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  1. Hollow_Ego

    Simple GUI Menu Version 2 (Customizable/Extendable) for Essentials v17.2 2.0

    Simple GUI Menu Version 2 (Customizable/Extendable) for Essentials v17.2 This is a plug&play GUI Menu and was designed as a base, so you can add your own menu items and use your own graphics. It comes with 7 working standard options (Pokedex, Pokemon, Bag, Trainercard, Save, Settings, Exit) and...
  2. Hollow_Ego

    Resource Simple GUI Menu Version 2 (Customizable/Extendable) for Essentials v17.2

    Hollow_Ego submitted a new resource: Simple GUI Menu Version 2 (Customizable/Extendable) for Essentials v17.2 - An easy to use customizable menu base Read more about this resource...
  3. Hollow_Ego

    Standalone Ability Messages

    A lot of people know the great Elite Battle System from Luka S.J., which comes with ability messages. However EBS is not suitable for all games, but some of you might still want to have the messages show up. SO here I'll show you how you can have that. Huge thanks to Luka S.J. for providing the...
  4. Hollow_Ego

    Tutorial Standalone Ability Messages

    Hollow_Ego submitted a new resource: Standalone Ability Messages - Standalone Ability Messages based on Elite Battle System Read more about this resource...
  5. Hollow_Ego

    Help Is it possible to create more Flexible HM/Hidden Machine moves?

    I don't think it has to be too difficult. In my game I also have a list of moves that can be used as alternatives to HM. In the existing scripts you just need to add the checks for that and you can also add checks for Abilities and types
  6. Hollow_Ego

    Relic Castle Game Jam #5: Recruitment

    [Volunteering] Expertise: Programming Examples of Work: My resurces on RC ; also got quite some experience with more complex pause menus Method of Contact: PM; Discord Hollow_Ego#0335 Timezone: GMT +1 Additional Information: When contacting me, please tell me a boit about what you have in mind...
  7. Hollow_Ego

    Resource NPC Battles (NPC vs. NPC)

    Hollow_Ego updated NPC Battles (NPC vs. NPC) with a new update entry: Small bug fix Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Hollow_Ego

    NPC Battles (NPC vs. NPC) - Small bug fix

    A small Bug was found, which didn't turn off the NPCBATTLE Switch in line 177. Either change that line manually to say $game_switches[NPCBATTLE]=false or replace the whole script with the new version.
  9. Hollow_Ego

    Resource NPC Battles (NPC vs. NPC)

    Hollow_Ego submitted a new resource: NPC Battles (NPC vs. NPC) - Set up battles between 2 NPCs that th player can watch Read more about this resource...
  10. Hollow_Ego

    NPC Battles (NPC vs. NPC) 1.01

    NPC BATTLE SCRIPT This script allows you to let two NPCs battle each other in an actual battle enviroment, so that the player can watch it. The outcome can not be modified. Features: - let any two NPCs battle that are defined in the trainer pbs - allows double battles - player can control the...
  11. Hollow_Ego

    Solved RuntimeError in section that doesn't exist?

    You must have messed up syntax on the Pokemon you edited. Check if you got an extra comma or anything or maybe even miss one
  12. Hollow_Ego

    Recruiting Recruiting for Pokemon Hollow

    Position(s) being recruited for ordered by priority: Tileset Editor: editing, improving and extending tilesets Artist: for Artwork to post on Twitter Spriter: mostly for Trainer Sprite, but also editing Pokemon Sprites Anything else you want to help with? Let us know! Team name: Team Hollow...
  13. Hollow_Ego

    Resource Bitmap Fonts Scripts

    It appears that you are passing an empty argument. How did you implement it and what does your code look like at where you are trying to use it?
  14. Hollow_Ego

    Resource Bitmap Fonts Scripts

    Thanks for your request. I added two screenshots for comparisson :) if you feel like there should be more feel free to suggest a text
  15. Hollow_Ego

    Resource Bitmap Fonts Scripts

    Hollow_Ego submitted a new resource: Bitmap Fonts Scripts - write text with graphics Read more about this resource...
  16. Hollow_Ego

    Bitmap Fonts Scripts 1

    What does it do? ---------------------------------------- This script allows for writing clean text on sprites, for example in menus. The build-in method "pbDrawTextPositions" tends to make the text blurry due to anti-aliasing (I believe). It uses png files that contains all needed characters...
  17. Hollow_Ego

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Well ppl might notice something about the EV/IV, since it is affecting the game. The wild encounter setup wouldn't neccassarily
  18. Hollow_Ego

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Would you consider changes to Essentials, which makes setting up the game easier but or not noticed by the player, a feature? Like different way to set up wild encounters.
  19. Hollow_Ego

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Also what just came to my mind would be the topic "Skill Trees"... damm I should have thought about that earlier....
  20. Hollow_Ego

    Discussion Feature Jams

    I personally find the three options quite narrow. But maybe that's because when I think about stuff that you could implement I only think of variations of the same thing. Except for the overworld puzzle which already gives quite some room for different things Maybe we could have the themes a...