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Demo Postscriptum: Fated Epistle - Episode 3 [Courier Update C2.3]


Arbiter of Doggos
Welcome to the world of Postscriptum.

Follow the steps of the protagonist, a melancholic young adult stricken by unemployment and paralyzed by a chronic care-free and lethargic attitude. Seeking to redeem himself for his past mistakes and overcome his guilt, he, again, applies for a job, expecting to fail miserably once more. To his surprise, he actually gets a call for an interview, at none other than the Pokemon Couriers, a prestigious, esteemed, and highly regarded organization. Setting his sights on the future, he attempts for the last time to begin anew.


It is the year 2006...It’s been more than 10 years since the first Pokemon League Champion was crowned. The final League battle, an event of immense popularity and the first of its kind, was broadcasted globally on what was then called “Color Television”. Well, globally in a sense at least; outside the Pokemon Nation, few countries had access to technological advancements like these. There were, of course, exceptions like some of the wealthier States of Etlantia, for instance Unova, but to most nations, scientific and technological fields, such as Robotics for example, were unheard of. Industries and factories were primitive and people mainly focused on dealing with poverty and crime. This technological disadvantage meant that people in these regions had to rely on manual labour and Pokemon assistance even more than their counterparts in Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn. It was a time – and still is – where using one’s own hands to work was the safest, and usually the only way to make ends meet. From the need to organize a successful Pokemon-Human partnership that would fulfill the demands of society, however, various organizations were formed. The most successful of these, was what is now known as the “Couriers”.

The Courier organization, a well respected 200 year old establishment, has been responsible for delivering letters and packages of high (or even low) importance, while also executing missions of dangerous nature – even replacing the Police on many occasions. Needing to traverse all kinds of terrain, and to reach the recipient at all costs, the Couriers' work was historically seen as one of the most honourable services to society. It is said that the famous Pokemon Rangers, were actually based on the Couriers, from which they inherited a lot of their codes and principles, as well as their modus operandi. The Couriers were also responsible for a lot of philanthropic work and various other contributions, but their trade, now under a mild threat from new emerging technologies (mainly developed by Silph Co) begun to slowly fade away, as their services were no longer needed in richer regions. In that sense, people have stopped thinking of them as highly as they used to, especially when it came to people living in areas close to technological giants, like most of the Pokemon Nation.

That was not true everywhere, though. One of the poorest regions in the world, the Erynia Region, or formerly: The State of Herynia, geographically very close to, but culturally and technologically far away from Unova, has relied on the Couriers for many of its citizens’ needs. Even if, sometimes, the Couriers had to undertake apparently menial tasks, now reduced a shadow of their former glory, they nevertheless were respected throughout their entire 200 year lifespan. Various rumours also suggest that the Couriers' first branch was actually established in Erynia. No historical records proving that have been saved, however.

Unbeknownst to the Courier, who hails from a region somewhat close to Kalos, his only proper job will direct him towards the worst possible choice for employment; Artemisia City, the trademark city of the Erynian State. The once-called "Diamond of the West" has been reduced to ashes due to… an unfortunate turn of recent events. The "Crown City of the South", was now nothing more than Erynia's princess of poverty and homelessness.

~The Characters:

The Courier:

The protagonist of the game, carrying the weight of his mistakes, errors, actions and inactions of 25 years, gambles everything on a last attempt to redeem himself. A deeply flawed individual, whose only merit is the fact that he is almost aware of who he truly is, (and thus attempts to avoid making all the wrong choices again), tries to escape the past with his last ounce of remaining strength. People who know him, well.... they claim they don't. He has this trait of being "invisible" socially, resulting in chronic social awkwardness, trauma, but also a sense of false entitlement and an inflated ego. Will he ever fully discover himself? Will he be able to finally find redemption and salvation, when everything points otherwise?


Sylvia is a former middle-class citizen whose life was shattered when she lost her mother during Artemisia's great factory accident. Sylvia was born charismatic, both in battling and general intelligence, resulting in her reaching the top of her Medicine class and getting ready to graduate with the highest of honours. Her dream was to become a doctor in order to help the people of South Artemisia who historically have been unable to afford good Healthcare. She didn't make it in time though… Disaster stroke, her mother passed away, and Artemisia’s Mayor decided to transfer all higher education institutions to the Northern parts of the city, where middle-class was not allowed to go to. Thus all of her hard work was in vain. Sylvia, as a result, became cold and isolated, avoiding things such as feelings which would restrain her from achieving her next goal: Reaching the upper parts of the City.


Tyson comes off as edgy, and teenage-angst ridden, but his ascetic and sometimes stoic stance on everything is the result of past events in his life, events that clearly showed him that strength is all that matters in this world. Intent on never being weak again, rather than gaining strength to hurt others, his life is now focused on being the best, the strongest Trainer in all of Artemisia. Rumours of an undefeated Flygon quickly spread everywhere, and even the famous Blue Glove gang was terrified whenever that Pokemon’s cry was heard. A firm believer in self-discipline, Tyson never falters under any circumstances; in that sense he encompasses almost all of the good traits that the Protagonist lacks, without excluding almost anything negative. In the eyes of the Courier, he could very well be a sort of perfection humanly unachievable. He hates his short stature (that’s a secret).


Zack’s past is shrouded in mystery. What is known until know, revolves around a poor kid who did everything in his powers to move up the social ladder, including taking part in gang activities. He carries a mixed bag of traits, like: being mischievous, street-smart, a trickster, and a prankster, but is someone who’s planning ahead, is quite organized and tactful, also very optimistic - almost to a degree of “happy” apathy. He becomes very sarcastic when things go really, really bad, even when his friends’ and comrades’ lives are on the line. He is not hard on himself, but is not lacking in discipline, Tyson’s favourite thing, either. While these two do not necessarily get along well, they still show immense respect to each other, partly due to their aspects on that matter regarding life. Zack is very experienced in battling, since this skill was needed in order to survive (much like everyone else in Artemisia), but his hidden fascination with perfectionism might also be a contributing factor. He was born with innate leadership skills, something that made him attract unparalleled jealously from his gangster enemies.

