains on that hard drive, waiting to escape into cyber space when given the opportunity to be reborn once again.

The design for Porygon Alpha is based from old computers like the IBM PC series with green monochrome CRT monitors. The sequence in the background is the text "ALPHA" encoded in binary.


The beetle is waking up
So I'm not exactly an artsy person but I can appreciate it. Anyway, here is my "Legendary Pokemon"

Origin: Stunfisk

Name: Elderfisk

Creation Story: Elderfisk come from a rare percentage of Stunfisk who get disorientated when underground. They forget which way is up and end up digging down forever getting buried in a deformed state with relics from hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Recently a group of scientists found the fossils of these Pokemon and revived them. The scientists at the time had no idea what this pokemon was by looking at the fossil but using their palaeontologist skills they came to agree that the Pokemon was a royal legendary Pokemon from a long time ago. Before the revival of Elderfisk they prepared gifts of royalty to shower the Pokemon. Upon being revived the Elderfisk believed what the scientists said and became spoilt. Despite its deformed appearance and horrid smell the scientific world took it as the discovery of the decade. It was only after Elderfisk was mass revived and displayed in museums that a child pointed out it looked like a poorly photo shopped Stunfisk. After some DNA tests and investigation on Stunfisk behaviour and habitat they found the truth. Elderfisk were thrown into the ocean in disappointment where they continued to breed, still believing they were royal and loved, ignorant to the truth.

Thanks you! And feedback in the judging stage would be appreciated :)

Krakanon (Orginally to be named Krahkntye but that doesn't match the whole weaponry theme)
Type: Water
Ability: Jolly Roger
Ball and bomb moves will occasionally be used twice in the same turn.

I don't remember the last time I tried to make a sprite from scratch, but this turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I'm not a sprite guy though. I mostly do music, but I thought it would be fun to make a legendary. I wanted this to fit within the regular sprite dimensions. Otherwise I would've sprawled it out a lot more.

Oh yeah, I'm OK with criticism, but like I said, I'm the music man, not the art guy.

HP: 75 -> 110
Attack: 105 -> 135
Defense: 75 -> 100
Sp. Attack:105 -> 135
Sp. Defense:75 -> 120
Speed: 45 -> 80
Total: 480 -> 680

Height: 2'11" -> 21'8"
Weight: 68.2 lbs -> 634.9 lbs

Legend tells of a man at sea
The captain of a crew 'bout twenty three
By his side both day and night
A tiny companion full of might
They rode ocean currents of all sorts
And pillaged the towns at many ports

Rich they were, the world could see
Yet no man's wealth spared them from travesty
Came the waves from the depths below
Twas not natural, and that we know.
With all their treasures from life on hand
They sank to the bottom, the whole band

But before his death, the captain spoke
"Octillery, friend, it's time fer me ta croak
When I pass, guard me treasure"
His best mate understood, and did so forever
At the deepest of depths, their ship sat
With Octillery finding a new habitat

There in despair it waited
Where many lurking eyes were baited
Swallowed whole by the guardian of the wreck
Who made sure no one even touched the deck
Over centuries it grew to gigantic sizes
Watching over its hoard of prizes
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Tuamoray - The King of the Deep
Tuamoray (which is derived from the Tuamotus, a chain of islands in French Polynesia, and Moray, after the Moray eel) was originally nothing more than a simple Huntail, searching for food in the waters of Sootopolis City during the Kyorge/Groudon event. When Rayquaze arrived to calm the two legendary Pokemon, it let out a power cry. This cry was filled with immense power. But, unknowing to Rayquaza, this cry didn't only have an effect on Groudon and Kyogre. This cry caused most of the Pokemon in the water to faint, however, it had an adverse affect on a handful of Pokemon, one of which was a Huntail. This Huntail began to undergo an odd evolution, something unseen by any professor. It absorbed this power, became Tuamoray. It grew in both size and power immeasurably, going from being a small 5 feet in length, to being a massive 50 feet in length. It now dwells in the oceans deepest points, striking fear into Pokemon we haven't even discovered yet. Its' tail is meant to mimic a Sharpedo, which it uses as bait for larger deep sea creatures. And while Tuamoray may lack teeth, its' stomach acids are powerful enough to completely dissolve through the bones of its' prey, making it capable of eating near anything it needs, or wants, to eat. While we have little proof of Tuamoray's existence, there are plenty of stories from fishermen seeing a massive shape swimming under water, and reports of sailboats disappearing all together. It seems Tuamoray may now be coming to the surface for food.

