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  1. leilou

    Pokémon Daycare

    I also gave the game a try. It's a neat concept. But like Tomix said there doesn't seem to be much to do. So I played for 15 Mins and then quit. Also all those trainers interupting my taking care of the Pokémon a bit to much imo. I'm in the middle of going to a Pokémon and being interupted...
  2. leilou

    Work in Progress Pokemon Elements

    I decided to browse through the progressing projects and play one and stumbled uppon this thread. The graphics look really good so far. I wish you good luck and tons of fun with this project ^-^ I'm gonna pick the grass starter and call it Taq when I get to play the game
  3. leilou

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Season 4 Discussion

    congratulations kingpls! But in general all the maps were great ... got a lot of inspirations of those maps.
  4. leilou

    Feedback Map Showcase

    Nice work with the decorations. They look nice and natural without leaving "boring" empty spaces. I really like the lake park area and the garden of the houses. You might want to add something more interesting to the path in the bottom with the bench or maybe shift the house and the entrance of...
  5. leilou

    Iron Mapper HYPE!!!

    Iron Mapper HYPE!!!
  6. leilou

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    That's an interesting point. Trying to start the player off as adult and seeing how the game will turn out would be different for sure. It would also force you to do a different intro setting which might be quite refreshing. And while writing that I had the thought that the game starting with...
  7. leilou

    Resource Rotation Battle

    I wouldn't really recommend using this script as basis. 2 of the 3 Pokémon are inactiv. This is different from your style. Make a normal Wild battle with a chance for SOS each end of turn whenever there is only one Pokémon and if it works for the first time reposition the opponents and set a...
  8. leilou

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    I believe that the problem is not with mature themes but with emotionally strong themes. Imo in such stories it is harder to not break the immersion of the player with emotional scenes. If my parents are killed it's an emotionally intensive moment. So it needs to be handled as such. Just...
  9. leilou

    Feedback Map Showcase

    This map doesn't seem finished. On the right place of the bike shop there is something missing. If the space doesn't have any purpose I'd consider just removing it. The same goes for the continuation on the left of the path to the route to the right. There is just nothing there. Might as...
  10. leilou

    Feedback Map Showcase

    Your town looks super organised and tidy which is a fine theme. But you need to go in game and see if it looks boring at some places. You might consider removing some useless space at the edges of your map or adding some more decorations. Similarly to what you did between the 2 stairs. Those...
  11. leilou

    Solved Error while changing pokemon in pokemon essentials v17.2

    Did you do any changes to the pokemon.txt pbs file? If so a new save file might help.(no promise though) Did you change any scripts?
  12. leilou

    Help Help with Marin Script Utilities Crash after New Game

    lol looks like oldrand calls itself time and time again ... can you post the function? I don't have Marins script.
  13. leilou

    Help Controlling wild encounters and having multiple encounter tables of the same type on a map

    I worked something out ... WILD_EXCHANGE_POKEMON = [] WILD_EXCHANGE_POKEMON[75] = [[EncounterTypes::Land,PBSpecies::BULBASAUR]] WILD_EXCHANGE_POKEMON[69] = [[EncounterTypes::Land,PBSpecies::CHARIZARD], [EncounterTypes::Water,PBSpecies::IVYSAUR]]...
  14. leilou

    Help Can Pokemon hold 2 items at a time

    so what is the problem there? Are you unable to make a gym map and place a trainer(the gym leader) there? Are you unable to implement a 9th badge? Something totally different? What exactly is the problem?
  15. leilou

    Solved Differing UI screens for player characters

    So if I'm understanding it correctly you want the Pokédex of the female character have a different looking Pokédex than the male character. If that's the case do the following: 1. You select a graphic you want to replace. 2. You create the graphics you want to use(or placeholders) and put them...
  16. leilou

    Help Enemy Pokemon position not changing/saving

    Is it floating up in the air or is it just displayed at the top? If it is floating up ... then when exactly does the floating up start and end?
  17. leilou

    Help Can Pokemon hold 2 items at a time

    It isn't a feature in 17.2 and I don't know of such a script so you'd probably need to code that yourself. If you describe the problem better(What did you change before it started crashing? At what poit does it crash(+errorlog)? What is the intended behaviour?) we might be able to help you.
  18. leilou

    Solved Differing UI screens for player characters

    If you just want to replace sprites it's easy. For the Pokedex exchange the Sprites in Graphics -> Pictures -> Pokedex For the map exchange the Sprites in Graphics -> Pictures that start with map if you want to change positions though and you can't do it with just adding transparent space above...
  19. leilou

    The Next Generation

    Thank you for warmly welcoming everyone and making me feel at home here. The textes you write are always a treat to the eye. And your feedback on my iron mapper entries were always on point. You helped me develop my skills and contributed greatly in making me feel home in this comunity. Thank...
  20. leilou

    Solved Creating Maps

    What I actually wanted to put as main point yesterday but forgot was that mapping is a thing that one can get quickly better at through trial and error