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  1. Cadeorade5

    Pokemon Unvoiced

    I just finished my playthrough of this game and it's going to start going up on youtube today! Overall I think it's a great game, and it's amazing what you did making everything in the overworld 32x32 in that short of time. The concept that you're working with is great and I can't wait to see...
  2. Cadeorade5

    Hunter & Raymond

    The main characters are villains yes.
  3. Cadeorade5

    Hunter & Raymond Resource Pack 1.0

    Hi there! The graphics included in this folder are recolors of other graphics, and you should also credit the original creator of the resource. To find who to credit, look for the credits document in the game download. Not all of the resources that I used in this game are in this pack, only the...
  4. Cadeorade5

    Resource Hunter & Raymond Resource Pack

    Cadeorade5 submitted a new resource: Hunter & Raymond Resource Pack - Custom resources made for Hunter & Raymond Read more about this resource...
  5. Cadeorade5

    Hunter & Raymond

    Game Title: Hunter & Raymond While some people keep Pokémon as pets and others use Pokémon for battle, Hunter and Raymond use Pokémon as a means for committing crimes! Will they be stopped? Play to find out! Screenshots: Game Download: Mediafire Made Using: RPG Maker XP Pokémon Essentials...
  6. Cadeorade5

    Completed Pokémon False Order

    Thanks for the critiques! I've decided to keep the story a lot the same, but I'm working on one more patch to fix a few more things. After you beat the bad guys, go to the 3rd floor of the Lumiose Hotel. I'm pretty sure the bad guys hint at what to do in the dialogue, but I'll look at that too.
  7. Cadeorade5

    Completed Pokémon Christmas Stories

    So I'm kinda lost, what do you do after you rescue all the Growlithes?
  8. Cadeorade5

    Completed Pokémon False Order

    Hey Everybody, based on the bug reports that I have gotten in the past few days, I have a new patch for you! The patch includes tile corrections and a few quality of life changes, but the overall story of the game is the same. I know that there is much to fix in it, but I believe that for now...
  9. Cadeorade5

    Completed Pokémon False Order

    Firstly, thank you for playing the game! From somebody who is new to actually releasing a game, the critiques are much appreciated! I definitely messed up on the hidden room dialogue, everything from revealing a plot twist to going way too far into detail about what needed to happen. I...
  10. Cadeorade5

    Completed Pokémon False Order

    Game Title: Pokémon False Order Welcome to a world, where your parents own the Parfum Palace. Your parents are on a business trip to Faux City, a large city on the coast, when disaster strikes. Your parents have been kidnapped! What will you do? Screenshots: Game Download: Mediafire Google...
  11. Cadeorade5

    Resource Pokémon False Order Resource Pack

    Cadeorade5 submitted a new resource: Pokémon False Order Resource Pack - Resource Pack for custom graphics in Pokémon False Order Read more about this resource...
  12. Cadeorade5

    Pokémon False Order Resource Pack 1.0

    Hello, if you are looking for some of the custom graphics that were used in Pokémon False Order, you can probably find them here. This pack includes graphics that are normally found in the Characters, Pictures, Tilesets and Titles folders. Different people are required to be credited if you...
  13. Cadeorade5

    Overview Community Streams

    I've been on and off streaming for the last few months and with the game jam coming up I might be streaming a little bit of the development, but I will for sure play other games and you can also find me playing other games such as overwatch. Twitch-
  14. Cadeorade5

    Completed Pokemon Gemstone

    I definitely should have said something on this thread earlier, but I really enjoy playing this game when I am bored. This game is perfect for that because the levels of every trainer has been on par, gym leaders included.
  15. Cadeorade5

    Work in Progress Pokemon Theós

    Hi Water Trainer! I have experience with movesets and stats and whatnot, and if you are still looking for someone in that position I would love to help out! You can dm me on relic castle if you want me to help out.
  16. Cadeorade5

    Region Inspiration

    What inspires the world your game takes place in? My game, Pokemon Oasis, Takes place in Egypt and the surrounding areas, such as the Red Sea and parts of Jordan Why did you choose to base your design on that? I've always been fascinated with Egyptian Mythology, and I think historically it would...