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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    Here's a script that lets you define an opponent's team in an event rather than the PBS. With a little extra work, it should help you accomplish this.
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    Solved Wanna make new items!

    You could also try this tool, recently shared by Vendily on pokecommunity.
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    Solved calling the nickname of a Pokémon doesn't work

    I'm glad it worked! Here's the breakdown of what it does for your own future reference: $[0] gives you the first pokémon in the player's party (which is a Ruby array). pbSet(variable,value) is a method which assigns the indicated global variable to the specified value. In this...
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    Solved calling the nickname of a Pokémon doesn't work

    Try including a script command like this in your event right before your Show Text command: poke=$[0] pbSet(3,
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    Feedback Map Showcase

    Overall, I like the pathways and arrangements, but in the first map those loooooong straight cliff faces are a little painful. Some variation would be nice.
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    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    The very first post in this thread has a game download link.
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    Solved Wanna make new items!

    You don't have to make a new sprite if they are going to be identical. If there is not an image file for a form, the default sprite is used.
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    How do you go about story-writing for a fan game project?

    This is excellent advice. No piece of writing (or bit of dialogue or event sequence) has to be perfect or complete the first time through. Sometimes you just need a bit if material to work with, even if it's pretty crappy. A bunch of question marks is better than a blank page (or screen)
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    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    Finally sat down and played this delightful game. It's a really nice, self‐contained little world - easy to play through, but providing some fun challenges. And (this is crucial), got me to use a team with several pokémon I've NEVER used in a playthrough before. All in all, I really enjoyed it!
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    Like so:
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    Demo Pokemon Edge of Reality (v2.0 available now!)

    Same person, two accounts, right? I'm sure you're feedback has been noted and is appreciated. The thing you must understand though is that animating hundreds of pokémon (which with sprites for front, back, shiny, gender and form differences and megas amounts to thousands of sprites) is a TON...
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    Help Moves fail for no rhyme nor reason

    In the code for the move that fails, look at where pbDisplayUseMessage occurs. You'll probably find: something.pbDisplayUseMessage Whatever something turns out to be is most likely the part that's messed up. Its pulling in a symbol instead of an object from the right class for that method.
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    Resource Script for Disguise

    Okay, I found a fix that is less than pretty, but which does the trick. Find the code for "getBustedForm" and make these changes: def getBustedForm if isConst?(self.species,PBSpecies,:MIMIKYU) && self.hasAbility?(:DISGUISE) MIMIKYUS.each do |df| if df[0] == self.form...
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    Resource Script for Disguise

    Yeah, you can find me through the relic castle discord. If we find a solution, I'll post it here.
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    Resource Script for Disguise

    I don't think EBS should mess with this, but I haven't tested the solution... Try changing this altered version of the same code: def getBustedForm if isConst?(self.species,PBSpecies,:MIMIKYU) && self.hasAbility?(:DISGUISE) cf=self.form.to_i return cf+1 if cf.even? else...