The Deep Eel Pokemon
Height: 50'11"
Weight: 60,177.5 lbs (yes, really, because it's freakin' huge)
Gender: None
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Intimidate

Health: 120
Attack: 160
Defense: 90
Sp. Attack: 100
Sp. Defense: 100
Speed: 110

Pokedex Entry: Tuamoray is said to patrol the deepest parts of the ocean, keeping the most dangerous Pokemon in check.

And I should say, yes, I'd like a critique. Please.
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The Magician of Oddities

Duskmagus - The Dusk Wizard Pokemon (Ghost type only)​

Legend: Some pokemon get a second chance by some legendary taking pity on them. This wasn't Misdreavus case, on the contrary, it was the world itself that changed Misdreavus, it was returning to its home after a mischievous night, when it was suddenly sweep by Giratina into the reverse world. This, of course, was an accident, as Giratina was merely passing by through dimensions and didnt saw the little Misdreavus until it was already in its territory. Of course, Giratina paid no mind of it being its fault, and was enraged at the Misdreavus invading it's territory, the Misdreavus had no choice but to run away from the legendary creature.

In the Reverse World, there was no way that Misdreavus could run away, it was after all, Giratina's Territory, and in it's quick origin form there was no way to outrun it. But Misdreavus somehow managed it, Misdreavus never experimented so much fear in it's life, but it was able to hide. Giratina seemed like it would never move from the Reverse World until Misdreavus existence was erased, but something happened, there was an exit, it was like space and time tore itself in a war, and Misdreavus didnt think twice to use that exit.

Finally free, descending through the mountain, Misdreavus realised that it wasnt the same Misdreavus that entered the Reverse World. Like Giratina's own origin form, the Reverse World had changed Misdreavus form. It's tears of fear from the chase were forever engraved into it's face, the hair grew in a funny way were there was still hair but spikier instead of wavy, and some of it grew like a hat, seen as a whole it seemed like a witch hat with a crown on it, there was also a star shape in it, it looked more like a joke than anything meanful. It's body grew long, looking like a cloak, and there were funny looking black legs! Misdreavus wondered if it was because when it was chased it tried to calm itself by remembering humans scared of it's mischief. It could still levitate, so it was fine having legs. It also had arms! They looked more like it's previous wavy hair, but they would definetly be worth having to do mischief. Also it's color changed to a purplish one.

But the change that most amazed Misdreavus was it's necklace, it was a shining red that no Misdreavus would be able to achieve. The necklace was so full with fear that it created shining red lights around Misdreavus that circled around it's body, waving, it made Misdreavus feel majestic. The necklace, while absorving Misdreavy's own fear on being erased, also absorved the Reverse World energy, and since the necklace was part of Misdreavus body, it acted like Misdreavus's own Grisaceous Orb, so there was no way to Misdreavus to change back even after exiting the Reverse World.

Misdreavus then wandered around the world causing mischief to humans like always, since they didnt know that it was a Misdreavus, they started calling it "Duskmagus" like it was some kind of new pokemon. Sometimes when it gathers enough energy from fear, one of the lights surronding it's body crystallizes and becomes a purplish color like itself and other fear red light takes after it, and if a normal Misdreavus touches it, it evolves into something similar to Duskmagus, thought it's effect were not only exclusive to Misdreavus, it made evolve some other pokemon too. Later these cristals, in honor to Duskmagus were named Dusk Stones.

Dex description: Version Something: It usually levitates, but when it uses it's legs, it drags the cloak like body, making a duet with the dragging sound and it's own voice singing incantations.
Version Other: It will mostly cause mischief with it's curses, but from time to time remembers the fear it feel in Reverse World and takes pity out of fearful humans, chanting incantations to make them extremely happy.
I wanted 2 descriptions like they do in official games and Version Something and Version Other were the best version names I could come up with. Best gen confirmed I say.

Inspiration: Not much can be said, I mostly did stuff because "this would look cool so let's try it", but the black engraved tears were because I felt that mismagius left all it's banshee self in Misdreavus, so I wanted to bring that back a little...Banshees are ghost of crying woman...Or at least I think I remember that...Now Im not sure, should have google it.

