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  1. idilio

    Freelance [COMMISSION] Pixel Spritework - idilio

    Due to my current financial situation, I feel forced to advertise and open my commissions. I've been working on my own personal project for Pokémon Essentials for about two years, and I have decent knowledge on its limitations and possibilities when it comes to spritework. I have worked in...
  2. idilio

    Recruiting Pokémon Amber - Recruiting

    #===================# Pokémon Amber Engine: RPG Maker XP, Pokémon Essentials 20.1 #===================# Pokémon Amber is a recent project that resembles the traditional pokémon adventure; it tells the story of a trainer embarking on an adventure to become their region's champion. We're...
  3. idilio

    Released Solace

    it should be fixed now! sorry for the inconvenience
  4. idilio

    Released Solace

    i'd have to look into it, thanks for letting me know!
  5. idilio

    Released Solace

    This is the story about a girl named Giselle, about her dreams; and her desire to fulfill them. Brought to you by idilio, Byliyth, Golisopod User, Mike_JAJ This project was created using Pokemon Essentials v19.1 for RPGMAKER XP In Solace, you play as Giselle, who finds herself chained to her...
  6. idilio

    Recruiting Solace Recruitment

    hey! this is idilio, lead developer of Solace; a story heavy fangame created with Essentials v.19, and our entry for RC's winter jam; we currently have 1/4th of the game released as a beta! Solace tells the story of a girl called Giselle, who finds...
  7. idilio

    Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial II

    21 is here!
  8. idilio

    Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial II

    is there another plot available still? :c i'll take one if so!!
  9. idilio

    Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 6: Trial 2

    Trial: 2: End Boss Location Map Name: Zona del Silencio Map: Critique Requested: sure! Credits: Ekat99, TheDeadHeroAlistair, Kotaro, AnonAlpaca, J-Treecko252, Omega, HeartlessDragon, Vurtax, Magiscarf, and myself Notes: i kinda had to step it up didn't i i was a bit iffy about...
  10. idilio

    Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 6: Discussion

    give me the challenge baby
  11. idilio

    Work in Progress Pokemon Myth [v5.0 OUT NOW!]

    i think i've been nothing but respectful towards you and it is quite sad that you didn't even bother to credit me, even after you tried to blackmail me for not being able to work on your project any further; this is just a low blow and i'm honestly hurt, but not surprised
  12. idilio

    Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 6: Trial 1

    Trial: 1: Future Verdanturf Town Map Name: Verdanturf City Map: and a little bonus, Verdanturf City during the evening! Critique Requested: Yes, please! Credits: Project Heliodor Tileset, Gen III Reloaded Tileset by TheDeadHeroAlistair (Buildings, Street lamps, Fence, Oddish and Oddish...
  13. idilio

    Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 6: Trial 0

    Trial: 0: Wild Map Name: Murky Path Map: Critique Requested: yes please! Credits: Ekat99, Vurtax, Heartlessdragon, AnonAlpaca, KyleDove, KioRaka, tRatas, Notes: I'm still a little bit conflicted with what I wanted to achieve with this map. Initially, I had this concept of this town being...
  14. idilio

    Recruiting Project Odisea

    because i made it! :)
  15. idilio

    Recruiting Project Odisea

    Hey! this is idilio; I'm very new to the fangame community, and I'm the lead developer of Odisea; a story-driven fangame that takes place in outer space, and is being developed in Essentials v.19. You play the game as a bounty hunter called Nabhi, driven by a need to survive. Odisea deviates a...
  16. idilio

    idilio's character megapack 1

    hey! i've decided to put all of my free to use graphics in a document so that they're easy to access / download. odisea's graphics include basic ow sprites, a trainer sprite, and a bunch of portraits with different expressions for you to use. most of pokemon amber's graphics (amber is a project...
  17. idilio

    Resource idilio's character megapack

    idilio submitted a new resource: idilio's character megapack - Sprites Read more about this resource...
  18. idilio

    Mother 3 Misc Tileset

    hey! i was gathering / editing a couple tiles from Mother 3 to make them fit better with the gba pokemon style, and i figured that it could be useful for other devs as well. i'll probably update this in a much more organized and complete manner in the future :)
  19. idilio

    Resource Mother 3 Misc Tileset

    idilio submitted a new resource: Mother 3 Misc Tileset - Tileset Read more about this resource...