Fan Game Prompts


Here is a fan-game series idea I have kept for a while. There are four titles, three which occurred around the same timeline while the last installment is a sequel for them. Currently, I'm part of dev-team who works on the first title--not sure if the others will be worked on in the future.

“Ankhis Region is a region full of history. The most important source of all is the Giant Hollow. Many explorers want to discover the bottom of this mysterious hole. However, after getting accident, you are not allowed to enter the Giant Hollow anymore. Not only that, you seems losing your memory. At least that’s what your friend and people told to you. What will you do next? Never let your spirit down. Discover your goal in this journey of Eternal Spirit!”

“In a war-thorn Vrasei Region, a civil war broke out to take over the Holy City of Eden, believing the prophecy about whoever rule the City will be the savior of the world from the prophecied catastrophe. Meanwhile, you are an ordinary villager whose home has been buried in an avalanche. In an endeavor to continue your life, you decide to move to find a decent job, only to find yourself got trapped in the war. What will you do next? Are you going to end this war of tragedy? What fate awaits you? No answer is an easy answer. Face your destiny in this journey of Eternal Fate!”

“Teslon Region is a region with advance technology. After the invention of virtual reality and artifial intelligence, the world of Pokemon will not be the same as before. However, the advance of technology also led to the advance of theft method. Recently, many Pokemon were mysteriously lost from their PC, the PC system has been hacked! To investigate this case, you are enforced as the field agent, disguising as a regular citizen even though you have lost your emotion. Along the way you will experience how it truly feels to have intimate bond with people and Pokemon. Share your experience in this journey of Eternal Bond!”

“Years after the event at Ankhis, Vrasei, and Teslon Region, you decided to start an adventure after your parents passed away in order to free yourself from grief. While challenging the Pokemon League, you learn the sinister truth about the death of your parents which will lead your life in danger. Will this be your last journey? This is the journey of Eternal Creation.”

The protagonist/player will talk due to the structure of the story. Talking protagonist also let me to have actual character development since silent protagonist is very difficult if not impossible to develop. I hope that the character development will give a more sense of immersion/empathy than static silent protagonist.


Fastest Man Alive
In a science experiment gone wrong, Glitched Pokémon have been unleashed into the world. Someone has emerged from out of nowhere, with the ability to control these Pokémon with a virus they created/modified.


Extremely Strange Scientist
Pocket Monster Ball: you are seeking the legendary dragon pokémon, who can grant any of your wishes. But in order to summon it, you have to collect the seven parts (unique pokémon with different typings) all around the region, in an open world adventure.

A shameless mix of pokémon and dragon ball. You could set your sights on any the parts pokémon, then seek the others when you are ready to. Obtaining each and every one of them will involve different challenges


Sandwich Master
Pokémon Colesseum and XD sequel (Colethreeum?) It takes place in Orre after the environment grew and it now has more vegetation and routes, you get to traverse by foot now and probably gyms exist in the region as well. Possibly team Cyther returns and they have made Shadow Suincune (Since the previous games used the gen 2 mascots, now we have the crystal one). But also Raikou and Entei are involved. Last thing is that probably more Unovan Pokemon and official overall are in the Dex. Wether or not new species (fakemon) is up to you.


Professional Procrastinator/Idiot
In the light of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon:
  • A game in which you travel through Ultra Space to several other worlds in the main story, what happens is up to you.
  • A game that takes place in the non-main Pokemon dimension, where each Pokemon is an Ultra Beast. For example:
    • A game which takes place in Ultra Megalopolis and maybe even a story relating to the fall of Necrozma and the humans of that world.​
    • A game based on the Ultra Forest's world, where trainers do not even use Pokeballs to send out their Pokemon, or a game that's just the normal Pokemon world but just that.​
Actually my idea for a game, lol.


Pokémon Essentials dev
Essentials Developer
This region is special. Somehow people can travel through time, either at will or with a little effort. There are two versions of the region, one set in the modern day and one in prehistoric times. During the game, the player bounces back and forth between the two time periods, perhaps through the use of time portals scattered around the region. You have access to both modern Pokémon and their prehistoric counterparts, and you can see that Pokémon are affected not only by the standard mutation-type evolution but also Darwinian-type evolution as well.

The Evil Team, because there's always an Evil Team, how dare you suggest otherwise, believe that "original = best", and attempt to replace the Pokémon of the modern era with Pokémon from the past. Perhaps their master plan is to cause the time portals to expand, to make it easier to bring the prehistoric Pokémon to the present. However, their messing around with time and the portals unwittingly starts to cause a paradox timestorm which threatens to destroy everything, everywhen...


Think back to the Nugget Bridge in gen 1, where the nugget leader gives you a nugget and asks if you want to join Team Rocket, a group dedicated to evil! What of instead having no option other than to say no, you were given the option to say yes.
Think now to Gen 2, you disguise yourself as a Team Rocket member to get into the Goldenrod Radio Tower. But what if you were weren't caught out by Silver, and instead were allowed to walk in unabaited. And what if, while walking among other grunts, you actually became one with the organisation.
I could go on for each generation, but the basic premise is this: what if the player character began as a trainer, but becomes one with the evil team. And I don't mean "you play as a grunt from the beginning" as that premise has been done before. I mean the game starts normally and then devolves into the player becoming the villain.