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    Demo Pokemon Recondite

    Discussion in 'Progressing Projects' started by Allan5829, Jan 28, 2018.

    Short Summary/Intro (Download links at the bottom)

    You just move into a new home to a region you know nothing about for a job your dad just recieved. You've always wanted a pokemon but never got the chance. You come to find out that this region was at war with the Kalos region 3000 years ago and you see what that has done to the surroundings. The first time you learn about gym leaders is from someone who's being a jerk to you and your new found friend Xavier. For some reason, trainers don't challenge gym leaders anymore but instead challenge the 5 frontier brains and that has become the new method to qualify for the pokemon league. You will encounter some foes who's goal you don't know of and face hardships for being seen as weak because you haven't beaten anyone "important yet."

    My goals for this game is to make an interesting story, showcase a history filled world, and to give the player more say ( at least more say than in typical games).

    -Some what branched story: the player will have the option to go to one of two cities and you will experience something different at each city, your decisions will impact future interactions with some players
    -After you accomplish something you will see a difference (ex. in sun and moon po town is the same before and after you beat team skull, what I would do if after team skull is driven out turn the city back to normal)
    -Mega evolution: maybe some custom megas but depends if I can get sprites done for them
    -Pokemon up to generation 6
    -Overworld Battles: It's an attempt to replicate the battles from the anime. (won't involve player only two important characters)
    -5 frontier brains and elite four who are integral to the story
    -Some stat redistributions and added types/ moves to existing pokemon (Milotic becomes part fairy, Luxray becomes part dark, and more) (full list of changes in text document named CHANGES)
    -HMs will be replaced with key items (on to do list)
    -Custom Shinies

    The team:
    -Me for pretty much everything
    -I have some friends who I bounce ideas off at and some people who have play tested what I have so I won't need play testers, I will credit my friends who have helped me but for a future post

    If there are people who would like to help me the areas of help I need are in:
    Map making- make maps of routes and cities/towns with certain requirements like make it look destroyed or etc.
    Art of moves used that could be used in the overworld (not battles, for example the flamethrower in picture one)
    Considerations- If you do want to help me I won't be able to provide rpg maker xp and I'm on a tight schedule

    My goal is to have Version 1 completed and alpha tested with about 20% completion by February 20th and with a new version coming out every month until completion by around June this year. I plan to dedicate a ton of time into this and if you would like to help me then I will need you to keep up with me.

    Any music suggestions are appreciated
    Any tileset suggestions are appreciated as well as long as there is credit to the creator

    Credits: ( Full list of names will be in a text document titled CREDITS)
    Credits to Poccil, Flameguru, and Maruno for "Pokemon Essentials"
    Credit to everyone who worked on the "Project: Generation 6 Release" here on Relic Castle (credits for everyone who worked on this will be in a text document within the game folder)
    Credit to whoever created the overworld sprites from the "Following Pokemon Resource" (I don't know who out of these people made the sprites but I'll mention everyone: Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, Venom12, mej71)
    Credit to everyone who worked on Pokemon Reborn's 6th gen sprites, mega sprites, shiny spriting and Amethyst as many of the resources I'm using come from Pokemon Reborn (It is stated that anyone can use resources from Pokemon Reborn in the Reborn FAQ as long as credited http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/gamefaq/#borrow)
    Credit to SytheXP for Sinnoh Tileset
    Credit to Crazyninjaguy for HGSS tileset
    Credit to Obito at RHR for Tutorial:View IV/EV on Pokemon Summary

    Music Credits: ( will add more artists as I add more music)
    Junichi Masuda (Pokemon's Original Sound Tracks)

    Any feedback or questions are greatly appreciated and thank you for looking at this post!

    Download links:
    Through Google Docs- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1myKacUwj09f6nDyNFBipk8mMQ_Da7D9U
    Through MediaFire- http://www.mediafire.com/file/1d2fcza2a6m73ei/Pokémon_Recondite.rar

    Hopefully there aren't too many bugs...
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    Just by first impressions, I can see Potiental in this upcoming project, mostly due to the plot. The features being featured in your thread are intesting as well, especially the custom shinies owo). Can't wait to see further development!
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    Love the fresh ideas that you're providing for your players. I can't wait to see what this game has to offer!
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