There are other important characters too. Please, look forward to meeting them, try to understand their motives, their feelings, and the life circumstances which may, or may not have shaped their world. Their role, is always tied to the destiny of the City, a destiny which always lurks above the heads of the unfortunate citizens.


The Erynia Region, known as the “Trash Bin of the World” according to Unovian Academics, and even more so Artemisia, its Capital City, is a place infested by all sorts of catastrophy. Its themes heavily focus on a kind of “plain people” life, where poverty and misfortune are frequently sung in her dark and gloomy streets. For instance, Artemisia’s Music is an amalgam of folk cultures across the globe, with a jazzy twist – representing a melting pot of people whose misfortune and modesty is the strongest common bind that ties everyone together. However, since Artemisia actually used to be one of the richest cities, long, long ago, and Erynia was considered the “first in the land of opportunities” along with Unova (even longer ago), many people migrated there from other, poorer, or in - then worse - condition Regions. Unfortunately for them…. Erynia fell victim to the greed and motives of corrupt statesmen and ideological machinations.

A wide host of contributing factors, led to the creation of Artemisian Isolationism, a practice where people are allowed to come, but nobody is allowed to leave. Until today, no one knows what is going on, and many haven’t even encountered a Pokemon. On top of that, orders from above mandated that… no Pokeballs were to be allowed, as far as the southern districts are concerned… In Artemisia Pokemon battles are not a joke. They are a means to survival, as such, Trainers there are comparatively stronger than their Pokemon Nation counterparts. Young kids who start out are in a very difficult position, since they rarely have the skills and experience needed to defeat those who battle in order to barely make a living. Thus, Trainers in Artemisia are almost exclusively adults. An unreleased, apparently classified research paper conducted by the Indigo League Association, estimates that the level of a “simple” mediocre Artemisian Trainer without any badges corresponds to almost Elite Four levels of strength in other regions. Could this fact have something to do with the destiny of Artemisia?

What is going on in this City? Why does it have to face such a heavy destiny? And why does our poor protagonist commit another mistake, one that might cost him everything? (Not that he has built anything important up to this point, though…) This seems to be, at a first glance, a personal journey… But can our personal decisions, really, become something more than that? Will the Courier ever make a mark on this world? (Hint: probably not, he says...)


What message will you carry?
Will it be one of bliss, friendship and hope?
Or will it be devoid of meaning, a harbinger of devastation, and a champion of ...solitude?


- A closed world, railroaded experience

- An absolutely linear adventure where your choices never matter!

- Constant backtracking and your entire job being a fetch quest (expectedly)

- Nobody wants your help and nobody will reward you for your help

- Meddling into the affairs of others won't end well for you

- As a player, you have no real say on how the game world turns out - and your decisions are, in the grand scheme of things, negligible (no, this is not an AAA RPG)

- Some game mechanics balancing, depending on how much investment is necessary from a story perspective. Anyone willing to offer competitive advice and balancing advice is more than welcome.

- A living world where themes intermingle and ideas clash.

- A quest for understanding, knowledge, and truth. But mostly hope - no matter what happens.

- Pokemon are priceless creatures, and obtaining one is not easy. Try to look for your favourites as hard as you can. Catching a Ratatta is like finding a Mew under a truck. (okay, we’re exaggerating a little...)

- Primitive technology. We wish you luck in finding any PokeCenter (you will not).

There is no such technology available (or perhaps…other intentions exist behind the lack of … “motivation” for building such a facility in Erynia). However, do not worry about healing. The Couriers do have doctors. (Civilians, though….that’s a different story).

- Pokeballs are worth their weight in gold, they’re almost like food for the starved.

- An estimated Gameplay Time of about 10-20 hours, depending on your style of play (some people have clocked around 30).

These estimations are for the current demo (up to the 3rd Gym), and for those who avoid using the ALT button, which speeds up the game so you can skip that boring dialogue.

- Postscriptum features 99% original music, barring a number of tracks which you can find in the credits.txt and on the credits section of the thread.

- A mission system that finally tells you the truth: There are no rewards. That’s right, what were you expecting? It’s work, you get “paid” for it (at least, that’s what the Boss says). Why would anyone be interested in rewarding you for doing things for them? If you manage to get a “Thank You”, well, a winner is you , and you should feel overjoyed. Interested yet?

The application form for the job is right there….

Important Points:

Postscriptum respects the lore of the main games and will not move in ways that come in direct confrontation with said established lore, except for certain circumstances which will be as lore-aware as possible. (also retcon for the win) Fakemon will not be introduced except for maybe 10 or so, all tied to the lore in some way. Postcriptum aims to attribute further meaning to the existing Pokemon world, a meaning that is more mature in the sense of concepts and problems, not “violence” and other forced “adult” grittiness. Things such as family, the meaning behind human relationships, what it means to be alive, what responsibility is… all of these comprise the quintessence of this fangame.

Yeah, but what about the Pokemon…. themselves?
Well, they seemingly take a second role… seemingly that is. Many major aspects of Pokemon, as well as humanity’s destiny regarding them, will be explored. Loose endings, as well as individuals and organizations from the main games will be tied together in ways previously unaddressed. On a side note, Postscriptum does not adopt the “multiverse” approach the main games have taken, as it is a “simple” way to justify anything happening just ‘cause “multiverse” is a thing. “Real world” science does exist in the game, and even the powers of the legendaries pale in comparison to human achievements, something that has a very, very, very specific reason for it being so. The metaphysical-like abilities of Pokemon, are nothing more than legends passed down through mostly oral traditions. (To be frank, when a little ball renders them powerless, and in eternal captivity, what else would you expect?).

