1. CelestialFearow

    Released Pokémon Gear And Steel

    Welcome to Pokémon Gear And Steel (Old Name Pokémon Black Crystal) By the way don't forget to give me feedback, it's the best way to improve the game.
  2. drawntoast

    Completed Pokémon: Blossom of the Soul

    Pokémon: Blossom of the Soul Pokémon: Blossom of the Soul is completed and now is available on Relic Castle! I spent a ton of time on this game and making sure that it's pretty different than my other previous fan games. There's so many changes and new features, some brought back from my older...
  3. Pe_Zero

    Released Pokémon The New Order

    Pokémon The New Order About the Fan Game Pokémon The New Order is an RPG XP Game that I've been developing since April 2020, probably due to boredom but most likely because I've always wanted to try and create my own Pokémon game! The game is a fangame made in RPG Maker XP and in no way do I...
  4. BluePlays

    Released Dungeon Explorer

    Pokemon Dungeon Explorer A Rogue-like dungeon exploration game, but pokemon. Plot Just a young kid, an assistant to the dungeon manager, a man who has created an ever-expanding and randomized dungeon, filled with many piles of loot and treasures, and of course many collectibles for you to...
  5. Charizardthree

    Released Pokemon Academy

    Into Hi All, Pokemon Academy is a project I started earlier this year. For each fan game I make I like to focus on something a little differen't and so this time I wanted to try a small scale game which focused on limited area for exporation but include a functioning story. I also wanted a game...
  6. Self Anime

    Completed Pokemon Ultraball

  7. mizzypd

    Completed Pokémon Daybreak

    Discord: - - - INTRODUCTION - - - Pokémon Daybreak is a fangame made in Pokémon Essentials, and has been in the works for around 2 years by an extremely small development team. For incentive, we have explored: the Pokémon anime and games, real world locations...
  8. P

    Released Pokemon: Winter Version (v0.61) **PATCH AVAILABLE WITH BUGFIXES

    (Download link.) **NEW VERSION (v0.61) including CHAPTER 6. This version includes 2 bugfixes, one for leaving Ceriama Stadium and one for the Island Passageway. The Ceriama Stadium one is completely game breaking, so if you're going into Chapter 4 you'll definitely need this patch. (Imgur album...
  9. _pheebs

    Completed Experimental Gameplay [Pokecommunity 2019 Game Jam]

    Basic info: This game was created for the Pokecommunity Game Jam of April 2019, The theme was "circular" but I didn't really follow the theme. This is a game about Pokémon. But, not in the Pokemon Universe. This takes place in a Alternate Universe to the one we live in. An alternate universe...
  10. Norfolk Gaming

    Completed Pokemon Royal Version (Chronos Isles Expansion OUT NOW)

    Game Download Base Version 1.3.1: Download Version 1.3.2 Patch: Download Join the Official Discord Server: Plot Welcome to the Aristo Region, a quiet region in the Pokemon world. It just so happens that your father and mother are the king and queen of this region...
  11. A

    Released Pokemon Anomaly

    Story Summary A dark/evil/selfish team is attempting to abuse evolution genetics in Pokemon to obtain stronger forms of evolved Pokemon. For example: Eevee, a Pokemon which can evolve into many different forms, is forced to evolve into either a completely different Pokemon which contains the...
  12. L

    Released Pokemon TR Edition - V0.40 - Playable Demo - Fast Bugfixes - Feedback Appreciated!

    CONTENT WARNING: This is a game intended for mature audiences. It addresses marginalized groups, war, sexual themes, violent crimes, politics, substance abuse, and other sensitive material. Player discretion is advised. Download Links: Patches Introduction I was watching...
  13. PurpleZaffre

    Released Pokémon HGSS: Sevii Islands (Beta 3.3 now out!)

    Welcome to Pokémon HGSS: Sevii Islands! Plot: After defeating Red in Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver, Eusine asks for you to come with him to the Sevii Islands, since the remaining Legendary Beasts (Raikou and Entei) were spotted there, and there have been sightings of Team Rocket in the...
  14. Atomic Reactor

    Released Pokémon Infinity

    Pokémon Infinity ----------------------------------- Pokémon Infinity Discord Plot Welcome to the Egho Region (Ee - go) You wake up in the middle of a forest with no recollection of who you are. With the help of a local professor and his assistant, you are thrust into an adventure around a...
  15. Octavius

    Released Pokémon Empire (v3.1)

    Expand the Empire! Join our Discord. Invite friends if it doesn't suck. It's the best place to ask questions, chat about the game, and give feedback. You can also explore our dev team's guides and resources and be the first to see and discuss new features as we complete them for future releases...
  16. bravestbat

    Released Pokémon Meteor 2

    Introduction: An RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials fangame project, by bravestbat. Plot Summary: Pokémon Meteor 2 takes place in a fictional region known as Fuso. The player lives in the island of South Fuso, forced to work in its harrowing mines. Your goal: defect into Fuso City and settle...
  17. Aldo

    Completed Pokémon Surge

    A take on Lt. Surge before he became a Gym Leader. Made with little knowledge on it. Download Game v1.0 Patch v1.1 Resources
  18. Ranko

    Released Pocket Monster Project: Chasing Glory

    This game was made for the Relic Castle Winter Jam # 1 -#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#- She trained her whole life to reach the Indigo Plateau. She's met and trained countless species of Pokémon. She then approaches the summits of glory. ...But was the life of...
  19. Haunted Ditto

    Completed Pokemon Pandora

    A small detour can change your entire life... Game Title: Pokemon Pandora Plot: You are a young trainer on his journey to become the very best like no one ever was. You start in a hotel where you prepare yourself for the 4th gym battle. After getting the badge, a rockslide on the next route...
  20. Foxowl

    Released Pokemon Hunt For the Yeti!

    POKEMON HUNT FOR THE YETI In a far off land... in a far off place... there lies a mountain. Within that mountain... there lies a monster! You are Professor Wilson Powers, renowned across the world! You've braved lab accidents and reactor failures, but can you best the greatest challenge of...