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This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.
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What are you here to do?

You've awoken in a cool, underground lab. You're not human, but not Pokémon. You move your freshly built mechanical body out of the machine. During your creation process, you've been asked questions, but not given any answers for yourself. Picking up the presents left behind for you, you make your way up to the surface. In front of you a maze sprawls, and, not too far on the horizon a tower, taller than the clouds, looms over the landscape. Why are you awake? What are you needed for? You set off on a journey to find out...​

This game was initially made during Relic Castle Game Jam 7.

Game Download:

v1.0 (Base File)
v1.3 (Patch)


Mashirosakura (writing, eventing, mapping, spriting)
Makattack202 (trainer sprites)
PDM20 (tester)
Haunted Ditto (tester)


You can go down any of the three paths from Soarington, in any order. Please bear in mind you'll be blocked out of going through them at parts of the story.

- Revamped side quest system (Actually side content instead of forced content now; Exceptions: Nancy, Feye)
- Slight dialogue reworks to make the story more coherent
- Additional events to flesh out the existing story

- New Battle UI
- New bag menu
- New animation frames (Twizzler, Juno, Elira)
- New indicators to show someone has a quest
- Updated icons for Functions (on walls, in badge slots, in bag)
- Move tutor in the Ch1 Interlude
- Certain Pokémon evolve earlier than normal (Deerling, Venonat, Amaura, Binacle)
- Certain Pokémon evolve differently than normal (Chingling(lv20 night); Snom (lv25 at night))

- Areas around Soarington have been expanded (Frozen Underwoods, Aural Tunnel, Glazed Lakeside)
- New areas have been added (Cavern of Unseeing(4 entrances),Tengai Tower (entirely), Hidden Maze, Concealed Forest Path/Underground Pool, Aural Hollow)
- Function/Healing walls more visible (now with their own mini-tutorials)

- New battle music to fit the cold snowy wilderness
- New extra tracks to enhance mood

  • Fixed an issue where you would be able to get Functions early by talking to specific events.
  • Fixed an issue where egg icons would be too small.
  • Fixed an issue where the blacking out text would say "Pokémon Center" instead of "Healing Rune" (will not change for existing saves)
  • Fixed an issue where talking to Randy outside the Watchtower at a specific direction would make you walk through walls temporarily.
  • Fixed an issue where Snom, Venonat, Binacle and Chingling evolved at the wrong level.
  • Fixed an issue where the hidden ability obtain percentage wasn't being set.
  • Added Frostbite into the game; It acts like a special attack dropping burn.
  • Removed Freeze chance from the game.
  • Fixed a issue where the player wouldn't walk to the right spot when walking up to the first Twizzler event.
  • Fixed an issue where the mart wouldn't play its own music.
  • Revamped the exp gain system (still relatively untested).
  • Fixed positioning for Galarian Mime egg/enemy sprites.
  • Added fogs to all caves.
  • Made Galarian Yamask evolve at lv28
Resource Pack:
Tengai Resource Pack


"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
AvatarMonkeyKirby,Marin,Boushy,MiDas Mike,Brother1440,Near Fantastica,
FL.,PinkMan,Genzai Kawakami,Popper,Golisopod User,Rataime,help-14,Savordez,
IceGod64,SoundSpawn,Jacob O. Wobbrock,the__end,KitsuneKouta,Venom12,Lisa Anthony,
Wachunga,Luka S.J., and everyone else who helped out

"mkxp-z" by:
Based on MKXP by Ancurio et al.

"RPG Maker XP" by:

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!

Team Members for the Jam version:
Mashirosakura (writing, eventing, mapping, spriting)
Makattack202 (trainer sprites)
PDM20 (tester)
Haunted Ditto (tester)

[*]The Pokemon Rejuvenation team (Lab/CH1 Finale Room/animations)
[*]Ekat ft. Vurtax, Heartlessdragoon, shyinn and thedeadheroalistair (Other tilesets)
[*]Randy trainer sprites & player backsprites by Makattack202
[*]All other NPC sprites, trainer sprites and UI by Mashirosakura

[*]Ruins of Alph (Remix) (Ancient Ruins)

[*]Sakura (Hidden Maze/Hidden Ruins)
[*]Crossroads (Mirai Cave)
[*]The Frostlands Remix (All Settlement Outskirts)
[*]Icirrus City (Soarington Watchtower/Soarington Interiors)
[*]Pokemon Halloween Mix (Aural Tunnel)
[*]Circester (Frozen Underwoods/Concealed Path/Underground Pool)
[*]Lake of Rage (Glazed Lakeside)
[*]Hoenn Surf Theme Remix (Hovering)

#Pokémon Journeys OST (Yuki Hayashi)
[*]Let's Go In Stride (Soarington)
[*]Stealthy Steps (Soarington Inn/Soarington Spa)
[*]Mysterious Phenomenon (Mazes)
[*]Mysterious Riddle (Tengai Tower(Outside))
[*]Team Rocket Running Through the Galaxy (Inst Ver.) (Elira's theme)
[*]See You Again Someday (The Place Up High)
[*]Solemn Sentimental Time (Cutscene)
[*]So Nerve-wracking (Cutscene)
[*]I Think So (Cutscene)
[*]Faith in the Future (Cutscene)
[*]With Full Strength (Rundown Teleport Pad)
[*]Inquiring Mind (Intro sequence)