On a further note….
Remember the first time you played a Pokemon game? During that era, most of us were young, and now, among other factors, nostalgia drives us to cling to our favourite games. Excitement, is of course, another reason. But excitement fades away with time, as does our childhood. Postscriptum tries to depict the Pokemon world as it would possibly be presented if it were directed towards a slightly older audience. Adulthood is another big theme of Postscriptum, along with what it really means… Postscriptum acts as a “holyland” of sorts, a hovering world, between childhood and adulthood, between our dreams as kids and our experiences as adults, between the collapsing eternity of an excitement long lost, and the accompanying stoicism that comes with age.


Finally, we intent on keeping this an "open" project. And by open we mean these things:

1) Everyone is free to contribute anything they like, as long as it is reasonable.
We are all here to improve ourselves, to create things, and most of all, to have fun! Even if you think that your work is not good enough, (and although we’re in no position to judge the artistic work of others) submitting it won’t hurt! Everyone is welcome! Quality Control will be at NOA levels though… just kidding. But do expect that we have to somehow make all things “tight” enough so that they do not detract from the main thematological aspects and experience of the game, which means that if what you want to submit is somehow “denied” it is not because of its intrinsic artistic value, rather, it doesn’t fit in the game in a way that we want it to.

2) Feel free to "explore" the project files. Since Pokemon is Gamefreak’s and Nintendo’s property, we have no right to deter you from tinkering with the game files and, if something is done right (which, according to our game design and programming skills, probably isn’t :p ) you can use it a base to create your own fangame or copy techniques or styles of doing things. We can’t for instance say, “Hey, you stole this and this and this from my fangame”. Well, in a sense, we are already working on stuff that ain’t ours in the first place (anything fan-related). Just do not forget to credit everyone properly. The software used to make this is more than 10 years old anyway, so its not like there’s a need to encrypt the ZOMG INCREDIBLEZ ARTWERK AND SCREPTS! You may not, however, use any musical piece from the game, because we want Postscriptum’s music to be its “Identity” (no matter how horrible it may sound).

3) Any kind of feedback is more than welcome. And we do not mean “constructive feedback” only... Anything you don’t like, find strange, detracting from the experience, lackluster, purely bad,… Please tell us everything so we can work extra hard and make it better! And even better, as we said, if you wish to contribute too, by all means, do so! Hit Dusky a PM and we will sort it out.

Huge and massive thanks to all the great people who have made this possible. Credits will be displayed at the bottom of the thread.

5) We're looking for: Testers and Scripters, the latter preferably experienced with that laggy mess called RGSS1.



Developer’s Details:

We would suggest against reading the following until you’ve finished the demo.
Beware of potential spoilers. You have been warned ; doing so might destroy your enjoyment of the game.

- Artemisia and Erynia are inspired by a lot of stuff:

> An attempt at a “realistic” approach to the Pokemon Universe; even though the developers have stated that the Pokemon world does not suffer from the same problems such as ours, technology, science, and wars, are already featured in it. Lol. In that sense, how would a society without much access to Pokemon develop? What would happen if Pokemon were in the hands of the few, and not at the service of random 10-year olds?

> A certain game for the Wii... *coughs*

> Another game for the Wii... *coughs*x2

> And another game for the Wii... *coughs*x2/1x4

-Some of the themes are inspired by:

2) Greek Philosophy? Who knows. Some say.


4) Pokemon Colosseum and XD

5) Hope that can be discovered anywhere, no matter the circumstances, and never giving up.

Never, ever giving up. And moving forward.

6) Smelling one’s own armpits

With all that being said, one of the hidden themes of the game is Objective Truth vs Subjectivity. Can you find the other hidden themes? There is a multi-level aspect to themes throughout the demo. Some have a microcosmic impact, others encompass everything, from the slightest detail to the biggest event. For instance, and, although not hidden, isolation (social or otherwise) loneliness and aging comprise some of the many -first glance- meanings behind Postscriptum. Can you uncover the others?


Q: Is there a way to see my Pokemon's EV/IV?

A: No, and it is unnecessary. This game is really easy combat-wise. And in most battles, your IV/EV builds wouldn't have helped you anyway. Try to see your Pokes for the unique little things they are.

Q: Does this game feature a level cap?

A: No, you can find other ways to go around high-leveled enemies (if you ever encounter such an enemy anyway). In most cases levels do not matter that much.

Q: This is really confusing, especially in the beginning. Is there a walkthrough?


Q: Where and how can I get X or Y or this or that?

A: 1) You most likely can't, 2) You should be interested in doing your job, not catching Pokemon and other silly stuff. Isn't that right?

Currently Known Bugs:

> Sometimes during battle no action can be selected

This is due to the battling system scripts, just hover your mouse over the choices
and click on them, it will be “fixed” that way. It’s not a bug actually.

>Pressure ability might throw an error, in that case, please click ok or hit enter and continue

> Menu display is dark in dark (as in, requiring Flash) areas. Though, this one is kinda..realistic.

> QuickSave icon persists on screen change

> Enabling speedup while in menu and then saving is not yet fixed

>Party Number Indicator during Battle persists for the battle's duration if ICE BALL(possibly other moves like ICE BALL) is used

> Sandstorm causes lag.

> Using the Lantern shows the usage box twice - getting caught with the lantern on needs reentering the map to work properly



Gamefreak, of course.


Special Contribution: (Sidequests, Game Progression, Design Assistance)

- Alilatias (thanks a bunch!)

- JoStarNight (appreciate your help!)

