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Demo Pokemon Nightmare Beta 3 (*UPDATE v0.04*)



When I first discover Pokemon Game in the GBA, I've tried to play it and I really enjoy it much. I've became a Pokemon Fan that day. I'm watching every episodes of Pokemon Series up to Sun and Moon. Pokemon on GBA became boring when I've finished catching them all that's why I've discovered the ROM Hacks. I've played many ROM hacks and enjoyed it. Then I'd thinking to myself of what if If I'm the one to create a Pokemon Fan Game. So I've tried to create but I'm not too good at coding. Then I've discovered the Pokemon Fan Game in RPG Maker XP. I've play a lot of them and when I've tried to start a new fan game on it, it's very easy to make and Ruby coding is lot easier than in ROM Hacks. Pokemon Nightmare is my first fan game that I'm creating and so far, it is good while still in progress.
About the Game: Pokémon Nightmare is a fan-made game from RPG Maker XP. This game is not affiliated with Nintendo Pokemon Gamefreak. Experience the nightmare in this game although this is not really a horror story but has more fantasy.

The story is same as Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green but with a different twist in a story. There is another dimension added that transferred your character automatically and changes in the dialogues although some of them are the same except I've changed the creation of the sentences.

All 721 Pokemon up to Generation 6 with Mega Evolutions.
4 Characters to choose. Red, Leaf, Brendan and May.
2 Rivals but you can choose only one. Boy or Girl.
Wonder Trade.
Trade Expert.
About 10% Shiny Rate
Free and Non-free Trade System.
Black Market System.
Fancy Badges.
Modular Menu
Better Fast Forward Button
Animated Title Screen
More puzzles. Finding keys, opening doors and putting passwords.
Gym Arena added.
Multi Save Files.
Mystery Gifts.
File Book. Collect some notes for the rewards soon.
X/Y and ORAS audio.
XY Style Exp Share.
Route and City Lights. Still incomplete.
TV Puzzle. I will not put any locations until the full release.
Name Changer. Separates this thing in the Name Rater.

City - Celadon City
Gym - Celadon Gym
Route - Route 16
Notes Added - 2
Will end at Route 12 and Route 16 after using Pokéflute to Snorlax

More Free and Non-free Trade System in some Pokemon Centers. Maybe in Saffron City.
Gen 7 Pokemon, Moves and Abilities with Alolan Forms. Expect before full release.
And more

- https://www.font-generator.com
- Amethyst : Pokemon Reborn move animation sprites (allowed use of sprites in her website as long as credit goes to her
- Enterbrain : some default RPG Maker XP sprites
- Maruno & Essentials Co. : Making of Sprites in Essentials
- Nintendo Pokemon Gamefreak : All Sprites in Essentials
- Melly : Melly's Interface Overhaul Sprite
- https://www.thinglink.com/scene/562360180587626496 - Viridian Forest Art
- Smogon X and Y : X and Y Sprites
- Gen 7 Pack:
kaji atsu
The cynical poet
Falgaia of the Smogon S/M sprite project
- Maruno & Essentials Co. : For whole Pokémon Essentials Scripts
- mej71 : Wonder Trade
- luka sj : Trade Expert, Fancy Badges, Modular Menu, Better Fast Forward, Animated Title Screen
- KleinStudio : Fly Animation
- Stochastic : Custom Trainer Battle
- Ludiculous89 : Party Screen Ball Graphic
- Maruno & Essentials Co. : All audio of Essentials
- Nintendo Pokemon Gamefreak : All audio of Essentials including XY audio
- VGMusicMaker - Pokemon Tower Theme
- XTProductions : Gym Leader Theme
- Private Hell Productions - Ghost Theme
- TheAbsolAudio - Lavender Town Theme and Welcome to the Pokemon World Theme
- bauerklos music - Team Rocket Theme
- soundbible.com - Other Sound Effects
- Maruno & Essentials Co. : whole creation of Essentials
- Nintendo Pokemon Gamefreak : whole game resources

Note: This fangame is not affiliated with Pokemon Nintendo Gamefreak. Credits to them. This demo may be buggy but please help me to find some bugs so I will fix it immediately. If you find any, comment below or message it on my discord or send it via gmail. My Youtube channel will upload some walkthrough first before I share it in public. If ever I didn't mention someone in the credits, tell me immediately.

*I'm looking for Beta Testers for helping me search for bugs and Spriters that can do trainerxxx, trcharxxx and trainer back sprites

*UPDATE* Beta 3 (v 0.04)
What's New:
- Continuation from Lavender Town
- Added Celadon City
- Added Route 12
- Added Route 7 and 8
- Added Route 16
- Added Animated Title Screen
- Added New Pause Menu
- Added Fast Forward Button "V"
- Added Better Pokecenters

More info at:
Site - https://nightmarerevo.wixsite.com/pokemonnightmare
Also you may also add me on discord - Mark_Awesome#6061
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i notiched bug in the demo when itried to daisy s room the game is acting like i am using the pc you should fix this since i dont know what to do after i got pikachu and mudkip and got into daisy s room i seen thescreen when useing the pc


Question, I'm at Brock's Gym and I've hit all the white buttons but I still can not go to the room on the right or to his room. Help please


Hi, i saved one time in fullscreen mode, and now i cannot open the game anymore.
the game says the i have something on "Sprite_Resizer, line 20" - no implicit conversion from nil to integer...
has anybody an idea why? best regards!