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I haven't shown any sign of progress for Pokemon Recondite for a long while but I'm still working on and will give a better update when I have more to show for it. I'm removing the download links because I'm making a lot of changes, for the better, to what's been already released but that's not my best work and people would be unable to continue with the first version.

You and your parents move into a seemingly boring town in the region of Petra. Petra is one of the regions that Kalos was at war with 3000 years ago. You and your rival, Xavier, are taken into an adventure by a mysterious Pokemon that kick starts your journey. You soon learn that defeating gym leaders no longer grants you entry into the Pokemon League, if that's even your goal. As you try to discover the past, the present stands in your way with a new twist and turn at, probably not, every corner. Each tide that tries to change this region has its own ideal, which do you believe?
Knowledge or Power
Slow and Steady vs Radical and Revolutionary
Past or Future
Reality vs Intention
Or return to zero...​

New Features
-Ability to chain pokemon in the overworld like in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee
-Custom Story with a brand new region and lore
-Overworld Battles (Player will witness battles in the overworld and possibly be involved in some)
-Gym leaders are replaced
-New Terrains (an example of an existing one is Electric Terrain)

Common Features
-Pokemon up to generation 7 (includes alolan and possibly meltan/melmetal)
-Mega evolution (potential for custom megas)
-New moves
-Important characters like Frontier Brains, Elite Four, and leaders of significant groups
-Pokemon Changes which includes types, stat redistribution, moves, and etc.
-HMs will be replaced with key items
-"New" Shinies (I am using shiny sprites from a different source so they are NOT exclusive to this game)

Potential Features
-Randomizer (I'm able to implement it but the only script I found crashes upon encountering pokemon if randomizing is turned off. Works great randomizing pokemon but if someone could help with the crash, I would be happy to implement it. Worst case scenario two versions of the game one with randomization and one without.)
-Nuzlocke (I've found a script just haven't tested it yet and as long as everything goes well will most likely be included)
-Multiple endings (I want to... but my free time says find more time)

(these screenshots are outdated)
The first image is a part from the first overworld battle the player will see but as you can see it's not the best image of a flamethrower

( Full list of names will be in a text document titled CREDITS)
Credits to Poccil, Flameguru, and Maruno for "Pokemon Essentials"
Credit to everyone who worked on the "Project: Generation 6 Release" here on Relic Castle (credits for everyone who worked on this will be in a text document within the game folder)
Credit to whoever created the overworld sprites from the "Following Pokemon Resource" (I don't know who out of these people made the sprites but I'll mention everyone: Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, Venom12, mej71)
Credit to everyone who worked on Pokemon Reborn's 6th gen sprites, mega sprites, shiny spriting and Amethyst as many of the resources I'm using come from Pokemon Reborn (It is stated that anyone can use resources from Pokemon Reborn in the Reborn FAQ as long as credited
Credit to SytheXP for Sinnoh Tileset
Credit to Crazyninjaguy for HGSS tileset
Credit to Obito at RHR for Tutorial:View IV/EV on Pokemon Summary
Credit to Mej71 for inverse and sky battles code
Credit to Mr Sunshine! and princess-phoenix for the majority of the 7th gen overworld sprites.
Credit to NicoMts for Alolan Muk, Alolan Grimer, Alolan Rattata, and Alolan Raticate overworld sprites.
Credit to princess-phoenix for Decidueye and Incineroar overworld sprites.

Music Credits:
Game Freak, Junichi Masuda and others who worked on Pokemon's Original Sound Tracks

Credit to Luca S.J. for Elite Battle System
Credit to Marin for Better Fast-Forward

Credit to everyone who worked on the Sun and Moon Pack (full list in credits)


If you want to help
-I'd love to include custom mega evolutions but I wouldn't be able to make high quality ones myself, if anyone has some links to some that'd be greatly appreciated. There's a lot of art already but most of them don't have a front, back, front shiny, and back shiny sprites which is what I'd need.
-Ready to go tilesets, meaning the sizing is already done. The tilesets I'm using are okay but could be better. Right now I don't want to focus on that and rather make story progression so I could use help in map making if I were to use different tilesets.
-Playtesting for when the game is ready to be playtested.
-Add/create move animations. I don't expect anyone to offer but I thought I should at least ask.