Drawing is original design that ended up nt being at all like the final product

Ship Goblin

Pixel Artist

Draguard - The Ocean Overseer
Story Time: Ben and his Dratini first met when he ventured to catch his very first Pokemon. His father took him to a lake to fish for his companion. Ben had accidentally fallen out of the boat and got wrapped up in his fishing line. Dratini spots the boy and helps the father save his son. The two were inseparable ever since. They were traveling the world by boat when they got caught in the struggle between the legendary birds and Lugia. Troubled by the struggle Ben's now Dragonite tried to assist in the battle. Lugia let out a powerful aeroblast and it strayed right for Ben. Dragonite startled for his trainer's life got in front of him and let out a desperate hyperbeam. The two perished in the explosion. Ho-Oh humbled by Dragonite's actions later revived Dragonite after the battle concluded, giving birth to Draguard the Ocean Overseer. Draguard vowed to survey the seas to protect all life.

The Ocean Overseer
Height: 12′6"
Weight: 806.8 lbs
Type: Dragon / Psychic
Ability: Berserk

Pokedex Entry: Draguard's crystals around its neck and tail glow and are often used to help lost sailors. Its been found saving drowning people and Pokemon around the world. Draguard can circle the globe in just 10 hours.

I would like to be critiqued. :yum​
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Involuntary Twitch

Pixel Artist & Writer


The High Altitude Pokemon
Ability: Delta Stream

Height/Length: 25' 8"
Weight: 430 lbs​

Although Altaria often appears to be a bird Pokemon, it is in fact descended from dragons, as this recently-discovered Pokemon proves. Altarianimbus is an ancient form of Altaria that existed in Hoenn during the era of Primal Groudon and Kyogre. Due to recent breakthroughs in the fields of gene splicing and Mega Evolution, scientists were able to re-create it by sequencing the DNA of a Mega Altaria and inserting it into a Swablu egg that was exposed to the Blue Orb. It is stronger than even a Mega Altaria and possesses three elements: Dragon, Flying, and Fairy. It is far too powerful for an ordinary Trainer to control and thus should only be handled by veterans familiar in dealing with Legendary Pokemon. Due to the circumstances of its creation, only one individual is known to exist.

1x zoom:

This is the first sprite I've made in months, it was a lot of fun! It's about 98% from scratch, with colors & some details from Altaria of course. I just picked a Pokemon I liked, and I drew what I typically like to draw, which is long fluffy floating bird dragon noodles.


Elite Trainer
Whew! That was fun!! This is my entry, a Kecleon Legendary:

Ascaleon, the Earth-Confined Pokémon

Type: Normal/Ground

Ability: Unnerve // Hidden Ability Sand Stream

95 HP
125 Attack
105 Defense
90 Special Attack
160 Special Defense
25 Speed

In the winter, Ascaleon feels the suffering of the earth and the wilting life around it as its own. It was cursed for its cruel mockery of a famished Pokémon, but it remains prideful and callous.

Even while it burrows underground, its red zigzag crest sticks out over the surface like a shark fin out of water, so it can always be seen. (This is like how Kecleon can't disguise its red stripe!)

If pretty loosely at this point, it's based on the myth of Ascalabus, who was cursed and turned into a lizard or newt for mocking Demeter's hunger and thirst during her search for Persephone. Obviously Kecleon was already a reptile, but I liked the idea of making it stronger/Legendary-looking, but also tying it into the ground and having its backstory suggest that its transformation is actually a curse and not a "better" form from Ascaleon's own perspective!

Edit: Oh, yes, and I would love critique on this!!! C:


My first post on the new Relic Castle!

While brainstorming for this Slam Jam I had this idea for a wise, old Ursaring and I really like how it turned out.
Ursage is a legendary Pokémon spoken of in the oldest legends of the Johto region. Ursage is said to live deep in Ilex forest and was at one time supposedly the caretaker of Celebi. Ursage may have been the first Ursaring in existence and continues to live on today in order to test the knowledge of Johto's most talented trainers in dream-like puzzles that the subjects are cast into.

Ursage is a Normal/Fairy type with the ability Magic Guard.

edit: I would love to receive a critique
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