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    Feedback Map Showcase

    I really like these maps, especially the variation in foliage and grass. It's nice to see variation on maps, and the way you do it makes sense with clumps of trees together of specific types - just as I see in a lot of cities. Kudos.
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    GB Studio

    I was going through videos on youtube and came across this software that looks pretty interesting in the face of creating a fan game, has anyone tried to create one using it, and what's it like compared to RPGMXP + Pokemon Essentials?
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    Solved Libpng warning?

    GIMP 2 should definitely be able to export image files in .png or any other image format, you shouldn't have to go through that extra step! I also recommend Aseprite (you can get a free version from their website if you're willing to fiddle with their old release) I really like that program for...
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    Solved Libpng warning?

    I'm no expert, but imo the Tileset you're using might be corrupt, try editing it and saving it again, or checking the dimensions.
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    Help Changing Battler Sprites in Game

    Purpose: In the game I'm working on I would like for there to be an event/item that once obtained changes the appearances of the battler sprites to show information about the fakemon (like having a Sense, Sensor, Gauge, Piercing Sight, Observe, Peep, Analyze move from Final Fantasy that gives...