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    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    I really like your designs and ideas. Keep them coming. Have you done any sprites yet? As a little observation Dynaram has a better special attack than attack (based on your graphs), it doesn't fit much with his design and description really.
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    Solved Croped images in "Large" screen size

    FIXED: I turned $ResizeFactorSet to true. (Sprite_resizer)
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    Solved Croped images in "Large" screen size

    I don´t get it, this suggests to edit the images to double the size?(i did it and it doesn't work) In full screen the screen it's the same size as large but it works fine. Why windowed should be any different?
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    Solved Croped images in "Large" screen size

    Hi. Im having this annoying problem when i show images and the windows is in Large size. (in full screen and small size it's all good, but i want it to work at large windowed)
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    Solved Pokemon got "crazy" NoMethodError

    EDIT: Solved, i had a #------------ line at the beginning of the pokemon.txt that caused this. Hi. Im struggling with getting the database of my project done so i can get going with the actual game progress without worrying much later. I have a weird problem in which certain pokemon when they...