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Jul 30, 2022
Welcome to the world of Postscriptum.

If you came here from "The First Journey", you're in for a ride!

Follow the steps of the protagonist, a melancholic young adult stricken by unemployment and paralyzed by a chronic care-free and lethargic attitude. Seeking to redeem himself for his past mistakes and overcome his guilt, he, again, applies for a job, expecting to fail miserably. To his surprise, he actually gets a call for an interview, at none other than the Pokemon Couriers, a prestigious, esteemed, and highly regarded organization. Setting his sights on the future, he attempts for the last time to begin anew.

Ah, the mid 2000s.... the easygoing days of old are gone, and people are migrating to wealthier places. In an attempt to start anew, a man of unremarkable appearance, semi-decent calves, and unprecedented odor, reaches Kalos at the end of a roadtrip... on foot. Before him lies the famous Courier Center, a historical, but out-of-favor organization, whose activities, in the distant past, helped connect people all over the world. However people still had the need to have parcels delivered, precious items looked after, and... confidential things done; even if the ever changing tides of time demanded new, more lucrative pursuits such as NFTs and escapism moneygrabbing "verses". Spanning multiple regions, the Courier organization and its sister branch (The Rangers) held firm despite the odds. Regardless- you have no idea about any of this, because you are preoccupied with far more important matters, such as wondering why people in Kalos appear to be overwhelmingly polite, yet refuse to speak Galarian. To your dismay, or perhaps, relief, you won't serve in Kalos - but in a not-so-attractive region "over the pond"... Without a lot of knowledge about the whole "Pokemon" thing everyone seems to be so fascinated with, and with no prior work experience under your belt, you don't have a lot of choice in the matter. You gotta eat somehow. If only you knew what you were getting into...


It is the year 2006. An island region situated between two continents, although officially part of the western one, has been through rather difficult times. Some of the older citizens remember an event known as the "Factory Incident", where a big chunk of the city center evaporated into thin air, due to a massive explosion. This sparked a series of events that led to a downtrodden urban environment, where Trainers had to viciously compete with each other in order to move up the social hierarchy. This was, in part, "highly encouraged" by the city's leadership, an almost omnipotent leader known as "The Mayor", whom some disergard completely, others fear, and many say they've actually met. This encouragement entailed the participation in a tournament known as "The Ladder", whose top three participants get a "verified" paper bestowing them the freedom to move around the city as they please. The northern parts of the city are an attractive tourist destination, and famous for their technological and scientific prowess, as well as their business opportunities. The lower parts, however, have met with another fate altogether.


~The Characters:
The Courier:

A confused individual whose inactivity, passiveness, and unwillingness to do anything other than reading weird comics or consuming other forms of entertainment, led to a buildup of negativity and apathy over the years. However, the realities of adult life struck him a bit too hard (and all together at once), forcing him to seek a job in all sorts of weird places. Of course, he held none up to this point. Various circumstances conspired to bring him over to the one and only city of Artemisia, the last option on anyone's list.


Sylvia is a former middle-class citizen whose life was shattered because of Artemisia's "Factory Incident". An incredibly talented and intelligent individual, her abilities enabled her to reach the top of her Medicine class. Her dream was to become a doctor. She didn't make it in time though… Disaster stroke, and Artemisia’s Mayor decided to transfer all higher education institutions to the Northern parts of the city, where middle-class had no access to anymore. Thus all of her hard work had been in vain. Sylvia, as a result, became cold and isolated, avoiding things such as feelings that would restrain her from achieving her next goal: Reaching the upper parts of the City.


Tyson might come off as edgy, and teenage-angst ridden, but this attitude of his is accompanied by a healthy dose of energy. Intent on crushing every definition of "weakness", the only thing he cares about is becoming the best of the best (and staying that way). His bravado is not just a fluke - he has remained undefeated for quite a while. Rumours of an overpowered Flygon quickly spread everywhere, and even the infamous Blue Glove gang's bathroom visit frequency tripled, each time they heard its cry. A firm believer in self-discipline, Tyson never falters under any circumstances. He hates his short stature.


Zack’s past is shrouded in mystery. From rags to better-looking rags, he did everything in his powers to move up in life, and ended up involved with the Blue Glove. He can get very sarcastic when things go really, really bad, even when his friends’ and comrades’ lives are on the line. He has a lot of battling experience, and heaps of confidence. He also seems to have had some kind of education at some point in his life, though his old mates would swear he never opened a book. He was born with innate leadership skills, something that made him attract unparalleled jealously from his gangster enemies.


~ Unimportant Features:

- Many of the Trainers are far more experienced than you. This is reflected on their levels. They're usually guarding the streets so watch out! However...

- ...your trusty PDA (Personal Delivery Assistant) has a Trainer Detection feature. It is up to you to decide how and when to choose your battles. Avoid or confront?

- Animated character portraits for all major characters and then some

- Lost? Your PDA has got you covered

- An acceptable vernacular

- At least 40 completable sidequests

- Around 15 hours of content (not counting the battles)

- MC animations for many interactions (climbing, item grabbing)

- An Original Soundtrack

- Unique ways to overcome enemies. Those who want to grind can, those who dont... may find other ways

- Interconnected lore and characters with sidegames like The First Journey and Times Edge. After all TFJ is the prequel to this game.

