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This project is a work in progress. The content is subject to change, and not finished yet.


Feb 13, 2018

Hey~ I'm OrginX, one of the admins working on Pokemon Realms of Mystery. Here to represent. :>

We'd like to introduce you to this project that has been in progress for about 2 years now.
We've been working on it as a very small team during this time and now we're confident enough to show some of it.
Pokemon Realms of Mystery (PRoM for short) is a mix between a roguelike and an adventure RPG MMO based on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Though we borrow a couple of elements (mapping assets, pokemon statistics) from the main games to enhance the online experience. Battle is done in real-time, so moves are carefully balanced to fit the combat system. The game runs on a code (The language being a modified form of C#) that was released by the staff team from one of the oldest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fangames out there. Special thanks to Sprinko & his team at the time for this code! It is an old code that has a few bugs. We've been working on ironing them out as well as adding new code to add and improve features.
Our goal is to provide a fresh new world and story for Mystery Dungeon fans to explore, along with new and improved features as we progress. We wish to have a well balanced game, and as such we're careful with the kind of content released. Not all pokemon or items may be available at the beginning, but we will do our best to make a good start on release.


The world will be vast. The majority of our work has been done on mapping as well as optimizing the game for the latest Pokémon generations. There will be multiple regions, as well as smaller, isolated pieces of land. There will be a Lapras Ferry as well as other means of transport between far-off regions. Our regions will feature multiple villages and settlements as well as a variety in cultures. Dungeons will be dotted throughout the lands using assets from the PMD series as well as custom and edited tilesets. Most of our dungeons will feature randomly generated maps, with some being manually mapped or having manually mapped parts. There will also be puzzles in some of them as well as other things to keep it spicy!






Sprites from the PMD series are used, as well as custom sprites from contributors and our team's sprite artists. We work to make our sprites look as authentic as possible, using resources such as the official PMD palette to help achieve that goal. We already have a couple of Gen 7 sprites implemented, so you can look forward to that.




We are aware that Story is something tricky and we want you to know we are working hard on it. The stories in the Mystery Dungeon series have gripped us and we wish to have a story that can give a similar experience. Yes, we want you to laugh and even cry over our story! Most of our staff members are working hard on writing up a strong and consistent story for our game that plays out across regions. You can expect an evil team, as well as something world-threatening. Here's our intro to show some of it.

Once, in what seemed like a lifetime away from the present, I watched with horror as all I held as true and right was taken from me. It crept along the rocks and the trees; The hills and even the rivers could not hold it back. It was darkness, and not the darkness brought by night, which signals it is time to light the fire, wrap up and take off to the land of dreams, no. There are no dreams in this darkness. Only nightmares!
Out of nowhere it came, and in no time I found myself running with all my might! My best friend flew beside me, telling me not to give up. I must admit that were it not for him, I may have lost my will, for I saw one by one the trees of my childhood playground disappear, I heard screams in the darkness and howls of crazed pokemon. It almost surrounded us until, suddenly, a glowing light appeared. A voice told me I must follow it to find a place where I can survive. I looked at my friend, a similar yet different colored light in front of him. For a second we froze, unsure what to do, but as the darkness krept closer we could only follow our lights, though split us they did.
No, wanderer, this is not a fairytale I tell to teach you a moral, nor present a metaphor. This event has happened. It just hasn't begun here yet...
So, how do I know this? Am I a time traveler?
Close, but not quite, for you see...
As the light lead me on, through plains, through mountains, through snowfields and near-exhaustion, I finally came upon a place where many others had gathered. I understood now that the light had not only saved me by leading me here; It had saved us all by keeping the darkness at bay.
We all remained for a long time. Confused at first, but as time went on we learnt to make the most of the situation. By some luck we were all adapted to the environment in which we found ourselves. It is not for nothing then that I had to part with my friend.
As time passed however, we all became anxious. We felt trapped! Can you imagine, wanderer? The world shrinking to a mere fragment of what it was? Who knows how many fragments are out there?
Yet luck was on our side. Out of the darkness, a true legend appeared. We were told there is a way out. By what means it was delivered, we did not understand, but it is the very reason I am here now, for you see, wanderer...
We were provided a means to travel through a space you and I could never comprehend. I speak not of the space in which the stars shine, no. It is one of dimensions! How exactly one travels through this, I do not know. We were told to step forward if we wished to depart, and before I knew it I found myself in this world.
Now, I may actually have something for you wanderer. No moral as I told you earlier, but a warning. A very serious one at that...



We all love features!!<3! So here's a list of some features that we have in mind for the game. We
haven't got everything ironed out there yet, so bear in mind that we may drop or add features.

