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  1. MGriffin

    Help Is it possible to create more Flexible HM/Hidden Machine moves?

    At a guess I'd say that if you have to ask, it's going to be too difficult. But if you wanted to try I'd start with making everything configured via scripts, and once all the effects work how you like you can think about how to move the configuration into a PBS file.
  2. MGriffin

    Resource Teach the AI to Use Revives

    Thanks for the reply, it's a cool resource! Hopefully we'll see more varied and clever AIs in the future as a result :)
  3. MGriffin

    Resource Teach the AI to Use Revives

    Am I right in thinking the AI doesn't do anything special to choose which Pokémon to revive? It just picks the "first" one it finds (which will be the earliest Pokémon in the party definition)? Perhaps you could use something similar to the logic that chooses the next Pokémon to switch in? That...
  4. MGriffin

    Help Ability that grants +1 Priority to super effective hits

    I guess that damagestate only starts getting computed once the move's effects are being worked out, i.e. once it's that Pokémon's time to move, which obviously has to happen after the priority calculation. You might want to look at the code that computes typemod in the first place and see which...
  5. MGriffin

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    It would be a lot of work even for a very good coder. Probably close to as much work as trying to write all those games again from scratch as ROM hacks. RMXP is simply built with different limits than the GBA, and this alone would make porting non-trivial.
  6. MGriffin

    Solved Croped images in "Large" screen size

    There was a similar question on PC. The OP didn't respond, so I don't know if the suggestion fixes the problem though.
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    Report Bugs in the Latest Version of Essentials

    I wanna say that Fire Fang has a 1% burn and 1% flinch chance. It's 10% in the PBS file: 142,FIREFANG,Fire Fang,00B,65,FIRE,Physical,95,15,10,00,0,abei,"The user bites with flame-cloaked fangs. It may also make the target flinch or leave it burned." But then in pbAdditionalEffect we also...
  8. MGriffin

    Help Some question about programming

    I'm unconvinced that it's a good idea to do this, but yes you can. If you have a look at how the Compiler script works you'll see that it generates code at runtime.
  9. MGriffin

    Help Play Test and "Game.exe" Keeps Crashing Game?

    From that line of code I guess you deleted a map that is needed. Presumably this is the map that your save file is on, or something like that (maybe the "introduction" map?). Maybe try backing up and then deleting your save?
  10. MGriffin

    Help I don't know where to post this, but i need help with this RuntimeError

    You probably have a Pokémon in your party that you either deleted the sprite of, or maybe deleted the PBS entries for. Either restore those files or delete your save data? Search the forums, I am sure this has come up before.
  11. MGriffin

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    Personally I think the reason why I shy away from games that delve into "mature" themes is that you have to be a more skilled author to write those stories. This goes doubly-so if someone is going to call out the matured-ness as a feature of their game. Alarm bells ringing, and ringing loud...
  12. MGriffin

    Recruiting Pokemon Nickel Recruiting (New Fangame)

    Cool! I think you should post them here. I know that whenever I look at a recruiting thread I check for images first, and only read the text like half of the time.
  13. MGriffin

    Recruiting Pokemon Nickel Recruiting (New Fangame)

    Do you have anything you can show? Some sketches or sprites of your Fakemon or fusions? Maybe some demo gameplay from the past two years (doesn't matter if it's this game or another)?
  14. MGriffin

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Well I'm sure you can use your judgment to decide if it's appropriate or not. I can tell you that I'm not going to be responsible for rejecting anything. Personally I wouldn't have any problems with people submitting projects that they've been working on long before the jam started. Also I...
  15. MGriffin

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Yeah, I think so. It's a little bit of a stretch, but if it affects the gameplay it should count. If I overhauled the EV/IV system I'd expect to be allowed to submit that even though the player might never notice.
  16. MGriffin

    Database for Move, Ability, and Item Ideas

    I got thinking about how Mud Sport was buffed "recently" and thought it would be nice to come up with something similar for a few other status moves that aren't very useful in-game: Aqua Ring (inspired by Reflect et al) User's side is healed by ⅙ at the end of each turn for 5 turns, even if the...
  17. MGriffin

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Hey there, just a reminder that the Relic Castle Archive is closing on the 12th Jan, but there's all sorts of wonderful ideas over there that might be worth looking at for inspiration. Here's some of my favorites from the Pokémon Fan Game Discussion section, and in some cases they're inspired...
  18. MGriffin

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Yeah. It's unclear to me whether broader or narrower is better. Broad might convince more people to participate, but narrow might make it more likely that we'll be able to have discussions about what we're thinking of. Also, if we want to have a competition (although personally I don't think we...
  19. MGriffin

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Alrighty! So we have a bunch of maybes and that means it's time to move on to working out some specifics of how this might work. How does a four-week jam with a single topic sound? I think we'll want to keep the topic pretty broad so that people are able to do their own things, and ideally not...
  20. MGriffin

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    I wonder if you could build this yourself by having a file where you have a list of all the grass Pokémon (or what have you) and copy and paste onto all the TMs you care about? But I guess it's a bit of a pain to produce that file in the first place...