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    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    This is a followup to a sandbox post where I discussed displaying the type(s) of each participating Pokémon in a battle. I made a mockup of what a databox with types might look like, from the player's side: Credit to for LaDestitute the...
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    Region Lore

    My game takes place in a region mentioned in the Pokémon franchise (but not explored in the main series games), so much of the lore would come from official released material. However, I’ve had an interest in the theme of exploring abandoned communities or facilities (inspired from playing games...
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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    I’m making a game that will have some TCG-inspired features, and will also introduce new forms of existing Pokémon that have typings different from their regular forms. Partly to familiarize players with the new form typings, I was thinking of displaying each battle participant’s type(s) in the...
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    Help Making a EV Boosting Item that Boosts multiple stats

    Borrowing the formatting, I was also thinking of something like the following, if you Want your item to raise Effort Points as long as at least one of Attack or Speed isn't maxed out, and Don't need the game to tell you exactly which stat(s) the item raised: statsRaised =...
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    Solved Temporarily change party Level

    Hm, what if you put each part of the code into a script section instead of directly into an event? So you could have one function that performs the saving operation, and another function that performs the load. Then have a saving event call the saving function, and have a loading event call the...
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    Solved Temporarily change party Level

    Shouldn’t the 2nd line of the script be “$game_variables[100].each ...” instead of “pbGet(100).each ...”?
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    Solved Temporarily change party Level

    How about something like this? # Save $game_variables[100] = [] $ do |pkmn| $game_variables[100].push(pkmn.clone) end # Set levels and do anything else here until you need to restore the party # Load $ $game_variables[100].each do |pkmn|...
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    Solved Temporarily change party Level

    Thanks for the added information. So after you tried to restore your party to its previous state from the variable, was it like as if no restoration occurred at all? The linked thread seemed to provide an option to clone Pokémon instead, which would in theory completely restore the party to its...
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    Solved Temporarily change party Level

    What were the specific Pokémon in your party before you tried to change their levels, and what did the Pokémon change into after you tried to change their levels? For example, did you store a Pikachu into a global variable, and it turned into a Marill after you retrieved it from the variable...
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    Tutorial Wild Battles that can result in Double Battles

    To encounter wild double battles all the time, you won't need the condition with the "rand" expression at all, since the chance of a wild double battle would no longer be up to chance. So your final code should simply look like the following, instead of what appears in the tutorial: if...
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    Help How to decrease XP gained to 0 if your level is higher than the opponent's

    In the PokeBattle_Battle script, the pbGainEXP method is called whenever an enemy Pokémon faints. The method then goes through each Pokémon in your party, calling pbGainExpOne (which calculates Experience for, and adds it to, a specific party Pokémon) whenever it finds a party Pokémon that's...
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    Database for Move, Ability, and Item Ideas

    Here's a move that I probably wouldn't put into my own game, but it's something that I once thought of as a way to "troll" competitive battling. So in fangames, this would probably mostly affect any Battle Tower or similar area of the game. Hidden Potential Type: Haven't settled on Normal...
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    Gameplay Battle Rework

    Pokémon is the only RPG series that I have experience with, though I've played a few other games that at least have RPG-like elements. It seems that reducing randomness is a popular thought. An idea that I've heard from other sources is that we could make all attacks be 100% accurate in the...
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    How'd you give the protagonist a starter pokemon?

    My current vision for my game is for the player to start off participating in an exploration and field research group, managed by a professor, in a relatively-unexplored region. In order for the player and their colleagues to travel the wilderness more efficiently, the professor would give them...
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    Solved Scripting Tools to make life easier?

    I use the PKMNEssentialsPlugin to export the game's scripts as regular files. Then I use a Ruby IDE to edit the files as if they were an ordinary Ruby project; I use Eric (it's primarily for Python, but it also works with Ruby) myself, though paid IDEs may have more advanced features. I use...
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    Introduction Thread

    Hi all! I'm BlasterMillennia, rejoining the new Relic Castle after having registered on the old forums about a year ago. Since 2006 I've wanted to add my own features and twists to a Pokémon game, and I've now become a software developer, so I'm really looking forward to a great fangame-making...