- Weird, goofy, and absolutely unreasonable NPCs


~ ACTUAL Features:
- A closed world, railroaded experience

- An absolutely linear adventure where your choices never matter!

- Constant backtracking and your entire job being a fetch quest (expectedly)

- Nobody wants your help and nobody will reward you for your help

- Zero replay value

- What do you do when your entire job is a fetch quest? YOU GO DO YOUR JOB. Unless... you want to snoop around. In places you shouldn't.

- As a player, you have no real say on how the game world turns out - and your decisions are, in the grand scheme of things, negligible (no, this is not an AAA RPG)

- The weirdest writing you’ve ever encountered in a game

- Jokes so bad, the likes of which should be purged from this plane of existence

- A living world where themes intermingle and ideas clash.

- A quest for understanding, knowledge, and truth. But mostly hope - no matter what happens.

- A mission system that finally tells you the truth: There are no rewards. That’s right, what were you expecting? It’s work, you get “paid” for it (at least, that’s what the Boss says). Why would anyone be interested in rewarding you for doing things for them? If you manage to get a “Thank You”, well, a winner is you , and you should feel overjoyed. Interested yet?

The application form is right there….


Gameplay Overview (minor spoilers):

General Information:


- “Missions” in this game are the equivalent of your typical RPG “quests”. Official requests you receive from the Branch are marked as “Missions” in your PDA, while unmarked or unofficial requests, or other objectives, are shown as “Personal Logs”.

- There is a Main Quest, which has two major branches; the PDA Mission titled “Find the Mysterious Recipient”, which is the very first objective ever given to you by Mr. Olofsky in the Kalos Branch, and an unmarked variable tracking your overall contribution to Artemisia.

- There are many interactions and smaller events that aren’t Mission-dependent, and some of them might become unavailable after certain points in the game. These won't affect the availability of missions.




- You have the option to avoid/skip most of the Trainers in this game, barring the four “tutorial” Trainers. This includes all “bosses” expect for two. You can choose between fighting your fights or skipping them, both are viable.

- Your PDA comes with a module that allows you to detect most Trainers: when it functions correctly, it will display these symbols related to Trainer strength:

! Trainer
(!) Strong Trainer
(=!=) Very strong Trainer

Nobody knows if there are other modules with extra functions. After all, and in contrast to your colleagues, you are stuck with a piece of mostly analog tech.

- There are two ways to skip a boss; one is by completing a related Mission, and the other is area-dependent. In more traditional terms, you could say you have the option of either doing a particular sidequest, or solving a “dungeon puzzle”. There’s no instance where both are needed.

- At no point in the game is it necessary to backtrack to an existing NPC you’ve met the first time you explored an area in order to unlock new content or get missions. This isn’t applicable to NPCs who ask you to bring their written mission requests to the front desk or the mission lady. However, specific events in the story might trigger the appearance of new NPCs in previous areas.

- The Mission Lady’s mission list is frequently updated. You should check it whenever you drop by the Courier Center, and anytime you have a gut feeling a new one might be available. Obviously, major story events are usually accompanied by new available missions.

- At no point are you expected to grind, but you are allowed to (there is no level cap). There are a few NPCs in the Under that can be re-battled for that purpose. Re-battling is limited to a few fights, but availability is renewed every time you progress through the story in a significant way.

- The scarcity of healing items is not a big problem if you turn your Scrap Metal pieces over to the Courier responsible for repurposing them into potions for you. However, you may choose to donate the potions to a hospital instead – they can be used on humans as disinfectants. The choice is yours.

- Depending on the Mission, it is sometimes preferable to spawn-heal upon taking a loss, than reset, and/or backtrack to the Courier Center to heal.

- There is a very limited number of mons you can find. However, those mons aren’t really missable, as subsequent episode releases will check for any you have missed (assuming you cannot backtrack to their respective areas due to story reasons) and will make them available again.

- When stuck, take a look at your PDA. You should check your PDA often. You will be prompted for any Mission or Personal Log update 99% of the time. Whenever you are faced with a difficult fight you cannot win, make sure you have explored enough, then visit the Mission Lady. All battles are winnable, but almost no battle is mandatory.


Important Points:
- Pokemon-wise, the game has been inspired by Colosseum, gen 5, and gen 1 BETA. If you are a fan of those games, you'll probably like this one.

- Many older lore details are preserved and taken into account. Everything that you see is something Gamefreak or Genius Sonority has done before, just a bit more, uh, "pronounced". For instance, "real countries" (gotta love 90s stories).

- Look, okay, this game might benefit from a guide. And game design in general has gone a long ways these days. BUT, that doesn't mean you should be pampered. Take a moment to think about how you're going to proceed. You don't need a freakin' compass to get to the bathroom, gee what's wrong with games nowadays...

- Died making the music

- What the heck is the meaning of this game anyway?

- The game should be compatible with android interpreters. That's why it's still on v18 (it's also compatible with older computers as a result).

- Think of the game as a traditional rpg. Wow that sounds like a new genre. But without the abilities of Pokemon as items. As in the OG lore, Pokemon are just overpowered animals, they can help, but not by a lot. Besides, the main character is probably too dumb to use them like that, anyway.

