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  1. Arma

    Iron Mapper: Trial 1

    Alright, since we're well past the deadline, I'll be closing this thread for now! We're going to review all these lovely maps, amd the results in a few days!
  2. Arma

    Iron Mapper: Trial 1

    Can you handle the cutthroat and perilous trials set forth by the judges? This is IRON MAPPER: Relic Castle's mapping competition! Trial 1. City Life. Deadline: Wednesday, May 22nd SEASON 4 DISCUSSION THREAD Iron Mapper Iron Mapper is a mapping competition on Relic Castle. Each mapping...
  3. Arma

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Season 4 Discussion

    Can you handle the cutthroat and perilous trials set forth by the judges? This is IRON MAPPER: Relic Castle's mapping competition! SEASON 4 Iron Mapper Iron Mapper is a mapping competition on Relic Castle. Each mapping competition, otherwise known as a "trial", will have a deadline clearly...
  4. Arma

    Feedback Map Showcase

    While the layout is okay, the different tiles you used are horribly clashing. Some trees are made in a different style then others, if you want to have multiple types of trees on a map, make sure you snag 'em of the same tileset, or use ones that are similarly colored. or try your hand at...
  5. Arma

    Demo Pokemon Mechanite

    ...Didn't know you already had a demo out, Frog. I should be ashamed Imma check this out asap!
  6. Arma

    Feedback Map Showcase

    Wow, this map looks really impressive! It's kinda like you made a painting with just tiles! From a gameplay POV, it's pretty hard to give some actual feedback here, mainly because it is pretty zoomed out n_n" but Imma try nonetheless, so bear with me. First things first Open World =/=...
  7. Arma

    Completed Pokémon Gaia Version

    Oh man, It´s been a good while since I last played the beta, which was up to Telmurk city iirc. Even back then, I already considered Gaia the absolute best fan-game I've ever played. And though I haven't been keeping up, I really look forward to play the latest version!
  8. Arma

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial VI

    Map Name: Route 5: Muscle Hill Trial: VI Mid-game route Map: Critique Requested: Yes, please! Credits: Nothing but the default Essentials tileset used this time~ Notes: Oooh man, I had so much fun making this map! I wanted to do a more FRLG styled route while still staying true to my own style...
  9. Arma

    Feedback Map Showcase

    Heya mate! First and foremost, welcome to the community! That map looks AMAZING! I almost can't believe this is the first one you've made! They layout is clean, while still being visually really interesting. You get full marks on both gameplay and aesthetics. The only two things I could...
  10. Arma

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial V

    Map Name: Colorsail Festival Trial: V, Celebrations Flavor text: Ahhh It's that time of the year again... at the start of each Summer, dozens of ships with brightly colored sails will sail through the strait. It's an age old ceremony originally to pray for the ocean's blessings. Even though...
  11. Arma

    Entertainment Lets play a letter swap forum game!

    Wouldn't it also be fun if we could add or remove a single letter, instead of just changing them around? Wine
  12. Arma

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    As long as you let the player know what they are getting into, it should be fine, Leilou! To be fair, I really like the Physical/Special split from gen 4, there are many Pokemon with awkward stat distributions, who will be unable to fully utilize their typing (Gengar for example), So either...
  13. Arma

    Future of Relic Castle

    D'awww.... Is there one thing Relic Gold™ can't fix?
  14. Arma

    LEAST Favorite Features - Main Games and Fan Games

    Aerial Ace is a TM, you know? ;) Seriously though, that is a prime example of a bad way to make a game more difficult. And oh boy, I'm really fed up seeing that in games. There are multiple ways to make your fan game more difficult, the simplest of these is to just increase the levels of...
  15. Arma

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    I'm 100% sure it is possible, if you look at the current way the pbs file is set up, the only real "difficult" thing here is to make clear when the last encounter entry has been hit. the current way just counts the mandatory X lines for each type. I think your way is actually more complicated...
  16. Arma

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    I haven't seen this before, but one thing that's been bothering me is the way that encounters are set up. I think it can be done a lot simpler than having the default amount of entries required. I don't know how to implement this myself, but it should be possible to make it so that each entry...
  17. Arma

    Thank you mate!

    Thank you mate!
  18. Arma

    Demo Pokemon Ethereal

    Gotta agree with Cloonie here. The Elvis impersonators really got me! It's a shame this game hasn't received any attention or updates, because I sure like your style of writing.
  19. Arma

    Pokémon varients

    Ah yes, I remember the chat we had about this, good fun~ Also, I seem to have forgotten you turned this to a thread. Oops.n_n" Anyways, I've had quite a few ideas, so let's get to 'em! I'll shamelessly format them like Maruno did. Simple Variants: Mareep with different colored wool (like...
  20. Arma

    Feedback Map Showcase

    Well that was ... something to read... XD Seriously speaking though, I agree with West. The bottom half of the map looks really nice and quaint, but the lab hill looks "artificial". It's as if you didn't feel like mapping that part so you lazily just pasted in a hill and filled 'er up with...