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December 24th through December 31st! Let's make the end of 2017 wonderful with a Wonder Trade Event!

If you want to go with the Relic Castle theme, it is: Fossil Pokemon nicknamed Relic!

However you can do your own cool idea or participate in one of the other December Wonder Trade events going on, and still earn the badge here at Relic Castle. We just want to see Wonder Trade flooded with cool pokemon, no matter how that gets done!

In this thread, let us know if you're participating, what other Wonder Trade events you know are happening this month, or show us what you plan to trade! After that, we'd love to hear if anyone got anything cool in exchange while Wonder Trading!

What kind of Pokemon makes a good Wonder Trade?
  • Starter Pokemon: Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, or starters from other regions!
  • Version exclusive Pokemon only in Ultra Sun: Alolan Vulpix, Omanyte, Houndour/, Anorith, Cranidos, Cottonee, Basculin (red stripe), Tirtouga, Golett, Rufflet, Clauncher, Tyrunt, Turtonator, and Passimian!
  • Version exclusive Pokemon only in Ultra Moon: Alolan Sandshrew, Kabuto, Electrike, Baltoy, Lileep, Shieldon, Petilil, Basculin (blue stripe), Archen, Vullaby, Skrelp, Amaura, Oranguru, and Drampa!
  • Pokemon that evolve when traded: Boldore, Haunter, Kadabra , Machoke, Phantump, and Pumpkaboo!
  • Pokemon with cute nicknames/moves, or holding gift items: Delibird is a popular choice because of it's move Present, and we're partial to fossil Pokemon nicknamed Relic.
  • Pokemon from later areas of the game: Try the last island or post game areas!
  • Pokemon that are difficult to find/encounter: Pokemon that only appear when fishing, or when called in an SOS battle, or have a move that faints themself!
  • Good IVs, holding nice items, or infected with Pokerus: While kids might not understand the significance of these gifts, there's plenty of other players out there wonder trading who will be happy to get something good in return!

About this event:

The Relic Castle Wonder Trade event is something we like to run when new Pokemon games are released. The main series games usually come out in October or November, but during the December holiday season a new wave of players receive the games as gifts and start playing for the first time!

Event Objectives:
›Cover the Wonder Trade in cool gift Pokemon for the last week of the year!
›Share in this thread what you're trading, and talk about anything cool you get in return!

Quick Rules:
›Do some Wonder Trading during the last week of this year!
›Post about some of your trades here as a record and you'll get the badge!

›Wonder Trade in any gen 7 game, you don't have to be playing the newest version to participate!
›If you're participating in a different Wonder Trade event during this time, we'll count that!

This Event not for you? Check out some of these threads:
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i'm going to be in the car for most of the day tomorrow and unable to get on the internet, so i'm trading off a bunch of mine today ! from my box of baby fossils and a couple Buzzwole, i filled out several pokedex pages as well as getting baby Popplio, Ralts, and Beldum. and a delibird! that's pretty cute.

i'm going to get some Larvesta eggs tomorrow, as well, and throw those out sometime this week. (i hunted down a larvesta to help hatch eggs for the event, and it took awhile to find, so it might be appreciated?)

alola meowth, popplio, wingull, grubbin, beldum, paras, natu, lillipup, magikarp, wingull, slowpoke, psyduck, alola grimer, yungoos, yungoos, zubat, poliwag, ekans, carbink, gyarados, magikarp, gumshoos, ralts, swellow, carbink, carbink, oranguru, delibird, alola rattata, tentacool, ariados, magikarp, grubbin, grubbin, zubat

traded for ~10 tirtouga, ~4 buzzwole, ~12 cranidos, ~12 tyrunt, and ~3 anorith. i unfortunately didn't count before i started. getting a moon-exclusive with oranguru was nice!

ill probably edit this post instead of making another one whenever i get around to hatching those larvestas!
I pulled through big time for the badge children of the world this year. On my stream I bred 150 Tyrunt while shiny hunting it (and actually left it on for 2 hours looking at my screen because I didn't stop streaming after raiding someone lel).
Every Tyrunt had Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, and Dragon Dance bred onto them with Adamant natures. None of them had less that 4 Max IVs due to the parent ditto with 6 Max IVs holding a Destiny Knot.
So I ended up going from having 5 boxes full of Tyrunt to a lot of garbage and some cool oddities, which actually tells me that some new players got their hands on my dinosaurs and that's good.
So yeah, I'm glad that I got to tackle two birds with one stone. Some of my best finds while Wonder Trading were a Safari Ball Hippopotas, a Shiny Yanmega, and a Beast Ball Chansey(why?). Didn't find a shiny Tyrunt today but this definitely gave me a good start on my search. Merry Crustlemas everybody.


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I only did a box of Archen, but I might do some more later. It was a lot of fun and I think some of my favourite things I received were: A nice cute French Minior, a rattata with the OT "Daddy" called "BLIZZ" and a Spheal in a beast ball. Here are some pics :)



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I think for the Holidays I'll breed some Delibirds and nickname them Santa, and 8 Stantler with the names of the 8 Reindeer that "Santa" has.

Fun Fact: If you rearrange the letters in Santa you can get Satan


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I've been trading Kadabra and Machoke, but it's taken awhile to train those Machop up. :worried:
I already got about 2 boxes traded though! In return I've gotten some cool things like some Rowlit, a blue Minior, and a Noibat!


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I've spent awhile but like last year I traded Vulpix! Or are they Vulpi... Keokeo? Anyways I have gotten an interesting bunch from it. I've obtained:
Staryu, A-Digglet, Caterpie, Dewpider, Buneary, Fearow, Spearow, Ditto, Yungoos, Pyukumuku, Gible, Fomantis, Zubat, Zubat, Shellder, A-Meowth, A-Rattata, Pinsir, Magikarp, Growlithe, Sawk, Abra, Buneary, Makuhita, Fomantis, Wimpod, Cubone, Mareep, Fletchling, and Squirtle.

Happy holidays to all!


Starry eyed
Happy 2018 everyone!
The Wonder Trade Event has ended with the old year, but I'm not going to close the thread for a couple more hours...if you participated, please leave a post telling us about what you traded, what you got in return, or even post pictures! Seeing who posted is how I know who to give badges to. :blush:


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I didn't trade all my Pokemon because reasons...
But I got (From memory)
Zygarde (Power Construct), Zubat, Archen, Solosis, Alolan Rattata
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