Any feedback or questions are greatly appreciated and have a great day or night!
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The Nyoomster
Just by first impressions, I can see Potiental in this upcoming project, mostly due to the plot. The features being featured in your thread are intesting as well, especially the custom shinies owo). Can't wait to see further development!


Been busy with life so I haven't made a lot of progress into Version 2 so I can't give any estimate on a release date.
Here's a progress chart for what it's worth
Events 5% (dialogue and important events)
Trainers 5% (make them)
Maps ~10-15% (putting the map together and all that fun stuff I'm slow at...)
Characters 20% (making/finalizing characters that will show up in Version 2)
Story 35-40% (overall plot of the story like after you do this then you can do that)
Scripts 0% (new moves, weather "enhance", replace hms, and anything else I think of)
Misc. 5% (everything else)

Once you find Atlas more things will unlock.
You will learn more about the status of the region in more ways than one.
Learn more about The Resistance and this other mysterious organization.
Meet more gym leaders and frontier brain(s).
Meet me! Wait, I mean the professor... yeah the professor!
Go on "missions".
A new overworld battle, maybe more.
A lot of changes to Pokemon in terms of moves and I shall dare to change up the resistances a bit :scream:.
I will update the download links soon because since Version 1 I have made some changes like add EBS. Credits will be updated when the links are updated.

If anyone is good at making maps and has RPG Maker XP that would like to help out make maps leave a reply or pm me if interested. Thanks!


If you downloaded the game before 3/25, I updated the links that takes care of some problems and adds some features. (sorry if you recently downloaded it) You should be able to open up the new version anywhere but if there is a problem go into a Pokemon Center, save, and then load up version 1.1. I won't post another Version 1 update unless there's a game breaking bug... but please tell me about an minor bugs so that they will be fixed in Version 2. I'll post a Version 2 update in about 2 weeks, as long as I don't forget...


Well here's an update.

Events 15% (dialogue and important events)
Trainers 15% (make them)
Maps 50-60% (putting the map together and all that fun stuff I'm slow at...)
Characters 35% (making/finalizing characters that will show up in Version 2)
Story 35-40% (overall plot of the story like after you do this then you can do that)
Scripts 50% (new moves, weather "enhance", replace hms, and anything else I think of)
Misc. 15% (everything else)

I made a discord for anyone interested. Feel free to join and ask me any questions or etc.


I haven't done much in terms of progress but more so planning out the rest of Version 2. It won't be done anytime soon so I want to give a sneak peak of a character for those who are interested.
So this character is the leader of a black market group. When I mentioned "market" in features, I was referring to the black market of this region. His title is Underground Leader. I took inspiration from Shigaraki from My hero Academia. "Why should pokemon be restricted from only battling other pokemon? Why is there no consequence from losing a battle? If you lose you're defenseless, how would you stop the trainer who beat you in battle from attacking you? What's stopping the champion from destroying anything and everything? What will stop me from killing you after I beat you in battle? ... It's not rules because those are made by people who want to control people like you and me. This, this is the real world, and if you aren't ready for it, then play dead while you can."


I just arrived to Ozark Cave and I can't go any further because I can't cross the bridge for some reason. It's just like there's some barrier preventing me from going on it.


I just arrived to Ozark Cave and I can't go any further because I can't cross the bridge for some reason. It's just like there's some barrier preventing me from going on it.
Fixed it, there shouldn't be anymore problems with crossing the bridge. Don't know how I missed that but thank you for getting that to my attention.
Patch links:
Once you download replace the old DATA folder with the new one that you just downloaded.