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  1. Scyl

    Iron Mapper: Trial 1

    Trial: I: City Map Name: Arkadiya Port Island. Map: Critique Requested: Dex Number 360, Wynaut? Credits: Notes: Arkadiya Port Island, a bustling metropolis where humans and Pokémon have come to enjoy the finer things in life, like overcrowded cities, Murkrow flying around everywhere, a...
  2. Scyl

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase I can't tell if the screenshot is just glitching. But those animations are clean. ;eyes:
  3. Scyl

    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    Probably would help if you specified what your troubles were.
  4. Scyl

    Ask Me Anything

    What about a card game that is a Board game in a video game. :woke:
  5. Scyl

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    It all lies in execution. You can have mature themes in your game as long as you treat them with the respect and care that they need.
  6. Scyl

    Completed Pokemon Evolve Eevee

    It's an RPG Maker XP Game; You can't play it on an emulator. If you want to play it, you must download the zipped file, extract it, and then run the game from the uncompressed folder. (It will be titled "Game")
  7. Scyl

    Solved Questions about trainers and battles

    For the first three, Brock in the default essentials PBS File has a Shiny Onix named Rocky, so you can just copy, paste and modify that if you don't to manually change it. =w=
  8. Scyl

    Solved Trainer double battle question There is a default trainer on Route 3 that battles using two Pokemon at the same time. The other way to do it, if you don't want to use comments, is by turning one of the "false" parameters into "true". pbTrainerBattle(PBTrainers::LASS,"Crissy",_I("You didn't have...
  9. Scyl

    Help Gen 6 battlers

    Base Essentials 17.2 doesn't come with Gen 6 battlers, but uh, this thread has the Gen 6 GBA Compatable sprites.
  10. Scyl

    Help Cant name new pokemon...

    I want to say it's because you forgot the Icon for the Pokemon in question.
  11. Scyl

    Solved Giving player the town/region map

    Kernel.pbReceiveItem(:TOWNMAP) Just call that script at the beginning of the game.
  12. Scyl

    Completed Pokemon Gemstone

    There's a public script resource that allows the player to set the controls to whatever they want from the pause menu.
  13. Scyl

    Solved Regional Dex undefined method Error Maybe you could try looking at that thread.
  14. Scyl

    Completed Pokemon Gemstone

    Those are the default controls, and no, you can't fix it unless the game allows you to reroute which controls do what.
  15. Scyl

    Solved Is there a way to Check the type of a Pokemon? (Ex . Bug type, Grass type, Etc)

    pbHasType?(:BUG) Call that script in a conditional. The first part being what happens when they should have the specified type and the else being if they don't.
  16. Scyl

    Help Runtime error

    If memory serves, that means you're missing an icon for a Pokemon in the party.
  17. Scyl

    Help Modifying status effects

    Apparently, I looked at Bulbapedia and Sleep hasn't been touched in Gen 7, and because Essentials is updated to Gen 6, it already is 3 turns at max.
  18. Scyl

    Help Modifying status effects

    For Burn, CTRL + Shift + F and search for "Heatproof". Go to the line in the screenshot above, and you'll find the following code: if i.status==PBStatuses::BURN if !i.hasWorkingAbility(:MAGICGUARD) PBDebug.log("[Status damage] #{i.pbThis}...
  19. Scyl

    Help How to create more abilities like Iron Fist and Strong Jaw?

    I believe so. I playtested using the list and this came from it. No Slash Boosting Ability: Slash Boosting Ability: The Audino that battled the normal one took 50 HP while the other one suffered 69 HP, which is close to...