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  1. Mr. SU

    Discussion Turning the Safari Zones into Routes (and vice versa!)

    From personal experience, I only ever use safari zones if there's a pokemon there I really want to use in my playthrough like Kangaskhan or Croagunk in gens 1-4. Modern Pokemon games have done a surprisingly great job with honing more in on the collection aspect of pokemon with you being able to...
  2. Mr. SU

    Audio Where are your thoughts of my Music

    It's a good arrangement. The volume mixing could still use some work though. I'm also a novice with FL Studio myself so it's hard to explain it but the horns and the strings need to be in different places in the wavelength, it's not enough to just lower the volume of one spot. I'd reccomend...
  3. Mr. SU

    Throwing Stories into the Wind

    I had a really fun idea a few years I ended up scrapping for a prequel to Pokemon Black and White or possibly a re-imagining of its lore You take a personality quiz to determine whether you play as one of two princes/princesses The Black prince/princess is in favor of the burgeoning sport of...
  4. Mr. SU

    LEAST Favorite Features - Main Games and Fan Games

    I'm gonna mention something that not everyone may agree with but I think is worth considering in fangames. Overly Bloated Pokedexes I get it, it sucks that you can't bring every pokemon up to every new game. But the regional dex exists for a reason. Not every pokemon needs to be available in...
  5. Mr. SU

    v20.1 How do I change the player's name to a variable?

    Hi! I'm still very new to rpg maker xp and pokemon essentials but I've been testing ideas on coding events and I've been having trouble with one specific thing. There's a character that I want the player to be able to name in the intro that I want the player to be able to play as for a brief...