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    Demo Pokémon: Legends of the Arena

    It’s not a rom, you can run fangames directly.
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    Resource HM Items

    It'll work in debug mode regardless of whether you have the item, much like how hms will work in debug mode whether the player has a pokemon that can use it or not.
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    Demo Pokemon Heaven 1.0.1

    Please install the fonts, they're in the fonts folder.
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    Help Animated Title Screens and Opening Intros (V16)
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    Resource Essentials PBS Editor Program

    I get this error every time I try to run the program, when I press close it exits and nothing happens and when I press continue the program says looking for updates and runs forever. I turned off my antivirus as well, so I’m not sure what’s happening.
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    Recruiting Fierce Melody - Looking for fakemon concepts creator

    I’d love to help, and does it require drawing?
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    Freelance Offering my services for SMALL requests

    Hello, Can you please make backsprites of these Pokémon? If this is too big of a task, then just the starters are fine. I’d like them in hgss style, so only part of the sprite shows. Thank you!
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    Recruiting Project Morpheus needs your help!

    A little bump, as well as providing the link to our discord
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    Recruiting Project Morpheus needs your help!

    Project Morpheus is a new fan game I’m currently developing; it has all 802 Pokémon and some new variants, as well as new mega evolutions and primal reversions. The plot follows our protagonist, living in a modest fishing village south of the region. Their uncle is the chieftain of the village...