-ArtilleryOctillery (huge contribution)

-PhantomBima: Replacement of dialogue exposition with event depiction suggestion

- Manul


-Alilatias (really, thanks a bunch!)

- SoyBean

- Mane

- ShinyMissingno

- Sandy

-Socratic Method


- NiT


- Manul

Bughunting, Support and Feedback:

- Alilatias

- karnamata

- PhantomBima

- JoStarNight

- Dypatome

- walpurgis

- Swamp King

- Busti

- Whiteflare

- Bronson

- The1Kobra

- Demice

- Xenoic

- why cant I find a valid name

- Artillery

- Xanderos

- Ulf / Rillard

- Dinoboy

- Manul

- Nikai

- Dirtlord

- berkaykrl




- Pansygum

- Display name

- Zorpiborp



Pokemon Essentials Kit:



Flameguru's Starter Kit

This would have never been possible without your hard work.



Scripting & External Tools:

S.J.Luka =======>>>>> beautiful battle visual overhaul, great scripts, awesome programming.



Dragonite >>> Many,many,many thanks for your NodeJS solution to making Trainers in the PBS


Marin >>>>>>>>>> Your PBS editor <3 <3 <3 , your Easy Questing Interface, EVERYTHING!





Deo >> Great Day/Night shading

Hematite >>>> nice organizational spreadsheets

Easy Script Importer-Exporter by KK20

Elyssia/R3zonance - Version Check Script, (modified by Polectron/Pokebuzo)

IIcolour Spectrum - Release and Deposit Prevention Script

Ego13 - Pbs with mega evos

Mr.Gela’s Name Windows – Mr.Gela you are awesome sir.

VanillaSunshine - Improved Color Text

Vendily - 17.2 Fixes

Buttjuice 17.2 Fixes

JessWishes - Multiple Savefiles

Moonpearl + ForeverZer0 - ENV path inclusion

PNGQUANT - PNG color compression

Pokemon Sprite Animation:

Snivy101 @ Deviantart - Incredible Sprite Animations, seriously man

Diegotoon20 @ Deviantart

kirbio @ Deviantart

Creobnil @ Deviantart

SelenaFF @ Deviantart

Shadowslan @ Deviantart

spyroflame0487 @ Deviantart

WolfytoDark @ Deviantart

ekurepu @ Deviantart

harrie5 @ Deviantart



Nephae @ Deviantart - Great character pixel art conversion from ORAS/XY Trainer Artwork

Wesley-FG =================> dude those Hoenn BW style OW's are like, the best

N-Kin @ Deviantart

CJames-21 @ Deviantart

fishbowlsoul90 @ Deviantart

leparagon @ Deviantart

PixelLlamaArt @ Deviantart

Wobblebuns @ Smogon

TheLayell @ Smogon

Gardow @ Deviantart

RockAdam @ Deviantart

zerudez @ Deviantart

Falgaia @ Deviantart

aXl @ Smogon


Lyell @ Deviantart


Seikou @ Smogon


Princessofmusic @ Smogon (XY PROJECT)


PoLlOrOn @ Deviantart, very nice trainer vs sprites

Pixel.emoji - Trumpet Sprite

supagokuman2 - Base Red Overworld Sprite

ArtilleryOctillery @ the Boss' private room


akizakura16 @ Deviantart (super - clean tiles)

Magicscarf @ Deviantart (incredible, beautiful tiles)

DaybreakM @ RelicCastle (nice clean tiles)

Mataraelfay @ Deviantart

mysticalmew24 @ Deviantart

BoOmxBiG @ Deviantart

SailorVicious @ Deviantart

EpicDay @ Deviantart

UltimoSpriter @ Deviantart

shiney570 @ Deviantart

HokoZero @ Deviantart


Cityville team

shugar-tits @ Deviantart

WesleyFG @ Deviantart

Aigue--marine @ Deviantart

LotusKing @ Deviantart




EpicDay @ Deviantart



Burton-kun @ Deviantart

Kaliser @ Deviantart

Midnitez-REMIX @ Deviantart

ditto209 @ Deviantart

PeekyChew @ Deviantart

Dot Art World

ThatsSoWitty @ Deviantart (you rock dude/lass)

chimcharsfireworkd @ Deviantart (same parts of previous tileset?)

A few rips from Professor Layton, @ SpritersResource

A few rips from The Legend of The River King 2 (GBC)

A few rips from Pokemon Ranger

A few rips from Mario & Luigi Partners in Time



Modified Lantern Icon from Four Swords Adventures

Other Graphics:
Aki @ Relic Castle - Free Summary Screen

Zuhn - cherry blossom leaves gif


+ Guillaume de Machaut (1300 A.D.) – “Douce Dame Jollie” ( Annwn Band - Rendition, Cello Cover - Roxane Genot)

+ Pagioumtzes, + Tsitsanes, (1938) “I’m in love with a married woman”

Junichi Masuda, Gamefreak, “Gym Theme”, "Cianwood City", "Pokemon Center", "Route 23"

Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Tōru Minegishi "Mewtwo Battle"

Motoi Sakuraba - "Pyroxene of the Heart"

Dr. Fruitcake - Johto victory theme

Sound Effects:

Rhyden @ RelicCastle (thanks for your gen7 Pokemon cries)

Metro Last Light - Screaming Crowd

Hydroplane Sound: Sounddogs, Free Preview Sample

Jross aka Xeltic89 - cave audio - cave ambience

SoundJay Royalty Free Sounds - Camera Shutter click 04

All Things Meda - Free beach waves


kanookies @ Deviantart

Extra Credits

(Pokemon Gaia Project)











Blue Beedrill


Bulbapedia and Bulbaforums









Jesse TBPro



















spypoke megafc


*if your name does not appear on this list, please contact us ASAP in order for us to add


** if, for whatever reason, you do not wish your public works to be used in this fangame,

please contact us and we will remove it and replace it with something else, mainly our

horrible original graphics, deserving of incessant praise.



