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  1. Zanark

    v20.1 Pokémon rarity

    Like in Coromon? Prolly needs a lot of work but you could maybe use the current regional types for it? Like normal Raichu is 026 but Alolan Raichu is 026_1. You could just change alolan raichu to a normal one and give it better stats? I don't know if its possible to add more then _1 but if...
  2. Zanark

    Other Type Changes: ICE

    Been thinking about ways to change up the types for my fangame, I don't really know much about the current balancing but I feel like some types are just plain bad or that there is little reason to use them. One of these is the ICE type Pokémon. This is what I've come up with so far Strong ICE...
  3. Zanark

    Dev Kit Pokémon Essentials GSC v1.3 + Discord Server

    Love this pack! Can finally make my own version of some of the best games ever :P ...after I get over my addiction of making gen2 fusions :3
  4. Zanark

    Creative Pixel Art Lounge

    I mostly do edited fusions and try to make them look like new Pokémon or regional variants. Solmane is made from scratch, my first fakemon....A Dande....LION.... ...ok moving on :P Slateon is an heavily edited version of a different sprite that I made of someone's artwork. Not sure what the...
  5. Zanark

    Hoping for some feedbacks on some of my maps :)

    I like the color choices. Peruvian seems pretty big for a town, do you get a bike early?:P