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Soo a few people asked me when are we going to start uploading them updates again.
I can't say we'll be back updating the game very soon, but, I do assure that the game will be throughout better than what we currently have.

Scenes will be better, our graphics will change to match the original series, and most importantly music! Yes there will be a variety FR/LF and RSE soundtracks to match the YouTube series (again). I will also make it so the maps aren't confusing and it will be easier to track where you are currently.

Well... We have worked on changing most of the graphics and have been pretty succesful, the same goes for the music, but we are having trouble trying to identify what is the name of the soundtrack that is played in the scenes and so I'd like to recruit someone who is very famillar with FR/LG and/or RSE soundtracks, if you want more information regarding this please check out this thread right here<

In the next update we plan to release 3 more episodes in it.

Anyways, thanks for those who contacted me asking whether we are going to update this again or not, it really helped me get pass through my busy schedule.
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download and then click the exe and then a popup not the setup appears and says system cannot find the file specified
There spongr be a setup when you click the exe, so no worries there. What is the file that it says it can't find?