A very "detailed" "artistic" map drawn by a very thirsty guy depicting a very troubled city:

Last edited:


Arbiter of Doggos
Is it only me or you need decryption key for download and if so where is that key.
Apologies, it appears when I updated the link I didn't copy the key too. It should work now.

Alright, it's been... well a really long time, but ep3 is out.
More importantly, we wanted to have ep3 ready for RC's community (which seems to be more in-game exploration based ---this game has been a huge mess of tile bugs-----) so we had to wait until version 3.2.0 of episode 3 was out. Also, changes have been made to accommodate for younger players, although the game is still better suited to an older audience.

Apologies for the extremely long delay in releasing this. Now it's as close to its true form as we had intended it to be.
Ep4 is in the works.
Have fun!

EDIT: V3.4.5 is out, saving while game is sped up is now disabled, instant text speed option available (not recommended)
Minor fixes.
Last edited:


Hydreigon Cultist


Arbiter of Doggos
Thank you!

UPDATE 3.5.0
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
a new update is here. This still isn't episode 4 (it'll come eventually), but a lot of improvements have been made - improvements that warrant a current episode update. This is a bit more than a simple qol update - most of the bugfixes and changes are minor but there's whole bunch of 'em. It is the recommended version for anyone wishing to start a new playthrough as well.

-Fixed a lot of the graphics
-Tile fixes as well
-Vernacular reduced even more, lotta typos fixed
-Improved dialogue flow
-Fixed name display
-Cutscene and event presentation improved
-Night wild Battle Theme added, better Route themes, added Trainer Battle Theme variations among trainer types
-Cianwood City looks more like a proper city now
-New Events added
-Interior Map size reduced
-A number of minor bugs fixed
-Changed Title Screen and waiting screen
-Refined certain parts of the game
-Changed Game Icon
-Changed parts of the lore to reflect the recent Galar Region reveal (So no more Albeon now). UK counterpart is now officially in the games lol!

Aside from that we'd like to announce that we're now accepting:
==========SIDEQUEST SUBMISSIONS!============
Make sure you're done with the episode first, spoilers ahead:
Sidequest submissions are open! The rules are as follows:
A)Sidequest completion has to obey the "no reward" theme.
B)Sidequests should have some sort of thematic relation to the game.
C)They can be related to each other
D)Trade sequences are alright
E)Backtracking annoyance is alright
F)The more character and charm there is, the better
G)Pokemon cannot be caught at this stage in the game
H)Of course, things that are still out of reach and fake sidequests can be a thing. Wasting the
Courier's time is fair game. Also, you've gotta do your job, why bother with all that stuff?

Sidequest submission period ends on July 1st.

Here's a list of ideas. What matters most here is quest presentation, character interaction and uniqueness.
For example, the Old Map could actually be the first in a series of clues leading to secret meetings hosted
by a group of nerds that thoroughly test you to see whether you meet their criteria or not.
Or it could be one of several pieces of paper required to piece together the legendary whole toilet paper,
an invaluable item to Artemisians. Various NPCs could be hunting you down to steal it until you ...relieve yourself of it.
Remember it's how characters interact with each other that makes quests more interesting.
Naturally, it is highly recommended that you finish episode 3 first, as stated previously.

1.The old Map
There's an old map in a house in Western Artemisia. Where could it possibly lead to?

2.An empty home
Someone used to live here...can you find all the clues? Could it have something to do with a thief's network?

3.The Purrloin Baker
A baker from the North ordered Purrloin to make one last delivery. You've submitted that particular mission request to the Branch,
however there's no one willing to take it up. Help Purrloin out and find a way to create a bread trading route.
There's also rumors of the legendary Pokeblock-feeding Meowth Lady. Could she be an antagonist???

4.Can you find Goodra?
There's been sightings of Goodra in Hermia Town. Maybe you've seen it, maybe not. How could you possibly find a way
to interact with it, though?

5.Books for Egbert
Egbert needs lotsa books to help Artemisia. Find at least (a number) of them. What could go wrong here?
I mean, sure, books don't serve any purpose other than, you know, reading?

6.A sad Pidgey
There's a sad Pidgey in Route 0. Is there any remedy for its sadness?

7.Bring me cushions!
Collectors are weird, and this one is even weirder. Find (a number) of cushions (or pillows, whatever!)

8.The Cocoa Adorer
Ah, cocoa! But where could such a treasure be found?

9.Make items out of garbage, Chop.
Bring garbage to Chop in Southeastern Artemisia. Maybe he can make you a useful item (or not)

10.Water type mon for Grandma
Finding a water type mon seems difficult. Maybe make her a fishing rod?

11.An Alolan Guitar
Alola might be at the other end of the continent but who cares? Gotta find an Alolan guitar!

12.Vanishing Woman
What did just happen? A woman in South Artemisia vanished the moment you tried to initiate an interaction...
If that doesn't speak volumes for your, uh, charming social skills, what does?

13.The bestest cookest
The greatest cook to have ever graced Artemisia lives in a makeshift tent in the Southeast. Gather some...well, ingredients for him.
Hopefully nobody will be visited by... gastroenteritis...

14.Dedenne, where have you gone?
A man in Eastern Artemisia is filled with guilt over his past actions regarding his Dedenne.
Can you find Dedenne's location?

15.Recruit the Courier!
Rumors of the Resistance against the Mayor have spread all around Artemisia. Can you come up with, um, "campaigning" ideas for the Resistance?
The purpose of the campaign is to recruit the Courier, so..Artemisia can be (L)iberated...

