Completed Pokemon Roulette FFA App


Can you add the functionality to add custom filters to the app? Such as a new type or a completley new category, like a Halloween or Christmas filter. What I mean is that we have the ability to make special filters or groups of filters ourselves.
That's on the list of features I want to add to the app. It wouldn't be too difficult either since all the user would have to do on their end is edit the excel spreadsheet to include specific Pokemon in the custom filter. But things are busy for me at the moment, so if I do add it, it won't be for a while.

Emperor Hal

First thing's first, I checked out the app. It's awesome, great on you. I don't care how bland it looks it seems like it could get the job done...

If it didn't freeze.

See, I'm on a mac, and so I needed software designated for converting exe files for use. I managed to get the app open, but it froze the moment I pressed "roll" on any part of it.
-I tried both 32-bit and 64-bit
-It's not the fault of the software because it's done its job of getting the app open
-I made sure the directory was the folder it was in
-The software is winebottler

So why can't I get the app to work? Do you plan on releasing a mac version some time in the future? Thanks in advance.


Have they found the One Piece yet
See, I'm on a mac, and so I needed software designated for converting exe files for use.

-The software is winebottler
This has been addressed, sort of. I wasn't involved in the making of the tool but I'm guessing compatibility with non-Windows operating systems is not a top priority.
- For those of you who are running an incompatible OS (whether it be Windows, Mac, or Linux), you can try emulating Windows 7 or another compatible OS using VirtualBox.
@Dragonite That's awesome. But how do I use virtualbox for this again?
Sorry I missed this question. I can't give you specific instructions since I don't know what OS version you're using, or which version of windows you're looking to emulate, but there's plenty of guides online that explain how to set up virtualbox. Here's one I found just by googling: link
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