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  1. Nuri Yuri

    Dev Kit Pokémon SDK

    Thank you for the Ruby Host translation :) It's now a link in the first post :3 Btw, I uploaded Starter Project with Alpha 24.27 that adds a lot of new feature (like the KeyBinding UI when you press F1) and fix some bugs from Alpha 24.16 :)
  2. Nuri Yuri

    Cross-community Fangame Events

    I'd like to see other communities but I can't speak for them. Since there's no transparence for now (I can't find a discussion log about the organization and it should be public) the most conveinient way is to allow submission to represent one of the various communities on the Web (PokéLiberty...
  3. Nuri Yuri

    Cross-community Fangame Events

    Cross-community would be more RC x PokéLiberty or wahackforo since a lot of people in RC are also in PC.
  4. Nuri Yuri

    Help Help with Marin Script Utilities Crash after New Game

    Marin Script Utilities is not RGSSReset compliant. Basically, when you hit F12 the RGSS reload every scripts so if a script contain something like this : alias old_meth meth def meth old_meth # do something else end When you hit F12, you'll basically be aliasing old_meth to old_meth...
  5. Nuri Yuri

    PSDK DynamicLight

    Nuri Yuri submitted a new resource: [PSDK] DynamicLight - Script allowing dynamic light display like in the 4th gym of HGSS Read more about this resource...
  6. Nuri Yuri

    [PSDK] DynamicLight 2019-01-22

    Hello everyone :) As you can see in this video I programmed a dynamic lighting system. This system allows you to reproduce things like the Ecruteak City's Gym (in HGSS), it will also allow you to make caves that are a little more alive :) How to install the script To install the script, you...
  7. Nuri Yuri

    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    I totally agree. (BTW what's said in the second quote is actually what I actually do with PSDK P2P battles xD) If you have some questions or stuff like that, you can ask in my topic or on Discord. Just make sure you use the right thing at first for what you want to do.
  8. Nuri Yuri

    Dev Kit Pokémon SDK

    Most of them yes. And all the scripts that requires text display cannot be imported since in PSDK it's forbidden to draw stuff using bitmaps (for obvious performances reasons). We display text in a completely different way. A good example can be this ...
  9. Nuri Yuri

    Dev Kit Pokémon SDK

    @Simeo : Si tu peux me transmettre les fautes ça m'intéresse ^^' @Dragonite : I'll try to gather screenshot of project on PSDK :) For the language, I have choosen the one I was fine with it and the one that isn't really hard to learn/use. I could've made everything in C++ (the LiteRGSS is...
  10. Nuri Yuri

    Dev Kit Pokémon SDK

    What do you mean by text issue ? '^'
  11. Nuri Yuri

    Dev Kit Pokémon SDK

    Hi everyone! Recently I saw that Pokémon SDK is getting more and more intention in the English speaking community so I decided to officially introduce PSDK in English :) What is PSDK? PSDK is a Pokémon Fangame Starter Kit for RPG Maker XP created by Nuri Yuri after getting tired of the Pokémon...
  12. Nuri Yuri

    Resource tiled2rxdata

    If you want more freedom, you'll have to drop RPG Maker XP (for the mapping part at least). Tiled is an alternative to RMXP. The problem ? Pokémon SDK, Pokémon Script Project or Pokémon Essentials aren't able to read tmx files (because the map display doesn't allow infinite layers and doesn't...
  13. Nuri Yuri

    tiled2rxdata 0.0.1

    Hi everyone ! I have finally developed the tiled to RMXP map converter, it took 48hours but now there's a working PoC :) The software is named tiled2rxdata because it converts tmx files to rxdata files and build the Tilesets.rxdata file. Links Download...
  14. Nuri Yuri

    Resource tiled2rxdata

    Nuri Yuri submitted a new resource: tiled2rxdata - Tiled to RMXP map converter Read more about this resource...
  15. Nuri Yuri

    Making online feature work for your game “technically”

    Hi, I saw a lot of people asking on discord about making online feature for their game, like P2P battle or stuff like that. Most of the time this theme ends with: “what server would host it”? This question is a bit reductive and I’ll some way to technically make online feature without having a...
  16. Nuri Yuri

    Relic Castle Game Jam #4: Recruitment

    Looking to recruit: - Pixel artists that can create item icons (electronic items), create animation / mon sprite or make/adjust tiles. - Scenarist that can write a better story than I can write using some directives - People that has good maping idea in order to map (RMXP or Tiled) Jam Entry...
  17. Nuri Yuri

    Game Theft and Phishing Sites

    Nobody actually tried to do something like that for their fangame. It's easier to takedown pages that illegaly share your game than trying to prevent them to do this. The only thing I did in the past was preventing other website from sharing direct link to one of the game I work for. It worked...
  18. Nuri Yuri

    Game Theft and Phishing Sites

    @Dragonite : The quoted solution works for both RC and an isolated game. A hub would be great but I don't see that comming ^^' True for google :q
  19. Nuri Yuri

    Game Theft and Phishing Sites

    The forum format is only convenient for forum user and when a game is completed the player aren't usually forum users (we are in the Social Media/Network era) so I hope the thing will be done quickly ^^ Btw the whole thing make me think that fangames are victim of the same thing that Nain tant...