- Explore.

Massive thanks to all the great people who have made this possible. Credits at the bottom of the thread.


Q: Is there a way to see my Pokemon's EV/IV?
A: No, and it is unnecessary. This game is really easy combat-wise. And in most battles, your IV/EV builds wouldn't have helped you anyway. Try to see your Pokes for the unique little things they are.

Q: Does this game feature a level cap?
A: No, you can find other ways to go around high-leveled enemies. That's more fun than any AI Pokemon Battle.

Q: This is really confusing, especially in the beginning. Is there a walkthrough?
Will be.

Q: Where and how can I get X or Y or this or that?
A: 1) You most likely can't, 2) You should be interested in doing your job, not catching Pokemon and other silly stuff. Isn't that right?


Currently Known Bugs:
- If you button-mash your way through the title screen you might get a crash.


Gamefreak, of course.

Testing, Sidequests, Ideas, and Feedback Team:


^ you the real MVPs

- Sewers map: Earthescape

Legacy Testing and Assistance:

Special Contribution: (Sidequests, Game Progression, Design Assistance, Suggestions)
  • Alilatias
  • JoStarNight
  • ArtilleryOctillery
  • PhantomBima
  • Manul
  • Sandy

  • Alilatias
  • SoyBean
  • Mane
  • ShinyMissingno
  • Sandy
  • ArtilleryOctillery
  • Xanderos
  • NiT
  • DogzNDogz113
  • Display name
  • Ray2064

Bughunting, Support and Feedback, Sidequests:
  • Alilatias
  • karnamata
  • PhantomBima
  • JoStarNight
  • Dypatome
  • Anthony
  • Mane
  • walpurgis
  • Swamp King
  • Busti
  • Whiteflare
  • Bronson
  • The1Kobra
  • DemICE
  • Xenoic
  • why cant I find a valid name
  • ArtilleryOctillery
  • Xanderos
  • Ulf / Rillard
  • Dinoboy
  • Manul
  • Nikai
  • Dirtlord
  • PicklesThePikachu
  • berkaykrl
  • NiT
  • Kolper
  • Jfred
  • Pansygum
  • Display name
  • Zorpiborp
  • Cros3
  • Ray2064
  • Anoua
  • Yrgulian
  • HaroldGold
  • Shagust2108


Pokemon Essentials Kit:
Flameguru's Starter Kit

This would never have been possible without your hard work.

Scripting & External Tools:
S.J.Luka > Utilities, Bitmapwrapper for animated GifSupport, Title Screen script
FL - Tilemap Daynight Change, extra settings under options, controls, Unreal time, HMs as Items (additional editing by derFischae and Bulbasaurlvl5)
Dragonite >>> NodeJS solution to automate Trainer creation
Marin >>>>>>>>>> Easy Questing Interface, speedup, Variable Tracker
Amethyst & Kurotsune >>>Text skip
corlenbelspar >>>> the most excellent eventing caterpillar tutorial in the world (although that's also possible with dependent events, but it's more fun this way)
Wecoc >>>> Incredible tile change script, for autotiles too
MikeCakes >>>> static camera assistance for Chip Minigame
IIcolour Spectrum - Release and Deposit Prevention Script
Ego13 - Pbs with mega evos
Mr.Gela’s Name Windows and portraits – Mr.Gela you are awesome sir.
PNGQUANT - PNG color compression
Techskylander - Book script (AnonAlpaca UI), CustomPokedex Entries
Kyu - BOTW Item like gathering
Zeriab, and tweaked by Pia Carrot, F12 Pause Menu By
Klein Studio, TankerGold > FastForward, Always on Bush
TenshiOfWar, Animated Battlers (Luka's wrapper and script also credited on top)
bo4p5687, Help book (adventure rules), graphics by Richard PT
HDrawer (based on shiney570 script), BW Save screen
Yankas Radial Menu script
ThatWelshOne, Item Crafting
Maruno - Invalid Tile Fixer

Pokemon Sprite Animation:
Non original animation:
Snivy101 @ Deviantart - Incredible Sprite Animations, seriously man
Diegotoon20 @ Deviantart
kirbio @ Deviantart
Creobnil @ Deviantart
SelenaFF @ Deviantart
Shadowslan @ Deviantart
spyroflame0487 @ Deviantart
WolfytoDark @ Deviantart
ekurepu @ Deviantart
harrie5 @ Deviantart

Nephae @ Deviantart - Great character pixel art conversion from ORAS/XY Trainer Artwork
Wesley-FG =================> dude those Hoenn BW style OW's are like, the best
N-Kin @ Deviantart
CJames-21 @ Deviantart
fishbowlsoul90 @ Deviantart
leparagon @ Deviantart
PixelLlamaArt @ Deviantart
Wobblebuns @ Smogon
TheLayell @ Smogon
Gardow @ Deviantart
RockAdam @ Deviantart
zerudez @ Deviantart
Falgaia @ Deviantart
aXl @ Smogon
Lyell @ Deviantart
Seikou @ Smogon
Princessofmusic @ Smogon (XY PROJECT)
PoLlOrOn @ Deviantart, very nice trainer vs sprites
Pixel.emoji - Trumpet Sprite
supagokuman2 - Base Red Overworld Sprite
RedKnightX(Jack) - Eusine Overworld Sprite
ArtilleryOctillery @ The Boss' private room

