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  1. Jewelwriter

    Creative Pixel Art Lounge

    I gotta confess...some of these sprites are impressive and makes me feel silly.
  2. Jewelwriter

    Ask Me Anything

    Smooth one there. Too bad some of those are looked down on in a sense.
  3. Jewelwriter

    Ask Me Anything

    I'll give this a roll. Card games, Board Games, or Video Games?
  4. Jewelwriter

    :) Soppe.

    :) Soppe.
  5. Jewelwriter

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    [Blame my end for correcting the spelling of the post.] As I said in my own post, one has to keep in mind that the topic isn't just for one specific audience, especially when going for such an audience as Pokemon's, if you keep in mind how many are you aiming for then you should be able to...
  6. Jewelwriter

    Melding mature themes into your fan game plot

    I think this is the thing that is bugging people... that they want mature themes in the mainline games but one has to keep in mind that the series is for everyone. And that is the hardest battle of all.
  7. Jewelwriter

    Introduction Thread

    Thank the crafter of a Card game for sending me to this place. Salutations ladies and gentlemen of ALL ages. I am Jewelwriter Eli Moonstar the Rainbow Mage...or in this case the gaming mage. I hope I can try to showcase something that I have made myself.
  8. Jewelwriter

    The Next Generation

    I might be new here and would have been happy to know of the souls that came before me to be on here but... All the same, I hope that both teams, new and old, are happy in their positions in the here and now and in the future that is yet to be told.