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  1. Phoenixsong

    GB Studio

    Quick overview for those who are unfamiliar: GB Studio is game maker software that creates simple adventure games in four-color monochrome Game Boy style, and actually outputs those games as functional Game Boy ROMs (for an emulator, etc.). I've played with it briefly. It's a neat idea for...
  2. Phoenixsong

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    I agree with TechSkylander on going with the "grub" version. Changing the number of colors is a good point (though I do have other thoughts on that, see below), but aside from that it doesn't make a ton of sense to add features that the evolution doesn't already have, especially when those...
  3. Phoenixsong

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    I'd assume so. Like Poq said, RMXP is simply designed to use graphical resources at a different scale from the Gen 4/5 Pokémon games, so it's usually safe to assume that you either need to double the size or start out working at the increased size in the first place. Granted, in the case of the...
  4. Phoenixsong

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    If I may, it's perfectly fine to draw your sprites at the increased size. It just means that your sprites are "higher resolution" compared to what's usually used. In fact, there are plenty of people who do that on purpose (for example, Ethereal Gates/Sea & Sky—check out the size of their former...
  5. Phoenixsong

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    Oh, man, Hallucigenia is one of the coolest animals and there definitely need to be more fakemon based on it! You have excellent taste, my friend. I'm not a spriter, so I don't have any particularly useful critique in regard to things like cleaning up the shading to be more pixel-arty, but I do...
  6. Phoenixsong

    Solved Gen 3 Essentials? (battle, PC, Summery, etc.)

    Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what they had off the top of my head, but have you tried looking through older versions of Essentials, from well before Maruno took over? At the very least I'm pretty sure the battle interface used to be more in the Gen 3 style. I'd imagine most of these...
  7. Phoenixsong

    Resource HM Items

    Er, isn't the escape rope already "dig as an item"? Pretty sure they work in all the same ways/places. Nice to see a plug-and-play script for this, though!
  8. Phoenixsong

    Entertainment What's your favorite Pokémon?

    My absolute favorite pokémon is giratina! (Preferably altered forme over origin forme, but origin forme is okay, too.) I'm not entirely sure why; I've always liked it that little bit more than dialga and palkia, but that was about it. I guess it's probably a result of an old fanfic I was...
  9. Phoenixsong

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    That's pretty cool! The poké balls look like they're off-center, though, a little too far to the left—maybe that's what you're seeing? Anyway, I'm curious about what that background is and what it means about where you're getting your starter, haha.
  10. Phoenixsong

    Solved Formatting Gen 6 sprites

    The 192x192 sprites should work just as they are next to the 160x160. Actually, the Gen 5 species sprites that come with Essentials are 192x192 already, unless you've changed them or you have some non-standard download. In fact, I'm pretty sure a lot of the Gen 4 sprites were reused as bases for...
  11. Phoenixsong

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    @Janoi That's really nice! Part of me almost wants to suggest a slightly different color somewhere, to break up the monotony, but at the same time, I like that soothing blue-green color a lot. Is this a single-stage pokémon, or does it evolve into something? If it's got an evolution then I think...
  12. Phoenixsong

    Creative The Great Relic Castle Fake Off

    Grah. I'm still fighting with these things, so they're very much unfinished, but I'd like to get something posted before it stops being the 21st in my timezone, so eh. The OP says this is a place for feedback on these designs, right? Maybe some of y'all can help me. *punches artwork*...
  13. Phoenixsong

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    Whoo, more fighting/flying/rock love! The only thing that bugs me is that the torchic is pretty plain compared to the others—it's just got the one or two colors, and the top of the head being so empty and smooth looks a bit odd when I'm so used to seeing the standard torchic's tuft of feathers...
  14. Phoenixsong

    Entertainment Pokemon Quiz - Are you a noob or a pro?

    Entering "nidoran f" and "nidoran m" worked for me, yeah. 151/151 and mewtwo, and the first quiz didn't load for me, either. Clicking the "Start quiz" button does nothing. I'm getting the impression that you created/helped create this website, @Wafflecakes. Is that true? If not, whoops...
  15. Phoenixsong

    Relic Castle Game Jam #3: Discussion

    Ah, well. Looks like I won't be making it after all. Still, it's close enough to done (as done as something can be in ten or so days, anyway) that I'll probably be able to post it in the regular forums tomorrow or Saturday; it could, at the very least, do with some more beta-testing, if anyone...
  16. Phoenixsong

    Relic Castle Game Jam #3: Discussion

    Go for it! I'm getting a really late start, too, for a cavalcade of reasons that are mostly my fault oops, but if you've got an idea that you like and can buckle down it's still possible to get a lot done even with the deadline approaching! Will I make it in time? No idea, especially since I'm...
  17. Phoenixsong

    Solved `alias_method'undefined method `PBTypes.getEffectiveness' for class `PBTypes'

    Fair enough! I hope someone can help you figure it out, then!
  18. Phoenixsong

    Solved `alias_method'undefined method `PBTypes.getEffectiveness' for class `PBTypes'

    I'm really not up on my RGSS scripting and it's been a while since I've messed with Essentials, so off the top of my head I'm afraid I don't know how to fix that, but just a suggestion: mej71 has an inverse battle script here. Have you tried this? If not, it may be easier than reinventing the...
  19. Phoenixsong

    Feedback Map Showcase

    My only thought is that it's a bit strange for grass and especially trees to be growing in a cave where sunlight presumably has a hard time reaching them (unless there's some other light source). Perhaps there's something else you could use instead? Patches of luminescent cave moss/fungus or...
  20. Phoenixsong

    A Speed-up button in Fan Games. (Do or Don't)

    I've never played a game with a "speed-up button" (and don't make LPs or watch very many, either), so help me out here. What exactly is it that these buttons are traditionally "speeding up"? The framerate of the entire game (as I believe you could do with the doduo/dodrio modes if playing GB...