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  1. Ouroboro

    Discussion - Where to start?

    i have a few different personal approaches! its not for everyone though. sometimes i want to figure out how to set the first cutscene, so at the very least I'll do the first map. I haven't worked on fakemon so I cant exactly help there. regardless in that first map I'll figure out how to relay...
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    it says v 1.2 on my project but i've secretly been stealth updating it every 30 minutes because...

    it says v 1.2 on my project but i've secretly been stealth updating it every 30 minutes because i want to slightly edit the dialogue in a cutscene or some other dumb mundane thing and i'm completely insane why do i do this help
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    Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City

    Sorry for the bump! Fixing some game breaking bugs (well, they were for me). The download has been updated in the original thread. v 1.2: - Equalized the music volume in each part of the game. - The amount of NPCs to talk to have increased. - Adjusted horrible eventing in parts of the map to...
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    Recruiting Recruiting: Vigorous City

    Doing this Game Jam alone was an absurd amount of work due to how much time I spent on eventing and writing in general. I'm still going at it alone, but as I start to add more complex systems, things are getting more and more complicated. I don't need anything complex, just more eyes to review...
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    Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City

    !!! Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm very happy you enjoyed the game! Also could you pleeeease show me the few errors you mentioned so i can fix it? I'd very much appreciate it!
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    Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City

    thank you so much for playing!!!!!
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    Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City

    First! This is my first game ever, so if you took the time to play through, please leave your impressions so I can make it better! This is going to double as a progressions post that I'll edit as I go. Expect next versions of this game to at the very LEAST will add another day to the game...
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    I DID IT.

    I DID IT.
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    Resource Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City

    Ouroboro submitted a new resource: Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City Resource Pack - Game Jam resources featuring all the stuff I made custom for this game in particular: Project Vigor Read more about this resource...
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    Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City 17.2

    Game Jam resources for Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City. Includes: - Custom windowskins for messages for Amber, Naia, miscellaneous text, and phone messages. -Custom Choice skins. - Sprite edits for various NPCs and Pokémon. - Trainerbacks for Amber and Naia. - Tilesets. - Images...
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    Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City

    This game was made for the Relic Castle Game Jam # 5 -#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#- Set in a fictional city in Florida, Pokémon suddenly start to emerge into the noisy, bustling Citrus County center in a world where Pokémon do not...
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    Project Names

    Pocket Monster Project, End of Legacy- Sword Fighter 3: Sixcarbon;Tansoroku i wanted to have a game with an semi-colon in the title in the title. each word has a purpose in the grand scheme of the game's themes and values i was also mentally drunk
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    will i have the power to finish this game

    will i have the power to finish this game
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    Relic Castle Game Jam #5: Recruitment

    Recruiting] Looking to recruit: Artist Jam Entry Title: Unleash the Pokemon! Team Name/Team Members: Ouroboro Progress/Screenshots: Story, and game progression done. Eventing in progress. Method of Contact: DM here or on Relic Castle discord where I am 24/7 Timezone: EST Additional Information...
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    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    éTypos: In terms of design: The only thing I found majorly odd was the distribution of the vending machines. I did touch on that you could have possibly added those as a reward for the players paying attention, and an NPC even mentioned it too, but having a vending machine that dispenses $200...
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    Demo Yitria Resurrection

    Heya! I streamed your game up to the second gym today! Overall, a really solid release so far! Haven't encountered anything that destroyed my game. The mapping, pacing, and all the rest of the general things are really on point. The "new things" you added never felt tacked on or overbearing...
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    Discussion Feature Jams

  19. Ouroboro

    Overview Community Streams

    hey i kinda just wanna use my stream i hope i'm kinda considered enough of a community member to start streaming regularly! i actually haven't played a ton of the fan-games, and combined with some free time i now have: i definitely wanna knock out all the Game Jam...
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    Completed Pokémon Gaia Version

    hey i played through everything! It's pretty great and the smoothest fan-game experience i've had yet (romhacks+games). good job! i recommend it to everyone lurking these threads