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  1. FloofyPanther

    3D Fan Game Development: Tools and Features

    As most people know, the camera angles for gen 4 and 5 are drastically different. There are unique angles in each generation. Gen 4 inside maps don't have perspective. I would also like to see black city/white forest styled camera angles where sprites are half their size
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    Help Animated Title Screens and Opening Intros (V16)

    You need to set the generation to 2, it's HGSS instead of GSC, but I think it will do.
  3. FloofyPanther

    Solved Error Window pops up, but says nothing

    Whenever I boot up my game, a new error-like window pops up with nothing in it, and then after that, it changes resolution from 640 * 480 to 512 * 384. Can anybody help me fix this? It is really inconvenient.
  4. FloofyPanther

    Started work on a New BW Styled Essentials Engine

    Started work on a New BW Styled Essentials Engine
  5. FloofyPanther

    Mostly inactive RN, might come back soon

    Mostly inactive RN, might come back soon
  6. FloofyPanther

    Work in Progress Pokemon Origins of Peace

    This might not be a big deal to anybody else, but I can see the bases of the sprites you used (The main trainer has Hugh's body and Blue's hair, The professor has barry's hair and Bryon's body, etc) Also, your main trainer has spiky hair in battle and ow sprites but not in his back sprite.
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    Klein's kit doesn't have any of the sprites this guy needs, he is most likely using that kit.
  8. FloofyPanther

    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests Next time, look on spriters resource before you ask someone for a sprite.
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    Tutorial Essentials PBS Editor v2

    Although I do think the release was rushed I must say that it is great so far, keep working on it! (Here's where I would offer you help to be nice but my coding skills are pretty basic.)
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    Time Sensitive Content

    Things in Pokemon should only happen monthly, because a year is too long to wait
  11. FloofyPanther

    Freelance Eventing Cutscenes

    Can you post a link to an actual cutscene, I'm too lazy to play an entire game just to see one
  12. FloofyPanther

    Demo Pokemon Universe -Across Time and Space-

    Scrutum sounds too much like something else......
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    Normal stuff hapening

    Normal stuff hapening
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    Discussion Avatar Stories

    The first not crappy sprite I made
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    Short-term HD Following Pokemon Project

    Some of the following Pokemon sprites aren't very high quality, so i decided to take advantage of the 32*32 RMXP quality. Unfortunately, it is way too much to do all of these sprites so I need some help. The sprites should take inspiration from pre-established art and 3d models. Any spriter is...
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    Demo Pokemon Cannabis Edition

    Your tiles in these 3 pictures are a bit wonky, but other than that, love it!
  17. FloofyPanther

    Discussion Username Backstories

    Nitron the Nintenpro is what I call myself on my youtube channel, Nintenpro. ZenisBlaze sounds cool and barely anything appears when you search it.
  18. FloofyPanther

    A little help here

    A little help here
  19. FloofyPanther

    Resource Essentials PBS Editor Program

    Can you make a way to automatically add an icon sprite and footprint?
  20. FloofyPanther

    Resource Following Pokemon

    I keep on getting this error before surfing: Script 'Pokemon Follow' line 419 no method error occured undefined method 'hp' for nil:NilClass BTW, I'm using essentials BW if that helps you diagnose the problem