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  1. Dragonite

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    I think I accidentally created a prototype for a Super Paper Mario fan game.
  2. Dragonite

    Dev Kit Pokémon: Do Or Die

    Did I ever mention that life is a pain in the neck? Because life is a pain in the neck. Anyway, the map (and data files) made in the editor can now be loaded into the game and they do what you expect them to. Next is probably going to be throwing more and more properties into the things in...
  3. Dragonite

    Cross-community Fangame Events

    as someone who doesn't really go on pokécommunity, is there a lot of overlap between the people there, ie do many people know people both there and here, or is it mostly a separate group of people? if both places already have some degree of connections with each other it'd probably work out, but...
  4. Dragonite

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    More so with the other thing I wrote, but yes and no. It's not like you should ignore all this if you were writing something else, but I get the sense that there's less room/forgiveness if you screw it up when you're trying to take on serious talks. If you fail at writing fantasy a lot of people...
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    Demo Pokemon Jade

    Not to be rude, but there's a great screaming "download" section in the original post. It's pretty hard to miss.
  6. Dragonite

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    Earlier I tried going after this with the assumption that you could separate the mechanics and story from the expectations people would have when they turn on a pokémon game, but that seems to be you guys' main concern so I guess I'll roll with it. In that case, the most important thing I can...
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    Feedback Map Showcase

    The [ICODE][/CODE]
  8. Dragonite

    Resource Multiple Protagonists

    This is not something I would have thought of trying, but not that you mention it I could think of a few ways to use it. Neat!
  9. Dragonite

    Completed Pokemon Roulette FFA App

    This has been addressed, sort of. I wasn't involved in the making of the tool but I'm guessing compatibility with non-Windows operating systems is not a top priority.
  10. Dragonite

    Discussion Japan Bans Console Modding

    Preface, I haven't seen anyone else report on this and if you think I'm about to auto-translate a bunch of foreign language legalese I have some news for you, so I don't know if that means this has just flown under everyone else's radar or kotaku is just trying to generate clickthrough. For this...
  11. Dragonite

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    This comes up on discord now and again so I'm just going to start with what I think a lot of people are thinking but nobody has said yet, as far as I know: a lot of games (pokémon and otherwise) that use the "mature" meta tag come across as being written by a high school kid who's going through...
  12. Dragonite

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    Life goal is to make a phone app that basically does what the walker does, you'd have to take the fan game out of it if you didn't want to risk having it getting axed from the play store though. Ehh.
  13. Dragonite

    Dev Kit Pokémon: Do Or Die

    I haven't been making nearly as much progress on this lately as I would have liked but I guess I ought to check in once in a while to say I'm not dead and am still working on this, I just sorta accidentally took a month off to deal with other stuff and it turns out that code is use it or lose...
  14. Dragonite

    Discussion Feature Jams

    Wonderful, I completely forgot about this. A lot of the threads I want to save from old relic aren't really good for a feature jam but since the thread about getting rid of the archive is locked I guess I'll just dump them here. Planning Themed Games (I'll get to the pokéathlon thing some day...
  15. Dragonite

    Help Play my Pokemon game on Android?

    Short answer: no. Long answer: RPG Maker XP came out in 2004, many years before "cross-platform" became an industry buzzword, and half a decade before the smartphone revolution. MV and XP have totally different mapping and scripting systems so porting from XP to MV is going to be an utterly...
  16. Dragonite

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    For catching Pokémon? I don't have a number, but people who actually catch (or obtain) them all are a minority in the actual games. For fan games, forget it, you don't even get bragging rights for 100%ing something that so few people play, and most people have other things to do. The Black/White...
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    Feedback Project Sandbox

    How honest am I allowed to be?
  18. Dragonite

    The Next Generation

    The end of an era :( Thanks for making this what it was! It's definitely going to be weird when you (and the others) are no longer around. Here's hoping the next era is just as nice!
  19. Dragonite

    Recruiting Project: Ventura (prototype name) recruitment

    I was looking at Pokémon Unity a few months ago and wondering if anything was ever going to happen to it, neat. It's a really bad idea for me to take on even more projects at the moment since I'm already being lazy about the ones I have, and also Unity makes me ლ(ಠ益ಠლ), but good luck!
  20. Dragonite

    Creative Pokemon game making exchange?

    If by exchange you mean "recommend existing games that are similar to what was described," it could work, and there are in fact resources (or were at some point in history, anyway) out there on the Internet like that for Pokémon hacks/games. If you instead mean "make a game built specifically...