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  1. FlamingPhoenix

    Work in Progress Pokémon Adventures: Red, Blue, and Green Versions

    Welcome to the return of the Kanto region. Though it has experienced several reboots over the years, none of them are quite like this. Returning to the original graphic style, Pokémon Adventures: Red, Blue, and Green Version restore the Kanto region to its roots in an expanded storyline based...
  2. FlamingPhoenix

    Overview Community Streams

    I regularly stream on YouTube, both with runthroughs of Pokemon games, and working on my own fan-games, primarily my work in creating remakes of Diamond and Pearl. Since I stream on YouTube, there isn't a dedicated streaming link, but my channel is at...
  3. FlamingPhoenix

    Dev Kit Pokémon Essentials GSC v1.2 + Discord Server

    Thank you so much! I'm going to use this to recreate Gen 1 with Essentials!
  4. FlamingPhoenix

    Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone! I'm Flaming Phoenix and I'm currently working on two fangames, one is a remake of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and another is a remake of RGBY, with some quality of life fixes allowing you to run, etc. I also run a Pokemon YouTube channel where I work on my fangames and play some of...
  5. FlamingPhoenix

    Released Pokémon Banished Platinum

    This looks great! I'm actually working on something similar with recreating Diamond and Pearl! This looks really great! It captures the region really well!