akizakura16 @ Deviantart (super - clean tiles)
Magicscarf @ Deviantart (incredible, beautiful tiles)
DaybreakM @ RelicCastle (nice clean tiles)
Mataraelfay @ Deviantart
manuxd @ Deviantart
mysticalmew24 @ Deviantart
BoOmxBiG @ Deviantart
SailorVicious @ Deviantart
EpicDay @ Deviantart
UltimoSpriter @ Deviantart
shiney570 @ Deviantart
HokoZero @ Deviantart
Final Artz @ Deviantart
Emipuchucha @ Deviantart
Cityville team
shugar-tits @ Deviantart
WesleyFG @ Deviantart
Aigue--marine @ Deviantart
LotusKing @ Deviantart
EpicDay @ Deviantart
chaoticcherrycake @ Deviantart
Burton-kun @ Deviantart
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ditto209 @ Deviantart
PeekyChew @ Deviantart
Dot Art World
ThatsSoWitty @ Deviantart (you rock dude/lass)
TheGreatBlaidCarrasco @ Deviantart
chimcharsfireworkd @ Deviantart (same parts of previous tileset?)
A few rips from Professor Layton, @ SpritersResource
A few rips from The Legend of The River King 2 (GBC)
A few rips from Pokemon Ranger
A few rips from Mario & Luigi Partners in Time

Modified Lantern Icon from Four Swords Adventures

Other Graphics:
Aki @ Relic Castle - Free Summary Screen

Zuhn - cherry blossom leaves gif

Non-original Music:

  • Guillaume de Machaut (1300 A.D.) – “Douce Dame Jollie” ( Annwn Band - Rendition, Cello Cover - Roxane Genot)
  • Pagioumtzes, + Tsitsanes, (1938) “I’m in love with a taken one”

Junichi Masuda, Gamefreak, “Gym Theme”, "Cianwood City", "Pokemon Center", "Route 23"
Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Tōru Minegishi "Mewtwo Battle"
Dr. Fruitcake - Johto victory theme

Sound Effects:
Rhyden @ RelicCastle (thanks for your gen7 Pokemon cries)
Metro Last Light - Screaming Crowd
Hydroplane Sound: Sounddogs, Free Preview Sample
Jross aka Xeltic89 - cave audio - cave ambience
SoundJay Royalty Free Sounds - Camera Shutter click 04
All Things Meda - Free beach waves
Joseph Sardin - Free Helicopter sound
SoundFactory - Free fire sound

kanookies @ Deviantart

Tileset Credits from public Tilesets as referenced in previous sets:
(Pokemon Gaia Project)
Blue Beedrill
Bulbapedia and Bulbaforums
Jesse TBPro
spypoke megafc

*if your name does not appear on this list, please contact us ASAP in order for us to add
** if, for whatever reason, you do not want your public works to be used in this fangame,
please contact us and we will remove it immediately







"Okay, I’ve been looking for a game to play after finishing E.T. on NES (yes, you read that right on the NES). Well, to tell you the truth, I started playing Postscript out of sheer boredom. I was like, 'no freaking way there's a game worse than that garbage, man'. Boy, was I wrong. I'd rate PS 0.1/10 - it is the ONLY game that has managed to dethrone E.T. in the department of.... well, everything?
- MOBAsAreBetterThanLife

"I can still remember the first time. My first time experience with this... 'game'. Let me make it clear to you from the beginning: you do not want to play this game. It's torture. Cutscenes are painfully long, NPC dialogue is ... elementary school - level awful and worst of all, IT TAKES HALF AN HOUR TO EVEN LET YOU ASSUME CONTROL OF THE PLAYER, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Listen to me, do not play this game."

"Sigh... Where to begin...? First of all, there's a lot of misinformation throughout the game. When I'm playing games, I'm expecting 100% real-world authenticity, especially when the content of such a work is touching upon the most intellectual of issues. Then again, I have never found any game that could satisfy my elite 1% genetically gifted brain - and I say this as someone with an IQ of over 420. Such a number is, inevitably, the sole indicator of mental superiority. I do not detect the need to further provide any other explanation on the reasons one should be staying away from this."

"RPGs are all about pen and paper"
- Someone old

-Igor the Swabbie

"What is a game? Is it a work of art? Is it an opportunity to capitalise on, and subsequently sell 200 DLC that cost three times the base product? We believe so. However, this game doesn't even support mandatory DLC. If you wish to be seen as a proper developer, at least consider submitting a Season Pass"
-CF (Computerized Farts)

"When I’d first started playing... I was expecting to waste a couple of hours or so. I ended up wasting far more - I could have spent that time being a contributing-to-society individual, instead. I'm placing all the blame on this game for forcing me to stray from my path."

