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  1. JoelMatthews

    Discussion - Where to start?

    Here's a problem I see a lot. People have wonderful ideas, concepts, and inspiration to work on the fangame of their dreams. But the problem is... when you open up your programs and your project, where do you even start? How do you decide what to work on? And how do you order its importance? Do...
  2. JoelMatthews

    Work in Progress Pokémon as a Service: The MMORPG Experience

    What an absolute legend. I'll definitely be following along with this one. Comedy games will always have a place in my heart.
  3. JoelMatthews

    Recruiting Pokémon Nebula: A Cosmic Horror Inspired Fangame

    Just bumping so I don't fall into The Archive. Currently we're most in need of Mappers, but people who are good at giving Pokemon good stats and movesets would be very appreciated. And just as a fun little update, check this out!
  4. JoelMatthews

    Pokémon Essentials v18 progress report

    Don't worry about the wait. You're doing this entirely for free and from the looks of it, you've been hard at work. I'm excited to see what you've done and thank you for your dedication! ^_^
  5. JoelMatthews

    Project Names

    Pokemon Nebula is named that because it's a cosmic horror which introduces the Space-type. And Nebula sounds cool.
  6. JoelMatthews

    Recruiting Pokémon Nebula: A Cosmic Horror Inspired Fangame

    Good question! I've seen this question a lot, and I've had people wondering about a sanity meter. The answer is no, unfortunately, but there WILL be elements of horror that do not exactly translate into gameplay mechanics. (Except maybe some Poké mon that are spoilery to talk about... Shhh :3c)...
  7. JoelMatthews

    Recruiting Pokémon Nebula: A Cosmic Horror Inspired Fangame

    Pokémon from other dimensions -- and Pokémon from beyond the stars?! Victory and Louise are young officers in training and co-valedictorians at Officer Colette's academy. Upon graduation, the two are given their first Pokémon and sent out as partners to take on cases. They're few and far...