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  1. darkmaster006

    Completed Pokemon Astra Adventures

    Downloading it right now! Gotta try it out, I love those pink trees!
  2. darkmaster006

    Completed Pokecards [Revamped]

    So I registered and I didn't remember so I went to sign up again, but well since the mail was already in use I went to the login and it seems I forgot the password. What shall I do?
  3. darkmaster006

    Demo Pokemon Jade

    Hey, I just started the game and it's looking really fun! I love the new Pokemon's design. Danduft is fave. Also, I found a little bug, after you come out of the Professor's lab after she gives you a Pokemon and battle your rival, you can't go back in, it just stays on top of the door.
  4. darkmaster006

    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    This looks real fun! Downloading it right now and I'll sure test it out, great!! <3
  5. darkmaster006

    Completed Pokemon Gemstone

    You can always make the team you got in the game in PokemonShowdown and battle there, it's what I do. As for the game, I'm downloading it and am eager to play! The fact that you have the Pokemon following you is pretty rad. Hope to have fun time!
  6. darkmaster006

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    Well, I don't exactly like the pony-like features of most, that's just me, but I have to admit that all of them look very good and most importantly different. The ones I most like are, from first image, the 2 and 4 from the second row; and especially 5 and 6 from the first row. Also, from the...
  7. darkmaster006

    Demo Pokemon Moonlit Skies (Alpha 1 Download Available)

    This looks pretty rad. Especially like the tiles you used for the insides of the PC. Keep it up! Also, voice acting? That sounds pretty cool!
  8. darkmaster006

    Introduction Thread

    Hello there! So, I am new here and thought I'd make a presentation thingy because why not? I am simply someone who likes playing Pokemon fan games. I also made some sprites years ago, and want to get into it again; into pixel art as a whole. Anyways, you'll probably see me lurking around the...