"Okay, okay. I have played more than 10.000 JRPGs - I consider myself a pro in that regard. I have also visited Japan numerous times, and have witnessed firsthand their incredible artistic capabilities, manifested in glorious epics such as "Super Monster Fisher Imagination 25". This game lacks a proper in-depth strategic battle system. Its plot keeps dragging on and on (I'd say it is even longer than certain classics, and I am really torn about this - is that a good or a bad thing?) References to Japan are kept to a minimum - as a result, I cannot continue playing this game any longer. It does have its fair share of waifus though, so I'll give it a 9/10."
-Naruhodo Kyosuke

"This is like Trebuchets in AOE2. Its freaking annoying"
- IStillPlayOnWin98

"What the Ducklett man. The main character in this game has managed to build great calves from.... walking? Lol, everyone knows that without a 5x5x5x5 lifting routine, and an absorption of at least 4times your bodyweight in protein, such growth cannot take place. This game is misinformation in itself. Oh well, back to buying protein powders for me."
- HenryTricepMaster

"This game must have been made by illogical, emotional, loud Southerners."
- Logical, cold, silent Northerner

"This game is contrarian."
- A contrarian.

"The jokes in this game are worse than my math grades."
- Social sciences sophomore

"Juxtaposing the innate qualities of an astonishingly well structured narrative, to the total ellipsis of a proper theoretical understanding of underlining Vorverstadnis of osmotic parenthesis, one can arrive at the conclusion of an ever-present misdirection of opposites, to which, and after a self-critical approximation of spatial conscience (from which no pure ontological perspective can be extrapolated) there is a clear lack of interpretation of the words of Dhefack Imsayin, an invaluable contributor to consensual epispermologies of the being - to such an indefinite cosmological approximation (inescapably, inevitably and unavoidably as well) that, quite uncharacteristically, is expressed within the confines of a non-chronical Epanaprosdiorismus - a redefinition of lack of full stop in the texts of inquirers of the non- empirical."
- Social sciences Major

"game lacks stuff"
- Maths Major

"I'd like to leave a humorous loop here, but I just can't program for the life of mine"
- L33+, unemployed programmer

"This game is a disgrace to the franchise. It doesn't even include 9th gen Pokemon. I cannot find my favorites in the wild. I cannot find any HMs. It also makes use of, like, Latin or whatnot to appear more
' serious'. Pathetic. Somebody is unaware of their tropes."
- Hates-Genwunners

"This game needs a tutor to understand how the metagame works. Everyone that disagrees with me has probably never even reached the top of the Ladder. Is ELO and GlICKO too much for you noobs? Also cracking 'jokes' at the Smoke'on community ain't funny. We take competitive imaginary digital cockfighting very seriously"
- A random guy from Slowdown

"Citation needed. This game needs a cleanup. Sources are biased. Delete this. Citation needed"
- Wikipedia Moderator for a Living

"Xenoua, the Warrior anti-Medicine Princess, disagrees with this"
- A Philosophologist

"This game is not 8bit."
- pixelover

"This game is pretending to be something it is not. It fails at everything and lacks in all areas, particularly in mapping"
- Reality Check

"From an atrociously composed soundtrack, to a cringeworthy narrative, Postscriptum never fails to disappoint. I can only give this a 2/10"
- /r/ProGameReviews

"This game is biased towards the poor"
- iInheritedMyGrandma

"[SPEECH 100] This game reminds me of the Big Empty"
- Courier Six

"As a professional reviewer, I'm not very good at games. But you don't need to be good at something to judge it, right? Right guys?"
- Jorge Sakamoto

"I would starve in this game"
- Big Smoke

"I will take legal action against the new Saffron Gym for taking over ours"
- Former Fighting-Type Saffron Gym Leader

"The Vikings used to be the strongest warriors in all of existence"
- Someone pwned by the Irish (and basically by anyone with a normal army, also utterly ridiculed by the Byzantines)

- Lex Luthor, Superman 64

"When logic ends, logic begins"
- Logic

"This game has inspired me to quit games"
- A Gamer

"It has been empirically proven that showing game review abstracts to potential players serves to present your game in a very positive manner. However, no review can portray this game in a positive manner"
- An empiricist

"Where's the @#$%^ map when you @#$%^ need one, @#$%^"
- Dorka the Explorer, on this game's areas

"I'm Commander Sheepfart, and this is my least favourite game in the universe"
- Commander Sheepfart, Paragon build, before contemplating on which colored ending to choose from

"This game is a contradiction"
- Smiles Edgywork, after obsessing over evidence and contradictions

"Kantonians are shorter than Kalosians"
- A short Kalosian

"Did you know that the first gen Pokemon games had a reference in them that was making fun of nerds?"
- A Pokemon Nerd

"Mega Score: 100. User Score: 0.
This is obviously a great game"
- Megascore

"I love this game! You can climb up buildings! I wish we had that implemented back when we had first made The Youth Pamphlets IV: Catastrophe"
- Bott Coward, on climbing mountains, also Horse Armor

"We don't like the word 'Epistle' in the title of this game. It reminds us that we cannot actually count to three. We prefer abandoning our franchise, like, in the middle of the series - hence our company's name!"
- Halve

"I'm an N fangirl and this game doesn't even reference him. Puke game"
- An obsessed woman in her 30ies

"Myth of Lank: Sniff of the Tame is the best closed-world climbing simulator, we're gonna imitate that in our own next installment!"
- Bott Coward on mountains, again

