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  1. WolfPP

    Recruiting Need Spriter to make Sprite Overworld (HGSS Style)

    Need help to make Silvally, Celesteela, Guzzlord and Melmetal. Variations like Alolan formes, Oricorio, Lycanroc, Minior, Necrozma is done (less Magearna). DM me! :D P.S.: after finish that generation I will check gen 5 or gen 6 to redo some pokémons. And yeah, I will draw gen 8 too. Waiting for...
  2. WolfPP

    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    We have already suggested that he try to do an OW however he insists that he cannot do without even trying. I assure you that if you tried and posted your work, people would help you, as other artists do. What's more, being OW of official characters, sooner or later some designer will do...
  3. WolfPP

    Demo Pokemon Sunset (Progress Check)

    About overworld effects (e.g. shadow), check what I sent to Aki here.
  4. WolfPP

    Help Custom Pokémon Essentials Controls

    This one?
  5. WolfPP

    Pokemon Tempo Rising

    Aki, I made some overworld effects, like Grass, Water Bubble and Shadow Overworld. If you want: P.S: I would like to post these...
  6. WolfPP

    Help Sprite Positioning Bug (Pokémon Essentials)

    Sorry about necropost but I am having the same issue when I try to add BattlerPositionY to pokemons that haves forms more than 0 (using pokemonforms.txt from v17.2).
  7. WolfPP

    Tutorial Party Switcher for 17.2 (Based on Reborn's Code)

    Lol yep, wrong thread. Anyway,you need to edit the terrain nor create a new one. Check inside 'PBTerrain':
  8. WolfPP

    Pokémon Daycare

    I got this error: I didn't save the game and I lose everything. T_T (Nha, no problem! uahuahu) I was with 3 pokemons and when I open the book to check its levels etc gave me that error.
  9. WolfPP

    Help Crash with Evo Script

    Always being modest with your scripts. Of course it was and is a great script! When I managed to fix the "bug" to stop BGM or BGS for compatibility with following pokemon script, it was amazing! I am using and recommend you all to use too.
  10. WolfPP

    Help Having Technical Issues With Gen.6 Patch

    These files are only meant for Essentials v17! Are you using v17.1 or v17.2?
  11. WolfPP

    Resource Overworld Shadows for v17

    Click on the event and then Set Move Route. There, add Jump. You shall edit the x and y coordenates.
  12. WolfPP

    Help Crash with Evo Script

    I remember was Zeak from PC Fórum that mades the script and Vendily atted. Anyway, what code are you using?
  13. WolfPP

    Resource Overworld Shadows for v17

    Fixed. Please go check again.
  14. WolfPP

    Resource Overworld Shadows for v17

    I made a new code for the Shadow Overworld. Click here you want to check.
  15. WolfPP

    Resource Free Summary Screens

    Excuse Aki, do you know how to make this "bobbing" effect smoother to pokemon icon, as we have in Pokemon PR? Thank you!
  16. WolfPP

    Solved Pokemon Following Error

    What is your Essentials Version?
  17. WolfPP

    Solved Pokemon Following Error

    Did you add this script above "Main" script, saved your game and then, added this archive (Animation.rxdata) inside Data folder and opened your RPG MAKER programm again? Also you need to put these graphics inside Graphics > Animations folder.
  18. WolfPP

    Help Problem with new Evolution method: Meltan Candy

    You have to many custom script, maybe you need to fix some of them. Your error is nothing about the code than i made. I made a new code pbDeleteitem, called by 'pbDeleteItemToEvolve(item,qty=400)', nothing about your error.
  19. WolfPP

    Resource Following Pokemon

    Because you didn't read the code: #Don't change FOLLOWER_FILE_PATH = "Graphics/Characters/" #The subfolder where your follower sprites are located #Has to be within Graphics/Characters FOLLOWER_FILE_DIR = "" You need to put all OW sprites into Character Folder.