- Realms
(a very important feature to the story. We cannot reveal much on this at the moment. Just know that our game doesn't have its name for nothing!)

- Parties
Team up with other players to tackle dungeons!

- Guilds
Found some friends? Why not get together and make a guild? We're excited to see what small communities will be built using the guild feature. Remember, it's key in this game to help one another!

- Player Houses
Want to have your own special place? Feel like trying out some mapping? Every player gets a house which they can expand as they progress in game. We're excited to see what everyone will build!

- Missions
Once you have completed a dungeon, you will be able to do missions there. This can invlove rescuing, fetching an item, and we hope to implement baddies as well.

- Minimap
We have a map! So you won't always get lost... meheheh

- Puzzles
You see it in the movies. The group wanders far into the tomb and to get to the treasure they need to complete a puzzle. We'll have some puzzles here and there for the puzzle fans.

- Safari Zone
One of our planned features. It won't be a literal safari zone like in the maingames, as that would be very odd in a pokemon-only world. But we'd like to make a sanctuary of sorts where you can recruit some rare pokemon, particularly seasonally.

- Shiny Pokemon
Each shiny pokemon will be done by our resident sprite artist, Tacocoa/OrginX. Official sprites are recoloured as shinies using the official PMD pallete. They will have a very rare chance of appearing.

- Recruitable Legends
Some legendary pokemon will be recruitable. We understand that legends can be OP
in some cases, and as such we're handling this with utmost care. These will make for another challenging hunt.



Progress Report

We are currently about halfway done with the first region. Additionally we have begone progress on planning and developing other regions for the time being; It's most important is to get the first region done before release, and so we are currently concentrating our efforts on it. Planning for it is almost complete, and some areas are already being polished, while others are in development. Aside from that we are working on ironing out policies, protocol, as well as rules and guidelines for staff and players. We're working on the development of our forum, as well as our public discord, which we may hopefully release soon. Note on screenies: We've not shown the full gamescreen so far, but we will as soon as possible so you can see the chatbox, team hud, etc.


Closed Alpha

We have plans for CA. However, no estimated time at the moment; As we head further into development we will announce CA in advance. Those who wish to join for CA will have to fill in an application form, as we need dedicated testers from which we can gain vital feedback to help improve the game. Accounts will be wiped after CA so everyone will have a fair start when the game opens.


How to apply for Staff

Did I mention we have a small team? We have a small team. As such we're open to new members joining to make a contribution to the game, as well as become long-time staff. If you are interested in applying please send a PM and I will send you the application form to fill in.
You can then send the finished application through PM and I will forward it to the rest of the team for review. We will notify you if you're accepted or rejected as soon as we've made a decision. We are currently in need of the following:
- Mappers (The map editor is real-time, onscreen, uses various layers/attributes, and works by dropping a tile onto a grid)
- Coders (The language is a modified version of C#)


Current Team

- Kagura

Active Developers:
- Tacocoa/OrginX (maps, sprites, tiles/tile editing, dungeons, designs, mechanics)
- Chel (maps, dungeons)
- RichardG (dungeons, mechanics, database)
- SebaX (maps, dungeons, scripts, database)
- Cytektor (scripts, database)

Sporadic Developers:
- Mollvee (maps)
- Trekker (maps, dungeons)
- Humza (scripts)
- Aev (maps, dungeons)


Source Code:
- Sprinko from the Pokemon Mystery Universe Staff Team
- AnkokouFlare
- Rest of Sprinko's team at the time (PM if you are one of them and I will list you here!)

Code modifications:
- Frosty
- Humza
- Kagura
- SebaX

Assets (tiles & sprites)
(PM if you made one of the sprites released along the source code and I'll gladly credit you here!)
- Gamefreak
- Chunsoft
- Tacocoa/OrginX
- Cosmo
- Ele_Demaru
- Soulja
- Fennes

- Gamefreak
- Chunsoft

If I have forgotten anyone please let me know. Credit will be given where it's due as soon as possible!
Also, even if some sprites and tiles were released publicly in the source code provided by Sprinko of the old PMU staff team, If you own any of these assets and wish for them to be taken out we will promptly do so. We hold respect for artists. Some on the team are artists, spriters, and editors themselves.


That's it for the game so far. I will be here to answer whatever questions I can and provide updates. Feel free to discuss. We're very eager to know what you think of our game!​
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A Sword of Justice
Apr 18, 2018
I loved the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series! Looking forwards to see this be released to the public ^.^.


Jul 7, 2018
For those interested in joining the Discord server and the game itself for when it's released for alpha & beta, please add my Discord - Kagura#5116
Thank you!


Jan 24, 2023
Hi there OrginX, been trying to reach you. If you could, please contact me. Criminon#1834.