"This game reminds me of America, America"
- A Film Connoisseur

"Anything mainstream sucks "
- An Elitist, very smart and with better taste than you, most definitely

"Anything not mainstream sucks"
- A Mainstream Elitist, loves iCarly and Sitcoms

"The German Tradition practitioners of historical fencing are far, far, FAR more competent than those Fiore airheads"
- A Man chosen by the Masters themselves

"Anime is the best style of animation "
- Someone who is not an animator

"I gain no satisfaction from playing games anymore"
- Someone with more hours spent on steam than Sir Gampen outside of steam

"I love this game. I'm playing with all settings on max and 60fps as well! 10/10! Take that, console peasants!"
- A PC Enthusiast, has bought a JTX-Giant Reference at launch, has sold house and conscience to do so

"The baby..!"
- A very vulnerable Zamus

"Maths is important"
- History

"When does a game really showcase its flawed design concept?
When it is wrong on so many levels"
- Someone unfunny

"I want to judge a game based on its fanbase"
- Nobody cares

"Had the ancients ever been able to choose only one videogame among many to play, which one would that have been?"
- The Internet

"Even Postscriptum's graphics are better than 'Killer's Dogma: Historically Inaccurate Satrap of Assyria Ripoff Pseudo-Mythological Sequel Factory's story"
- Truth

"Is Dank Psyches a JRPG? I'm confused"
- QuoteAccu commentator

"But... what if 1+1 = Artemisia is a parallel universe where the protagonist is alive? Just a theory. A game theory"
- Videogame Speculators

"I have only injured myself 300 times doing crossfit. That means it's demanding, right?"
- Walking wallet to the Gym

"My eloquent and unsurpassed taste in games has proved the infallible judge in me right, yet again! I am someone with an exceedingly sharp critical approach, and my irrefutable analyses always induce a fissure of enlightening thought - an eternal, ethereal, almost divine waterfall of invaluable feedback that can only be described as 'a magnanimous service to the evolution of game development'. I am indeed aware that most, sigh, game 'developers' are absolute amateurs, yet I cannot resist engaging in unprecedented logodiarrhoea, a practice which will undoubtedly help those amateurs understand their erroneous ways. Most Pokémon Fangames are to me - and, thus, only to the most sophisticated of players - poo, starting from their very inception - objectively speaking - and honestly, this one not only is, but looks the part as well. After playing about five or so minutes, I finally knew: this Postwhatever is the worst of the bunch"
- Scream review, hours played : 0.1

"This game is the worst manga ever"
- A comics hoarder

"I know all there is about this!"
- Sophomores in general

"Puts walking simulators out of business"
- Edgy Magazine

"The less showers you take, the better this game smells"
- Dirty is the new clean

-I was hoping this game would be different, I really was. It had potential in regards to presenting something intricate and eloquent. However after finishing the demo I came to the conclusion that it is nothing more than another emotion-based story, and cheaply done at that. As with most games, it threw all decency out of the window by emphasizing cliche situations, such as overcoming obstacles through persistence, self-examination and reflection and the usual out-of-thin-air inspiration garbage that somehow works. I cannot understand the appeal of such concepts, I mean, sure in the end it probably is a matter of taste, but then again most people like shallow stuff. I'm sure its gonna end with some sort of sappy pathological compassion trope, as usual. Back to playing deep, convoluted jrpgs where not everything is black and white and cliche, and in the end the player defeats some sort of superentity. Such deep games.
- Cool story bro

"I've no idea what I'm talking about, here, let me carry your suitcase for you"
- Professor's Assistant

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Aug 25, 2018


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Dec 12, 2017
Version X1.1 is up, a bug that prevented you from talking to a woman during a late-game event has been fixed (credit: Yrgulian).
Some minor changes, including a new evolution theme (credit CocoaButterKisses).

As always, don't forget to check out the prequel (completed) which is a much more conventional game! Link in signature!


Jun 1, 2021
okay.. i have so much to say about this game...

I will do a in depth review about this game later.


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Dec 12, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, release is imminent. Public Beta is now available on Discord. Game will drop on Friday, most likely. Here's the promised screenshots:



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Dec 12, 2017
And without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the revamp is here! Game is out.
For returning players
  • The old design approach has been dropped in favor of standard game design (but don't worry, the essence hasn't been lost)
  • Character portraits for all major characters and then some
  • Quality of Life upgrades like PDA information, minimal backtracking, fast travel
  • Almost all areas have been completely redesigned
  • Grammar and vernacular have almost completely reverted back to normal English save for a few cases
  • At least 25 completable sidequests in episode 1
  • Around 10 hours of content
  • New MC animations for many interactions (climbing, item grabbing)
  • Much more fleshed out character interactions
  • Hugely improved pacing and progression
  • New music
  • Interconnected lore with sidegames like TFJ and TE
  • Many new story events
  • An expanded story, presented in a much more intriguing way
  • Your willingness to help NPCs is now actively being tracked
  • Almost all feedback over the years taken into account and implemented properly
  • An experience that will leave you wanting for more but not actually getting any (LOL jk there will be more)
  • Roleplay has been mostly dropped. Plural will still be used for time to time for story reasons.

For new players
-Read the thread, and then try to approach everything as if it weren't a standard Pokemon game.
- Drop your "old" "I NEED A POINTER" habits.

