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Feel free to talk about what fan games you're currently playing, any interesting discoveries you make, and any challenges you come across. You're also welcome to chronicle your playthrough with screenshots and the such.

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With that out of the way: watcha playin', Relic Castle?


Have they found the One Piece yet
Nothing in the immediate moment, but I recently played/streamed Attack on Space Station, enjoyed it quite a bit. Going to do the same for Attack on Silph Co. and probably a few more jam games in the future, starting like . . . next week, ish?

Just finished this one, quite enjoyed it! The only thing I really have to complain about is that most NPC Trainers didn't really seem to get any stronger over the course of the game until the final boss, and towards the end I found myself one-shotting most of . . . everything. Oh, and also a few more Repels would have been nice. Like, two of them. But that's about it.

Other than that, the theme was great, the interior maps (i.e. everything) were an awful lot better than mine and I look forward to seeing what you pull out of Game Jam 2018!

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Later on I plan on sharing my thoughts on Pokemon Glazed and other hacks in the future. Just to keep a log somewhere of my thoughts of various ROM hacks.


The beetle is waking up
I'm playing the rom hack Pokemon Gaia at the moment. I'm making slow progress through it, but what I've played it fun. What really stands out about it is the layer of polish it has it feels like it could be a proper Pokemon game, nothing about it feels fan-gamey (if that makes sense). Would recommend :)

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Latest hack I played was Pokemon Vega Minus. It was really good. The Fakemon are great, and I like really like the region.
I am currently playing Pokemon Spectrum by Kojo. I am on the way to the 2nd gym city and after defeating the gym leader I think the demo is over.

The romhack I am currently playing is Pokemon Adventure Red by Aethestode. I am almost at the end of the Orange Island arc.

I really can't wait to play Pheonix rising. They still haven't released the game and I hope it's worth the wait.


The Nyoomster
Started doing a Pokemon Insurgence Randomizer Nuzlocke. Because doing a normal Nuzlocke is just pretty hard lmao, even I tried myself :^)


A Gengar
Just Playing Pokemon Reborn
Its A God Damn Puzzle You Know
( If You Know Radomus ( A.K.A The Chess Master Gym Leader ) And You Beat Him . Means Your A Chess Master Too )