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  1. BIGFriv

    Work in Progress Pokémon Divulgence

    The Story: It's your 18th birthday, and you finally have the chance to search for your mother, who's been missing for as long as you can remember. Taking the League Challenge is nothing but an excuse to explore more locations and search far and wide. But you soon find out there are bigger...
  2. BIGFriv

    Tutorial How to add Field Effects to your game

    Omg, yeah. I can add him to the list of Credits! Thank you!
  3. BIGFriv

    Tutorial How to add Field Effects to your game

    Glad you like it. Hmm for what you want to do you kinda of just need step 1 I believe. It's kinda late right now. But ill try to do what you need later. In my own game I transformed Electric Terrain into an Electric field anf that took a while (its something I was going to talk about in the next...
  4. BIGFriv

    Tutorial How to add Field Effects to your game

    BIGFriv submitted a new resource: How to add Field Effects to your game - A tutorial of how to create Field Effects, like Pokémon Reborn has. Read more about this resource...
  5. BIGFriv

    How to add Field Effects to your game

    Have you ever wanted to have Field Effects in your game? It's personaly, one of my favorite mechanics of any fangame, so I'll teach you too how to do it too. What are Field Effects? If you have played Gen 6 or Gen 7, then you probably know about Terrains (Electric Terrain, Psychic Terrain ...)...
  6. BIGFriv

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    Oh, thank you for answering : o About the Pokémon, it is originaly from another world. But cant leave the world it is currently residing in. How to explain this, let's say that in world A, a Pokémon was created, it is part of that world, and the method to create it was written in a book. The...
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    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    It's been a while since anyoen touched up on this thread, so here: Yeah, in battle UI is still in the works, got no idea for it.
  8. BIGFriv

    Resource Simple Exit Arrows

    I've been searching for this for so long! Thank you so much! Since the wayback machine for some reason didn't load this one, I'm glad someone had the code for it. Thanks Dude!
  9. BIGFriv

    Examples of features/mechanics

    I don't know if its what you want exactly. But Pokemon Reborn expands on the idea of terrains moves that GameFreak created, and added a new kind called Field Effects. Permanent changes to the battle that can be manipulated during the battle, they are basicaly terrains but on steroid. They...
  10. BIGFriv

    Feedback Project Sandbox

    Hello! I'm working on a fangame called Pokemon Divulgence. And I'm still working on lore stuff, but heres a big chunk of it I would like a bit of feedback on. I mostly want to know what kind of questions come to your mind when reading it, that way I can write something to answer that question...
  11. BIGFriv

    Resource HM Items

    I've got a question, can HM moves still be used? If I want to have both HM items and normal HM moves.
  12. BIGFriv

    Entertainment Fallout: New Vegas

    I bought the game a while ago, and I loved playing it. I instantly went and installed a lot of mods, I love games that allow mods since it means I can play it even more times that I would if it didn't. Fallout New Vegas is realy realy amazing. Loving it so far, haven't done much progress though.
  13. BIGFriv

    Region Inspiration

    Oh Man. Region Inspiration? I love this. What inspires the world your game takes place in? Funny thing is, my region wasn't based on anything. Even though the name of it are just fusion of different Croatian words. I simply made what came to my mind, I redid 3 times the map, and the 3rd one...
  14. BIGFriv

    Thanks sir ^.^

    Thanks sir ^.^
  15. BIGFriv

    Discussion Happy birthday thread!

    Thanks a lot everyone. ^.^ Hope yall havin' a nice day too.
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    WOOWEEE Makin' Bacon!

    WOOWEEE Makin' Bacon!