Thank you for your feedback!

EDIT: Version 1.1
  • Fixed lantern usage crashing the game
  • Fixed some sidquest event sprites being visible when they shouldnt
  • Fixed wrong warp upon giving the camera back and running away from the guy
  • Fixed various small tile errors
  • Fixed a couple of typos
  • Fixed sergeant event not turning down
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Dec 12, 2017
Version 1.2:

  • Fixed fast travelling to Courier Hospital
  • Added easter egg for a particular player name
  • Better descriptions for some missions
  • Updated Sudowoodo's moveset
  • Polished Nighttime tiles
  • Filled some of the secret areas all over the city with buildings and events that will be used in ep2
  • Improved South Artemisia's Layout
  • Improved Southeastern Artemisia's Layout
  • Improved Northeastern Artemisia's Layout
  • Added secret house event in S


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Dec 12, 2017
Version 1.3:

  • Improved AQH secret entrance Cheesecutter mission description
  • Added missing shadows to buildings
  • Minor visual and tile improvements to parts of the city
  • Added lowercase check for certain names

Version 1.4:

    • Added some more missing shadows in the south
    • Fixed a couple of glitchy tiles
    • Fixed janky text in a couple of places
    • Updated NE interior tileset
    • Updated NE interiors
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Dec 12, 2017
1.4.1 Is out, fixing a couple of minor issues, including building shadows.
A few interior and exterior maps have also been edited - it is advised that you save inside a Checkpoint before updating to the latest version.

The thread has been updated with a gameplay information section. Check it out if you want a bit more info on the two ways to approach the game loop (Fight or Flight).

Have fun!


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Dec 12, 2017
This game is, amazing! Is there a determined date for it to be finished?

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

September, according to the roadmap - if all goes well, that is.
Episode 2, however, is coming real soon!
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Dec 12, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, proud to announce the release of Episode 2.

This brings total playtime to 15-20 hours.
There are over 40 missions to complete, two new mons have been added, big improvements and QoL changes have been introduced to earlier parts of the game, and the maps have been updated. There's also a lot of minor additions, and many new secrets.


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Dec 12, 2017
Version 2.1 is out, fixing a progression bug that creeped in, please make sure you have updated. Full changelog:

  • Courier Center entry fix for early game
  • Duplicate Barrel Mission glitch fixed
  • Fewer side mission checks as requirement for main mission
  • Better descriptions for mission locations
  • Bonsly location hint giver
  • Cushion location small hint

Version 2.2, fixing an item crash bug and
  • Preset natures for mons
  • Bonsly reappearing for ep1 players fix
  • Slightly detailed Old Ruins mission description

Version 2.3
  • Better early game directions and NPC dialogue relating to said directions
  • Early game cutscene and dialogue improvements
  • Typo fixes
  • Tile fixes
  • Proper Ivory transfer event length
  • Delibird shares Deliby's movepool now
  • Updated movepools, and gave HA to ditto
  • better visual and textual hints for AHs back entrance
  • better NE menace mission description

Version 2.4
  • Hint to begin searching in Western Artemisia after you get Deliby now appears on PDA, also mentioned after exiting the Branch
  • Olofsky mission description now updates right before the University mission to indicate that at this stage, MC can't do much to find the guy, other than take up other missions
  • "Help with gang" mission is now available after beating the 4th guy guarding the city's exit
  • High-level SW gangster moved to a more suitable place
  • A few text errors fixed
  • A couple of tile errors fixed

Version 2.5
- Sequence to get you to Eastern Artemisia is now properly reflected on your PDA (Talking to Sylvia first, before finding the other guys)
  • Tidied up some dialogue
  • Updated a couple mission descriptions
  • Fixed remnant of legacy text in a few places
  • Strong Trainer indication for a W. Art. Trainer now works correctly
  • Added a number of Super Repels in the University
  • Fixed being able to fast travel during a segment the Rasperga SQ
  • Refined late game dialogue
  • Reduced size of a W.Art medium-sized apartment interior

Version 2.6
  • Fixed wrong Binoculars check preventing you from getting to W Artemisia with the item in your bag
  • Bonsly swapped SW and W order
  • Ancient Shield Mission description doesn't mention the questgiver
  • Better implementation of the Network SQ questgiver, now it isnt easily missable
  • descriptions of later Bonsly
  • Sylvia Typo
  • Fixed Sylvia Typo
  • SW Mailbox when gangsta shows prologue MC face
  • double "destination selection" message fixed

Version 2.7
  • Fixed city center panorama white lines
  • Fixed Western Map not showing a couple of connections
  • Fixed extra Budew obtainement dialogue
  • updated Eastern and Northeastern maps
  • added surprise event in NE
  • PDA should show the correct locations for all maps
  • Fixed MC portrait not showing during a couple of Modesto lines
  • Fixed a couple of Modesto typos
  • Fixed incorrect South Artemisia battle background
  • Fixed Missing Man Municipal NPC appearing before the trigger
  • MC now will mention he'll search for Sylvia starting from "the big buildings" in South Artemisia, to guide the player towards the Old School
  • cushions can be picked up by touching them
  • MC now turns left when approached by NPC in Old School
  • added more autosave points
  • fixed gangsta trainer not noticing you
  • Old School gangstas now only talk about their experiences after the battle, upon being interacted with
  • Refined and greatly reduced Old School dialogue, shouldn't be intrusive anymore
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Dec 12, 2017
Version 2.8 is out, besides being a cumulative update bringing all of the changes listed above together, some important alterations have been made:

