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  1. Grapz

    Overview Community Streams

    Hey Deo! Would love it if you could add me to the list. I'm doing a 24 hour stream of Factorio for Extra Life today. Here's my link.
  2. Grapz

    Discord Server

    Grapz#0001 BTW - That invite is expired
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    3D Fan Game Development: Tools and Features

    As Aki mentioned: This is the big dealbreaker for me. Essentials is simply the most complete Fan-Game Engine out there right now. Every engine I've seen has it's ups and downs, but, and this is important, in order to be usable, it needs to be able to actually function as a Pokemon Engine. For...
  4. Grapz

    Resource Pokemon Adventures: The FireRed and LeafGreen Saga Resources

    Grapz submitted a new resource: Pokemon Adventures: The FireRed and LeafGreen Saga Resources - Custom Resources from Pokemon Adventures FRLG Saga Game Read more about this resource...
  5. Grapz

    Pokemon Adventures: The FireRed and LeafGreen Saga Resources - Pokemon Adventures: The FireRed and LeafGreen Saga Resources

    Custom Files from the Pokemon Adventures FRLG Saga Demo Images included:
  6. Grapz

    Demo Pokemon Adventures: The FireRed and LeafGreen Saga

    Game Title: Pokemon Adventures: The FireRed and LeafGreen Saga Game Screenshots: Game Download: MEGA Made Using: Pokemon Essentials RMXP Paint.Net Asprite Team: Grapz Notes: Sadly unfinished and VERY much in Beta... More of a Proof of Concept than anything. Resource Pack: MEGA (Mirror) Credits:
  7. Grapz

    Arrangement of tall grass

    I follow the rule of Route Style to determine my grass. You get the idea. [/spoiler]
  8. Grapz

    Relic Castle Game Jam #3: Recruitment

    [RECRUITING] Looking to recruit: - Musicians, as I have no musical talent and am otherwise limited to ripping Music - which I don't wanna do. - UI Designers, as I am using Epic Battle System and would like some help making custom intros, a Title Screen, the Battle UI, Pause Menu, etc etc...
  9. Grapz

    Discussion Does Relic Castle support Net Nuetrality?

    I know we have folks all over the world, commonly in the States and in Europe, but I was curious if people here were in support of Net Neutrality.
  10. Grapz

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Grapz

    Introduction Thread

    Grapz here! Been involved with game making for a LONG time, though only now am I aiming to get something fully made and released. (Though it is a slow and tedious process) I actually rarely use Essentials, unlike others here. I prefer Game Maker Studio. Been a member of Relic since early...
  12. Grapz

    Kotaku Article on Fan Game Creation

    Made me realize that I should be more proud to make games under Relic's Flag... Even if I still don't have a game on here... (someday...)
  13. Grapz

    Music in Games - What are the Red Flags?

    I have never and probably wont ever produce music. But I do wanna be able to know what'd make a good Game Track and what wont. So - Game Devs who make music, what red flags should we be looking out for?
  14. Grapz

    One Off Mechanics

    One-off mechanics? Oh Pokemon is full of em. Following Pokemon, Roaming Pokemon, Outfits, Acro vs Macho Bike, The Celebi Event, Johto's Sliding tiles, etc etc. Heck, even the Safari Zone could be considered a 1-off mechanic! (You don't use pokemon in a battle) Designing these mechanics is...
  15. Grapz

    Discussion Relic Castle Cooks! (Recipe Thread)

    Oh man we doin a Cooking Thread? Prepare for a Hearty Hungarian Meal, a recipe passed down with my family. I'm gonna warn you though, there is only a small amount of time in the year where this stuff can be made reliably. It's when Plums are just out of season, you don't want them too ripe or...
  16. Grapz

    Tutorial Outfit basics

    Great, and well done! Poses are interesting, and something I'll need to keep in mind. A good way to get around the problem of storing the character's pose in a Variable is - obivously - to do $trainer.outfit = $trainer.outfit+X, and then have X+(# of outfits) duplicate files stored. Of course...
  17. Grapz

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Season 3 Discussion

    Can't believe it's been a year... man I have been here a while... Can't wait to compete. This year I'll actually submit something rather than just sit and watch.