16.Rasperga Family Feud
What could have possibly taken place in Rasperga Farm?

17.A lonely Ratata
There's a lonely Ratata in Northeastern Artemisia. Is there anything you could do to help it?

18.Fairy Spring
There's a fairy spring somewhere beneath Western Artemisia. Or at least that's what they say.

19.Norella's carpets
Carpet making is a traditional practice in Norella, tied to social events such as marriage.
Where could materials for carpets be found? Is there anyone in Artemisia who could have a fascination with...carpets?

20.Open Entry

Replies will be slow so don't worry if it takes us weeks to get back to you.
We cannot judge whether a submission is bad or not on its own merit, we can only judge whether it fits with the style of the game.
Not getting your submission in the game doesn't say anything about your idea per se.

Have fun!

EDIT: New update is out! 3.6.0
-Fixed a potential progress-halting bug
-Restored unused events
-Fixed event bugs
-Fixed some snippets of dialogue not displaying properly
-Fixed Tile bugs
-Fixed some victory themes not playing after winning a battle
-Fixed Tile transparency and priority bugs
-Updated some really crappy graphics, (more to come)

Until next time

A new update is here!
- Fixed entering Orphanage displaying the "lockpick" message
- Fixed Beach tiles in Cianwood City, improved mapping
- SW Artes' "Fountain of Health" and Entrance parts of map remapped
- Fixed Summary Pokedex and Item Give Duplication glitch - credit to: Vendily & Buttjuice
- Applied uncatchable form patch - credit to: Maruno & Buttjuice
- Updated lotsa tiles
- Fixed Pipe Tiles Priority Display
- Remapped the Autosave key to T to avoid conflicts with WASD player movement,
- Removed unnecessary neighboring maps from parts of the city, improving fps (almost a 10 fps gain in some maps!)
- Caged Southeastern mons now turn at random
- Rewrote some pretty nonsensical snippets of dialogue
- Fixed an NPC's sprite frame
- Better dialogue flow in some cutscenes, typos, grammar etc
- Fixed Lag in Fall's Pass by reducing the amount of bridges, associated events and candies (big number of events boggles down RGSS1) got an almost 20 fps increase!
- Fixed a Liberator being naughty with his sprite
- Fixed Apartments showing lower/upper floors
- Fixed Fence Graphics on Route Falls Pass/ Route 0
- Fixed most of Deliby's sprite
- Ladders/Stairs now properly work everywhere
- Improved collision
- Fixed most shadows in Norella and Hermia
- Fixed Badge Display on card
- Fixed mapping errors in Southwestern Artemisia
- Fixed Southwestern Artemisia map name display
- Corrected some door exit/entrance warps
- Fixed Rasperga Cottage showing part of the other floor
- Tided up dialogue of some npcs
- Fixed some of the Bidoof tiles
- Other minor fixes

A major update has just been released (3.9.8). Aside from fixing a myriad of tile bugs, this update is powered by the rigorous testing provided by the man the legend "ArtilleryOctillery", which led to a lot of improvements. Certain earlier event sequences and maps have been redesigned.
Also a couple of sequence-messing bugs have now been resolved.

1.Finally outfits work properly and there's no need to change the player in order to show different sprites! Makes ep4 character animations possible again.
2.Fixed a rogue tile in the "PastOfThePast" map
3.Fixed even more tile bugs, improved tileset composition
4.Certain maps don't have their edges snapped anymore!
5.Remapped parts of Southwestern Artemisia and other maps once again, to adapt to the above changes
6.Improved a lot of events
7.Fixed Bidoof Bar Room entrance, and associated event sequence now takes player position into consideration
8.The player is now forced to enter the Thirsty bidoof before entering Artemisia for the first time.
9.Fixed Port Shadows
10.Fixed Route 0 tiles
11.Fixed first few battles losing warp
12.Corrected a lot of dialogue typos
13.Reduced certain tilesets' size via 256bit color reduction, should increase FPS on older machines (incomplete)
14.Added new events
15.Player cannot leave Route 0 without obtaining the envelope first
16.Thanks to Canneon/ArtilleryOctillery's scrutinous testing, the majority of early grammatical, tile and graphical errors are now fixed
17.Courier Card now displays Courier Rank instead of Pokedex
18.Courier Card is replaced having reached the end of the episode
19.Made Orphanage gauntlet more bearable, suggestion courtesy of Sesh
20.Fixed entering Branch sequence
21.Finally fixed starter obtaining cutscene sequence

Most early game bugs have been purged. We'll continue hunting for the rest.
There's still some minor testing to be done, please report any bugs you find!

Please pay special attention to the animations; due to recent changes some sprite-changing bugs might show up.
We humbly request that you report these! Thank you!

PS: Ran into an outfit problem after the "disguise" part of the game while on 3.9.4? Make sure you're on 3.9.5+ and It will resolve itself later.
Apologies for this, some of the older workarounds to the outfit system have yet to be purged. I took a quick glance at certain related events and think this is the last one though.

UPDATE: v3.9.14

Fixed another stinky bug caused by tileset corrections.

