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  1. boonzeet

    Creative Pixel Art Lounge

    Working on a Rock/Fire regional variant of Geodude, but feel like it's missing something or not right in some way:
  2. boonzeet

    Resource Overworld Shadows for v17

    The Followers code shouldn't affect a project without the Followers script. I can replicate this on a fresh project with just this script, too: Edit: From testing, this is the offending line: page = pbGetActiveEventPage(@character) pbGetActiveEventPage is returning nothing if one of these...
  3. boonzeet

    Resource Overworld Shadows for v17

    I'm not using the followers - shadows work for all other characters (you can see this on my character and this miltank walking around) but don't with any events that use the DayNight switches in the Event page options. Edit - the guy with the hat is the NPC using s:PBDayNight.isDay? as the...
  4. boonzeet

    Resource Overworld Shadows for v17

    I have an NPC that appears with the switch 14 's:PBDayNight.isMorning?' which doesn't get a shadow for some reason, even with the name including a string from Always_Give_Shadow_If_Event_Name_Has. I've tried it with all of the DayNight switches and none of these events get shadows, but other...
  5. boonzeet

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    Looks great. Quite often less is more - a fog would just take away from or hide the good design.
  6. boonzeet

    Resource Automatic 2x Art Resizer

    They really do! Only recently started developing in Node but I'm already blown away at how almost every idea I've had has already been done. Great suggestion. I've updated both the GitHub project and the npm package to support this.
  7. boonzeet

    Resource Automatic 2x Art Resizer

    boonzeet submitted a new resource: Automatic 2x Art Resizer - Command line Node tool to watch for art changes and produce 2x resolution copies. Read more about this resource...
  8. boonzeet

    Automatic 2x Art Resizer 1.0.0

    Like many artists on fan games, it's great to experiment with tilesets and characters graphics and quickly see what they'll look like in RPG Maker XP. Working with a 16x16 grid, it became dull to constantly resize the assets. I wrote a quick and simple command line Node tool that watches a root...
  9. boonzeet

    Region Lore

    I wouldn't say explaining the creation of the region is necessary, unless that somehow ties into the main story. Lore is at its best when it is meaningful, when it adds to the model of the world that the player has in their head. A well-planned story should make it easy to create bits of lore...