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  1. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Bump! Looking for trainer artists and composers!
  2. LackDeJurane

    Pokémon Essentials, version 20.1 - 20th June 2022

    EBDX will be updated, just needs some time
  3. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Well, it is used to "bump" up your posts. Like if you want your project post to be more visible, and have no updates on the project, you "bump" it!
  4. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Bump! Still looking for concept artists.
  5. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Bump! Looking for concept artists who can draw forms of various pokémon!
  6. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    I like that map! It looks a bit empty but can definetly be improved! I sent you a friend request on discord.
  7. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Bump! Yet again, we are looking for concept artists and spriters!
  8. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Bump! Still looking for artists who can work with Sugimori Artstyle!
  9. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Bump! We have an official name for the game instead of a placeholder! Currently looking for concept artists and artists who work with sugimori art style!
  10. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    How about we take this conversation to either discord or any other platform you are comfortable with?
  11. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Well, we are looking for a writer who can actually help in completing the plot. In other words, we want someone who has good ideas for the main story, and give it sort of a meaning.
  12. LackDeJurane

    Resource Essentials BuzzNav v18

    Well, this script was updated to v19 by Judge Creep#6725 on discord. Please credit them if used!
  13. LackDeJurane

    Creative Writing A Pokémon Game Together

    You notice a mysterious shadow that seemed to be of a pokémon behind her. Stella looks at you, asking what happened.
  14. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Bump! This time, just like the last time, we are in a dire need for writers!
  15. LackDeJurane

    Recruiting Pokémon Escapism

    Project Title: Pokémon Escapism (Formerly known as Pokémon Dark Platinum) Kit: Pokémon Essentials v19 Active Team PDP Members- Zytlib, भाग्य ज्योति, Venom, MikeyQ A short analysis of the plot: It is nearly at the end of April, you follow your normal daily routine, untill a letter is delivered...
  16. LackDeJurane

    Resource Map Zoom

    I was just looking for something like this to make overworld effects like in gen 5!
  17. LackDeJurane

    ORAS/XY themed battle backgrounds for EBDX 1.0

    As the title suggests, this is a small addition to the EBDX's default backgrounds, now made into Gen 6 Styled backgrounds.
  18. LackDeJurane

    Resource ORAS/XY themed battle backgrounds for EBDX

    CharizardThree3 submitted a new resource: ORAS/XY themed battle backgrounds for EBDX - A Gen 6 styled redo of the default EBDX battlebacks Read more about this resource...
  19. LackDeJurane

    Dev Kit [Alpha 3] Ulix: Dexflow

    Wow! Looks stunning! Gotta give this a shot out sometime, seems like something good to mess with