Discussion Is game development part of your professional pursuit?


Have been thinking for a while. Not sure if it's in the right section, but let's start discussing and hope that it's right. So, about the question, is game development part of your professional pursuit? Is game development and anything related to it such as spriting, mapping, scripting, are parts your attempt to learn about your future career? Or is it just a mere hobby in which you don't have any plan to consider it as your main career?

While I'm not developing games myself, but part of development team as a writer. I hope I can publish a book either short-stories compilation or novel in the future and man, video-game writing proves to be more difficult than standard story-writing so it really helps me see things. Not to mention that you need to build your region and lore--like in fantasy novels, for the game story to work so this hobby really helps me.

On the other side, I enjoy pixel art and being part of development team let me try to sprite as well. This is just a hobby though as I don't feel that pixel art will be my future career especially with my college study which requires much time and focus.

So, what's about you? Let the discussion start~


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Yes . . . no . . . maybe? I'm currently enrolled in a game design major at a community college but I'm cynical enough that I somewhat doubt I'll ever have a job working at Bethesda or something. Especially since the "game" I turned in for class this semester was a dumpster fire.

If I can ever learn to write or art or music or something that'll probably help my cause but . . . I cannot write or art or music, so that's a thing. I'm currently using textures pilfered from Pokémon games and leeching off other people for writing, so . . . that's fun.