UPDATE: v3.9.20
1.Fixed rail tiles in Southwestern Artemisia
2.Remapped parts of same map
3.Removed unnecessary events, better performance
4.Updated Jade's team movesets
5.Fixed a whole lotta tile bugs
6.Fixed book interaction in Norella
7.Removed some relics from the old outfit workaround
8.Fixed right-facing direction outfit change when talking to Flint
9.Updated Event in Old Artemisia
10.Updated Courier Card
11.Fixed Modesto's late-game dialogue
12.Corrected typos
13.Fixed player sprite disappearing during a cutscene

UPDATE: v3.9.24
- Fixed Silk Scarf being obtainable before receiving Courier Bag
- Fixed some more rogue tiles and updated some tilesets
- Fixed a potential progression halting bug caused by the eventing and tiling revamp

UPDATE: v3.9.41, QoL pack 1
QoL, Bugfix and Optimization update pack 1:
17. Applied compression to most tileset images, they're now at least 60% smaller each (the bigger non indexed ones). Better performance (on lower end systems). Slightly washed out colors and negligible degradation of quality.
18. Fixed a couple more rogue tiles
19. Made some minor adjustments to S Artemisia's map
20. Moved some South Artemisia NPCs inside houses for better performance
21. Added different track variations for Northeast night, South, South night, Southeast, Southeast night, and East, east night. The idea here is that the music increasingly loses it's Latin/Jazz instrumentation and color the further you go north, but Eastern Artemisia's night theme never forgets its roots.
22. Decreased Western, Northeastern and Southern Artemisia's map size
23. Repositioned some mons.
24. Fixed typos
25. Further compressed audio files. Lower audio file size makes maps load faster and reduces the small lag choke that happens when you first enter a map. Bridge to SE artemisia still causes a bit of a choke. Will work around it in the future.
26. Fixed shadows in Norella and Fall's Pass tilesets
27. Fixed some problematic spaces between buildings in certain tilesets
28. Fixed a rogue tile showing up in SW artemisia if Gracidea was obtained
29. Fixed MC's late game sprite
30. Implemented a cutscene when talking to Pika woman (suggestion courtesy of PhantomBima)
31. Fixed all Pokemon OW sprites without shadows
32. Fixed Elea's eye color inconsistency
33. Fixed Ditto not transforming into Mega Camerupt
34. Made Jade's battle sprite animation smoother.
35. Fixed another rogue tile in SW Artemisia.

UPDATE: v3.10.0, Important Bugfix
36. Fixed some Route 1 mountain tiles
37. Fixed a rock's shadow in the Fall's Pass tileset
38. Set up OpenCL texture size compatibility (tilesets no longer bigger in height than 16384)
39. Fixed progression-halting Route 0 rock bug

UPDATE: v3.11.8: Qol pack
40. Fixed more tile bugs
41. Added more shadows on Route 0 tileset
42. Updated tileset graphics
43. Applied RGB 8bit compression to all Tilesets, now indexed. Palette adjustments pending.
44. Corrected some small mapping errors
45. Corrected tileset shadows
46. Applied RGB 8bit compression to all Autotiles, now indexed.
47. Applied RGB 8bit compression to all Battlers, excluding currently unimplemented ones
48. All NPCs now have shadows
49. Implemented single-event ship graphic instead of multi-event ship graphic on Jade's map
(same would have been done with the rubble but that still appears on top of player)
50. Fixed an enemy trainer freezing the game when talked to from a different angle in the sewers.
51. Added Gangsta Outfit backsprite, in case the player battles an NPC while in Gangsta Uniform
52. Added VS sprite for MC and adversaries
53. Fixed Emblem icon
54. Fixed typos
55. Removed unecessary icons and graphics
56. Fixed Blue Glove Boss' floating sprite
57. Replaced vanilla lvlup and catching jingles
58. Corrected a couple of map names
59. Added JessWishes' multiple savefile system. Rename your old savefile to Game1.rxdata for compatibility.
Quicksave always saves to Game1.

UPDATE: v3.11.20
---2020 HOTFIX----
60. Polished Hermia Town Map, fixed impassable tiles
61. The "Ship" now goes away after the player comes back from the trip.
62. Hermia and Route 0 will play night music normally after music-changing events
63. Corrected fence tile errors
64. Fixed a lot of general mapping errors
65. A Fall's Pass broken event works now
66. Route 0 tile errors fixed
67. Route 1 tile errors fixed
68. Fall's Pass tile errors fixed
69. Route 2 tile errors fixed
70. Corrected a few typos

More to come in the next and probably final EP3 QoL pack.

HOTFIX: v3.11.21h
---2020 HOTFIX v2----
71. Fixed a tile bug that could potentially halt progress in the "Past" map

HOTFIX: v3.11.22h
---2020 HOTFIX v3----
72. Made it easier to find an item on the "Past" map
73. Fixed character disappearing in a late-game cutscene
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Arbiter of Doggos
Hello everyone! We're proud to announce the improved Courier Update version!

The Courier Update has brought a ton of improvements, and 12 Sidequests too (3 of which are missions).
The world has been enriched, dialogue improved, and many bugs have been fixed. Some quality of life improvements have been added too.
This is much closer to the original vision of the game, and we'd encourage all those who've already played to give it one more playthrough.

The game is 10-20 hours long now, depending on how you play.

