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    Discussion - Where to start?

    Wow thank you so much for the tips!! I will definitely try that. Yes I deleted my graphic file. This should be a good method to try and re-create everything. Thank you. And yes I learned this the hard way. That's what I get for being a total noob lol
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    Discussion - Where to start?

    I accidentally permanently deleted it. it's going to take a lot of trial and error trying to figure out where my Cliff tiles my grass tiles and my tree tiles were. Nevermind the building tiles in the fences and so on. I was trying to build one massive tileset. But that turned out to be a...
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    Discussion - Where to start?

    As a complete noob I started with making Maps first. I also started with vanilla Essentials. I hated how limited I was with the Fire Red Leaf Green tilesets. So I started changing them. In the middle of it all I accidentally deleted my original tileset. Wiping out all the maps I had already...
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    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    I already told you I would help when I have more free time. No need to be posting stuff like this. No one owes you anything. You aren't paying me. So I will do it on my own schedule or time. Writing posts like this will only make me not want to help you. I already told you that in the winter...
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    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    Thank you so much for your constructive criticism. Do you think if I made the black and white floor tiles smaller in size it would look better?
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    Fakemon: Do You Need Them?

    Agreed on Sage. I have yet to play any fan games or rom hacks. In fact I have yet to play RSE DPP BW B2W2 XY or SM. But I saw Sage and Pheonix Rising YouTube videos. Someone told me about Sage when I used what I thought was public art. Turned out someone had stolen their art. I looked into the...
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    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    Sounds good!! Can't wait to play the complete game. I have along list of games to try :)
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    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    3 gen graphics for overworld are my favorite. Brings back memories as a kid playing on my Game Boy. Like you, all of my artwork is free for public use. A lot of people don't like to let you use their work and that was a big disappointment for me. So when I learned how to make my own art I made...
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    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    Sounds like a plan!
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    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    Yeah I hear you. I do this in my spare time. Which is very limited now that I'm back to work full time. If I have time I'll try to make a full set. That is my goal to have a choice for fan game creators. I can make walking front back and side Sprites very quickly. But the running the surfing and...
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    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    I see.... Bike fish run and surf is a heck of a lot of frames. Especially if it's done for each character. Have you tried to do it yourself by cutting and pasting the head on to the pre-existing templates and then recoloring the body as you need to?
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    Recruiting Pokemon Chronicles

    I've made a ton of overworld for trainers gym leaders and elites in gen 3. Feel free to use them. Check out my deviantART page
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    Completed Pokémon Umber

    I love the mixture of fr/LG and rse graphics for the exterior. Great choice going with fr/LG overworlds. The rse ones are hideous.
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    Completed Pokémon Rose Gold

    I like the graphics of the game! I also loved the videos you used to make on how to make your own game. You inspired me to start making my own. I'd watch your videos on repeat until I got the grasp of it. So thank you so much for that!!
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    Demo Pokémon Present [Eight Case Demo]

    Wow this look pretty good. Definitely interested in trying this game out
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    Fakemon: Do You Need Them?

    Personally I loved with each new game seeing new Pokemon. I grew up playing Pokemon red. Then I bought GSC when that came out. Then Pokemon Fire Red. I loved discovering new Pokemon, pre evolutions as well. Fakemon if implemented have to be done well for them to be enjoyable. But they are not...
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    Completed Pokémon Gaia Version

    All the screenshots have me very interested in playing. Adding this to my games to play list as well!!
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    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    This game look intriguing. Gonna have to add this to my games to play list
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    Resource Multiple Protagonists

    This is such a neat script. Thank you!!