  • Inter-district Fast Travel is now available, unlocked after the Gym Leader battle and AH cutscene.
  • Pidgey Mission is now more easily accessible, as the NPC is near the Eastern entrance Drop Point. Mission description also updated.
  • "Vanishing Woman" Mission description now updates after talking to her for the first time, preventing player confusion
  • Implemented Barrel League challenge mission in order to prevent the player from missing out on an important follow-up mission
  • Various progression improvements and streamlining
  • Better Old Map mission description for the very first stage of the mission.
  • Added a third evo to an event mon

  • fixed staircase event size trigger in orphanage
  • first MP dialogue reduced, moved to post-battle
  • Fixed Jerry name event wrong outfit
  • updated post-orphanage description to include Modesto's location
  • tidied up Modesto post-orphanage dialogue
  • small refinements to Sylvia post-fire scene
  • small refinements to underpass exit event, and some SE events
  • fixed Zack event dialogue repetitions and namebox mistakes
  • removed respawn-healing event dialogue
  • MC will now not move to 2BF if 1BF hasn't been dealt with in Orphanage
  • changed staircase tiles
  • made goomy look like its animated a bit
  • fixed Goodra and Sigfriend not appearing in the cave
  • Jane Trainer Hotel Room door now is open halfway
  • MC OW hair-wet sprite now updated to reflect portrait
  • fixed MC portrait not talking at certain intervals underwater
  • fixed Zack's Battle theme playing instead of his character theme underwater
  • tidied up underwater and Liberator dialogue
  • sailor direction fix in Ladder
  • various Ladder cutscene improvements (non-talking portraits, sprite direction)
  • Jane Mission removed from EP2 progression MQ requirements
  • Aquatic Horizons dialogue tidied up, portrait animation fixed
  • NE building guards now return to where they are supposed to be facing
  • Various typos fixed
  • You can now choose if you want to read Ivory Tower text
  • Tile fixes
  • Celeste MC monologue half of text now moved to event interaction with Celeste after the cutscene - non intrusive text
  • Made Celeste climb trigger event easier to see
  • fixed an incorrect building tile in Western Artemisia


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Dec 12, 2017
Version 2.9 is out.
Bumping because a potentially progression-halting bug has been fixed. Significant mission trigger and mission description changes.

  • hint about piano changed to hint about table
  • better eastern artemisia healer dialogue
  • put up a sign outside instrument maker's house
  • fixed lagging piano music effect
  • separated Taz's house from the Dubious Place
  • fixed half piano missing tile in SW
  • updated Jerry Mission description to mention where the fan club is
  • Cheesecutter mission now automatically available after a point in the story, better description included
  • made Jane South Artemisia event trigger automatically
  • made debate SW scene trigger automatically
  • fixed incorrect reference to ancientberry
  • fixed wrong portrait appearance in SE
  • clearer description of Camera sequence
  • removed grandma-blocking rail in port
  • broken down MP NE dialogue, fixed typos
  • spawn point to entrance of Plastic Canyon added
  • slightly lowered button mashing maximum needed
  • corrected missing tile in S
  • fixed PDA not updating when talking to guy who first saw the woman running
  • fixed talking to people who saw her in the wrong order updating the PDA
  • fixed portrait when talking to first guy who saw her not displaying
  • greatly reduced Deputy dialogue
  • MC will stop the player from exploring the northern corridor where the bug should be planted, if the player hasnt talked to the woman yet
  • added more respawn points in the radio tower labyrinth
  • reduced Jerry incriminating papers text
  • fixed Modesto dialogue
  • better initial Dedene mission description
  • fixed a bunch of grammar and spelling mistakes in Ford mission
  • redesigned the fire event to avoid errors
  • fixed courier interrogation typos
  • fixed courier portrait eye transparency
  • fixed BGM not playing at the correct moment
  • fixed chair tile getting Alyssa stuck
  • game now takes into account talking to security guard before the lawyer
  • fixed Cyan Bridge connection tile bug
  • added autosave before burning building event
  • fixed a couple of NE building tiles
  • fixed various typos during Zack Mission


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Dec 12, 2017
Version 2.12

  • Improved and polished SWs design, to make local areas more distinct from each other
  • Added a couple of more areas
  • Added a couple more secrets
  • Changed Huge Complex on the left-hand side stair direction. Now it faces the mailbox, making it easier to find
  • Made location's mention by Morty clearer
  • Improved and polished S, SE, and E maps, new areas
  • Updated description for Cap
  • Updated description for Sylvia's Coconut Hotel Bar Location
  • Made sure map upgrade scene event won't move the MC
  • "Help with Gang" quest mission description error fixed
  • Western Artemisia's Hotel signs updated
  • turned speedup off before transitioning to burned building
  • various other fixes whose logs I lost

  • Fixed Medicine quest description not updating after taking medicine from vendor
  • Fixed Marsh tile