With that out of the way, here's the changelog:
71. Orphanage door now needs to be interacted with the action button rather than stepped on in order to activate
72. Orphanage door will display a message upon interaction when certain events have not yet transpired
73. Item icons and other unnecessary stuff removed
74. Box "puzzle" labyrinth is now visually easier to traverse
75. Name display on same map fixed
76. Fixed obtaining an item without having the bag in SW Artemisia
77. Fixed Sylvia's team moveset
78. Saving prompt at the end of the episode is now in your face
79. Corrected many character sprites (sailors, citizens, deliby etc)
80. Start screen running sprite corrected
81. Intro and Past maps tiles fixed
82. Refined dialogue, fixed a lot of typos, and som braken grammer barring when it's needed (colloquial speech + other reasons)
83. Fixed unexpressive sprite movement during cutscenes
84. Jingles or other animations/expressions during cutscenes added
85. Very low pitched music during first Elea event fixed
86. Items given to the MC during missions are now shown in the bag when in possession
87. Suspicious grandma event now checks for progress
88. Valetudinarian standing on an impassable tile can now move normally
89. Refined parts of many maps
90. Reduced encounter density on Uni map
91. Changed Title Screen
92. Cleaned the Under from unnecessary events
93. Added checks for player trying to leave from the entrance
94. Band cutscene now takes into account previously played BGM and restores it (eg night theme)
95. Fixed character direction facing after warping - especially after climbing stairs
96. Fixed visible upper floor in the Orhpanage
97. A number of different interactions after certain events have transpired have been added
98. Southeastern path to gang properly blocked
99. Healing spot Southeastern Event fixed, disables adjacent events
100. Aunt Mona now checks for having visited Norella
101. Save file prompt made clearer
102. Player can't leave the caves without talking to the Elder
103. Grandma now checks for previous encounter with her
104. A couple more cutscenes take previous BGM into account and restores it
105. Flint now checks for previous events before commenting
106. Nurse now takes Budew existence and healed event into account
107. Fixed wrongly positioned computer event
108. Tidied up Tyson's VS sprite
109. Changed Norella's Night Theme
110. Partially animated Fennekin Battle Sprites
111. Corrected Tyson's Trainer Sprite
112. Fixed interior shadows
113. Citizens now react to mid and post Ladder events
114. Made Tyson's Theme shorter - cut is a bit obvious, will redo in the future
115. Entry to certain buildings is now blocked when you are gangsta.
116. More people react to you being gangsta.
117. Fixed certain events not reacting to gangsta status if not previously interacted with.
118. Removed unnecessary events from Southeastern Artemisia
119. Tidied up Elea's 'downed' sprite
120. Added slight fade in on both Elea and MC themes
121. Added Elea Whirl Animation
122. Made Whirl Island look more like an actual island and not a square landmass
123. Partially animated sligoo sprite
124. Water splash and swimming effects added
125. Cianwood city has background waves sfx now
126. Healing Center Animation added
127. Guardian sprites replaced
128. Unnecessary position storing events removed
129. Changed Wild Night Battle Theme
130. Gang Duo sprite fixed
131. Saving more than 10 files warning fixed
132. Reduced levels of Liberators during first few encounters
133. Applied limiter to all custom tracks
134. Huge number of tile fixes
135. Gligar doesn't float that much now
136. Running Couriers and baddies fixed
137. Lantern Item substitutes Flash
138. You can now encounter and battle Sigfried multiple times
139. Moomoo milk added as an item.
140. Erased unecessary bridge events in Fall's Pass
141. Forgot to deliver the shake? Poor Cap's gonna have gasses. A number of small events like that have been added.
142. Changes and different reactions depending on progress, secrets found, and transpired events
143. You might want to hold on to your potions, and then donate them somewhere...
144. Many new secrets
145. Under Entrance Password Guy moved to the building next to the fenced Area that leads to the Under sewer entrance.
146. vsGuardian music plays properly now
147. ball check deletes it if it exists now

Hotfixed to C1.1

Hotfixed to C1.2

Hotfixed to C1.3
1. Fixed problem with bridge if you enter the ruins in Fall's Pass
2. Fixed rocks reappearing inbetween certain events happening
3. Tiles leading to the Aquatic Horizons are now green
4. Player can't leave with the shield on them

The leftover rock bug from the legacy version has been fixed. If you encountered the bug before 1.3, just go next to the rocks and they will disappear. If you're stuck on the city-exit side, talk to the Jotho Relative guy again and the rocks will disappear.

Fixed a late-game building transfer event not working properly

- Fixed player not being able to go back to Western Artemisia due to a legacy failsafe for a previous event
- Fixed player bag changing sprite on key item category
- Harvey's team levels lowered
- Fixed gangsta sprites in museum looking left if you reenter
- If you've lost to Harvey once, most of his dialogue will be skipped before rebattling him

- Fixed past sprite disappearing
- Fixed talking to a couple of enemies and losing auto-starting the battle if you reenter the building.
- Fixed terrakion awarding way too little exp upon defeat
- Fixed VS Portraits not showing due to a change in PBS structure
- Revive Guy can now be bypassed if you use the THIEF TM.
- Fixed character disappearing in a late game cutscene.
- Fixed a copy pasted enemy's response after loss

A strange bug in early game where the phrase "very well" was constantly repeated in the Thirsty Bidoof has been fixed. Absolutely bizarre.

- Fixed Jade Battle not initiating due to missing VS bar sprite

June 2020:
C 2.0
1. Fixed npc run stuttering during the second phase
2. Fixed valetudinarian's sprite
3. Fixed player sprite in thirsty bidoof disappearing in late game cutscene
4. Fixed a couple of rogue pixels in some tilesets
5. Reduced Icon folder size considerably - now only necessary icons are left in.
6. Cleaned base PBS from unnecessary entries
7. Refined late-ep cutscene
8. Toned down a specific cutscene
9. Fixed singing voice low quality ogg
10. Fixed port npc sprite movement
11. Fixed early trainer interaction direction
12. Fixed ID Card icon error

- Fixed Timmy event, see bug section of thread if you still have a problem finding him the second time around
- Fixed a rogue pixel in an NPC sprite

14. Fixed an item check event pushing you to the left instead of right
15. Fixed a couple of tiles
16. Fixed a leftover outfit bug that caused the player to be permanently blushed
17. Fixed getting stuck upon meeting some main story requirements and finishing a particular sidequest right after
18. Fixed sidequest bookcase dialogue
19. Fixed ongoing sidequests not failing upon reentering the "place"
20. Fixed turning NPCs when they shouldn't
21. Fixed typos
22. Updated late-game player card
23. Fixed NPC dialogue

24. Fixed low bitrate in certain audio tracks
25. Player won't be able to leave C.City if they rescued Budew, but forgot to interact with the Pharmacist.
26. Fixed some typos
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