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  1. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    Ah Thanks I never noticed that paper before silly me, thanks for your time
  2. Spectra1799

    Work in Progress Pokémon Aster Violet SEQUEL - Moss Lime and Coral Lapis

    Looks interesting so far as I just finished Aster Violet I'm going to be exited for this project!
  3. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    "The feel of a "standard Pokémon game" is exactly what I was going for" Well in that case you did an amazingly perfect job! and thanks for the hints and tips ill return once I got everything ;) At this point I've done mostly everything in the game besides the battle frontier type stuff, but ive...
  4. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    Review? Yo so finally finished the majority of Aster Violet and I've found it quite fun! exploring the region was quite interesting looking for every evolution stone, the addition of the eeveelutions was quite interesting several I expected and a lot I wasent expecting, story is nice simple but...
  5. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    Oh a update plus screen resizing, great to hear! (currently around the 5th gym and I'm quite enjoying it!)
  6. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    Hey so straight to the point is there anyway or option to increase the window size for RP, IP, and AV? if not that's fine but I am curious. (btw enjoying the game a lot so far)
  7. Spectra1799

    Completed The Power We Hold

    *SPOILERS* Just finished this myself and I have to say one of my personal favorite fan games I've ever played. The story was interesting the entire way through, the battles were never to "hard" but not easy in anyway, dialogue was great, loved the pokemon companions, the several sections of...
  8. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokemon Gemstone

    Just finished this myself and for what it is I liked it, despite no evil teams or important plot, I had fun simple casual fun.
  9. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    Thanks so much this is exactly what I needed, I'll get to playing this ASAP, Thanks again!
  10. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    well that list confused me and I couldn't understand it, but thanks
  11. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Aster Violet

    I've been looking into this game and I'm exited to play but I have 1 question, what is the difference between the 3 versions? Iris Purple, Rose Pink, Aster Violet. I cant seem to find anything that just says the differences clear as day, so id like to ask that question myself. what is the...
  12. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon Police Force (Enhanced Version)

    Played this after playing sliph co, and space station, and I gotta say its good I liked it about as much as I liked sliph but not as much as space station, the delta pokemon were interesting and cool but my only complaint is the low amount of exp I can get I get these new cool delta pokemon but...
  13. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon: Attack On The Space Station

    Went to this game straight after clearing attack on sliph co, and I loved this one quite a bit more in fact a lot more the pokemon selection is great and a decent more diverse the battles yet again are good but the difficulty is easyier then that of sliph co but its not to easy which is a good...
  14. Spectra1799

    Completed Pokémon: Attack on Silph. Co

    Honest opinion I liked this a decent bit for what it is in a single small city you do get a decent amount of content able to clear, small amount of pokemon sadly but all good, the battles were more difficult then I expect which I liked, and the few original characters made it all the better...