#Atelier Sophie (Gust)
[*]Bar Time (Bustling) (Randy's theme)

#Atelier Firis (Gust)
[*]A Screaming Onslaught (Cutscene)

#Atelier Ayesha (Gust)
[*]Yesterday's Enemy Is Today's Ingredient (Corrupt theme)

#Atelier Shallie (Gust)
[*]Automata Song (Emotion Chamber)
[*]Stella -Part 1- (Soarington Wild Battle)
[*]Stella -Part 2- (Soarington Special Wild Battle)
[*]Sweep! -Part 1- (Soarington Trainer Battle)
[*]Sweep! -Part 3- (Soarington Important Trainer Battle)

#Atelier Ryza (Gust)
[*]Bashfully Across the Ledge (Shop)
[*]Sun Water (Mirai Cave, underground)
[*]Count the Constellations (Mirai Cave Depths)
[*]Funny Face (Cutscene)
[*]Climbing Ash (Cavern of Unseeing)
[*]Climbing Emeralds (Scalia Mountain)
[*]Days of Ocean Colors (Acoustic Ver. by Kazuki Yanagawa) (Cutscene)

#Blue Reflection (Gust)
[*]OVERDOSE (Sector Trainer Battle 1)
[*]Hope To Die (Wild Battle Win)
[*]We Can't Rewind (Trainer Battle Win)
[*]Reflective Blue Garment (Super Trainer Battle Win)
[*]A Destiny To Call My Own (Sector Trainer Battle Win)
[*]What We've Built (Soarington Tengai Tower)
[*]Truthbearer's Observance (Ch1 Ending Theme)
[*]Hallucination & Hope (Twizzler)
[*]Toshitake -Hayabusa- (Sector 3)
[*]Toshitake -Toryu- (Elira)
[*]Toshitake -Hien- (CH1 Boss)

#Blue Reflection: Second Light (Gust)
[*]DAYDREAM (Story/Important Trainer Win)
[*]TIED (Title)
[*]Doze and Profile (Cutscene)

#Various Sources
[*]SelfishlyDazzling (Instrumental) (Hoshimachi Suisei, reversed by Mashirosakura) (A Secret Boss)
[*]Various Sound effects (Mixkit)

#Gen 8 Project
Battler Sprites:
[*]Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites - veekun
[*]Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
[*]Gen 8 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project

Overworld Sprites:
[*]Gen 1-5 Pokemon Overworlds - MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer
[*]Gen 6 Pokemon Overworlds - princess-pheonix, LunarDusk, Wolfang62, TintjeMadelintje101, piphybuilder88
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Overworlds - Larry Turbo, princess-pheonix
[*]Gen 8 Pokemon Overworlds - SageDeoxys, Wolfang62

Icon Sprites:
[*]Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Alaguesia
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository
[*]Gen 8 Icon Sprites - Larry Turbo, Leparagon

Cry Credits:
[*]Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries - Rhyden
[*]Gen 7 Pokemon Cries - Marin, Rhyden
[*]Gen 8 Pokemon Cries - Zeak6464

PBS Credits:
[*]Golisopod User, Zerokid, TheToxic, HM100, KyureJL, ErwanBeurier

Script Credits:
[*]EBS Bitmap Wrapper - Luka S.J.
[*]Gen 8 Scripts - Golisopod User, Maruno, Vendily, TheToxic, HM100, Aioross, WolfPP, MFilice, lolface, KyureJL, DarrylBD99, Turn20Negate, TheKandinavian, ErwanBeurier

Compilation of Resources:
[*]Golisopod User, UberDunsparce

Porting to v19:
[*]Golisopod User

#Following Pokémon EX
[*]Golisopod User, Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, Venom12, mej71, PurpleZaffre, Akizakura16, Thundaga, Amrin (Fairies Resource Pack)

#Modern Quest System

#Overworld Shadows EX
[*]Golisopod User, Wolf PP, Marin

#Voltseon's Pause Menu
[*]Voltseon, Golisopod User, ENLS

[*]LostSoulsDev/carmaniac, PurpleZaffre, Golisopod User

#Name Window

#HM Items
[*]Marin, Leondra, TechSkylander, updated mostly for v19.1 by Mashirosakura

#Encounter Modifier
[*]Golisopod User

#Allowing Pokémon to randomly generate with their Hidden Abilities
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So I just finished livestreaming this game, I'll try to keep it brief since Mashi has already seen my full experience, but for anyone reading this:

I think this is a severely underrated game. The presentation is superb, and it keeps the pokemon gameplay interesting by having it based around a central hub. You go out and explore, and as you unlock more abilities, the areas you are familiar show new secrets.

The story is also really intriguing and I'm excited to see what it leads up to. Go play this game!